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100 Trending Pinterest Hashtags to Get More Pins Now

Are you looking for some trending Pinterest hashtags of today?

Then you are in the right place. In this article, I have curated a list of the top Pinterest hashtags for you to get more impressions, so the more Saved Pins. As you know that just like Instagram hashtags, Pinterest hashtags are also helping your post (Boards & Pins) to reach the newer audience.

Popular Pinterest hashtags are essential when it comes to getting your pins easily findable. And the first thing before adding such hashtags in a Pinterest post is to find the best hashtags to use for particular topics.

That doesn’t mean you every hashtag you can see are of your interest. You need to find and use those trending Pinterest hashtags relates to your niche. After all, it’s content relevancy that matters at the end and improves the post engagements afterward.

Most Popular Pinterest Hashtags

As the name suggests, the general Pinterest hashtags are the common ones that you can use while creating random pins. Opt for these hashtags, as these are the trending hashtags on a general term such as “Pinterest” itself, also applicable to general content published on Pinterest especially.

    1. #pinterestquotes
    2. #pinterestinspired
    3. #pinterestwin
    4. #pinterest project
    5. #pinterestsuccess
    6. #pinterestideas
    7. #pinterestwedding
    8. #pinterestmom
    9. #pinterestworthy
    10. #pinterestaddict

Pinterest Hashtags Based on Fashion

True, Pinterest is one of the best social media out there to meet and connect with new peoples around the world. But Pinterest is just more popular for the fashion industry due to its creative platform and content composition. So here sharing the popular hashtags related to Fashion trends and all, relates to fashion bloggers and stylists.

    1. #pinterestfashion
    2. #fashion
    3. #fashionbags
    4. #fashiondesign
    5. #womensfashion
    6. #timelessfashion
    7. #fashionformen
    8. #fashionkids
    9. #pinterestnails
    10. #fashionoutfits

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Pinterest Hashtags for Food Bloggers & Food Photography

If you are a food blogger and using any other online platform to share your secret recipes, then you want to add Pinterest to your list. Here you can create the various pins and boards and reach the foodies online. It lets you reach who are searching for specific dishes. So here are some of the popular Pinterest hashtags to start using in your pins right way.

    1. #pinterestrecipe
    2. #foodphotography
    3. #foodblogger
    4. #foodanddrink
    5. #foodie
    6. #baking
    7. #mealplanning
    8. #foodrecipes
    9. #foodcravings
    10. #eatinghealthy

Health-related Pinterest Hashtags

If you are a health-conscious and fitness freak, then you are probably so much inspired by the infographics you find at the Pinterest regarding fitness and all. Just like other, detailed blogs and articles about health, most readers also want to go through the images/infographics for health tips and diet plans. Want some of the best health-related trending Pinterest hashtags, here they are.

    1. #fitness
    2. #fitnessmotivation
    3. #fitnessinspiration
    4. #fitnessworkouts
    5. #fitnessdiet
    6. #health
    7. #healthybreakfast
    8. #healthfitness
    9. #weightloss
    10. #bodygoals

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Art & Design Pinterest Hashtags

Don’t think that Pinterest is limited to fashion & cosmetics or health industries only, it can be a better platform for artists as well. All needs are to find the best hashtags for art-related pins and create the content likewise. Certainly, you can find the multiple hashtags for the design and art, more than here given our trending Pinterest hashtags. But these are the best hashtags to follow in 2020 on Pinterest.

    1. #art
    2. #artinspiration
    3. #design
    4. #craftsforkids
    5. #diycrafts
    6. #decoratingideas
    7. #interiordesign
    8. #sketches
    9. #designideas
    10. #artwork

Pinterest Hashtags for Quotes

Are you a fan of motivational and positive sayings? Then you probably like trending Pinterest hashtags to check. Also, if you are producing the inspirational content for others as well, then these are the hashtags that you can benefit from. Make sure to apply these hashtags in your post and get more saved pins to your bords.

    1. #pinterestinspiration
    2. #quotes
    3. #inspiration
    4. #motivationalquotes
    5. #motivation
    6. #morningquotes
    7. #lifequotes
    8. #positivevibes
    9. #believequotes
    10. #faithquotes

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Hashtags for Business & Ideas

Pinterest marketing is the best way to place your Brand name in front of the target audience. Of course, you can promote your business over creating a service-specific board creation and adding relevant pins to it. So here are the trending Pinterest hashtags for promoting your business right away, and content with marketing goals.

    1. #businessideas
    2. #pinterestmarketing
    3. #entrepreneur
    4. #successstory
    5. #marketingquotes
    6. #smallbusiness
    7. #b2bsales
    8. #salestechniques
    9. #marketingtips
    10. #growthmindset

Pinterest Hashtags for Mom & Parents

You can find multiple posts about parenting along with health and all. If you are looking for some trending hashtags for parenting on Pinterest, then we have a list for you. These lists of Pinterest hashtags you can use in your next post related to parents’ tips, guides, and ideas you have, to share with others.

    1. #parentingtips
    2. #momblogger
    3. #parents
    4. #parentingproblems
    5. #pregnancytips
    6. #pregnancyhealth
    7. #parentinghacks
    8. #newborn
    9. #parentingskills
    10. #childdevelopment

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Pinterest Hashtags for Pets

Are you a pet lover? If the answer is yes, then use here given trending Pinterest hashtags related to pets. That helps you to find more pins related to pet stuffs, also you can use that for your pins and board to grab more attention. And if you are associated with the Pet store, then these hashtags you want to use for marketing purposes, to reach the pet lovers.

    1. #petstore
    2. #petshop
    3. #petsquotes
    4. #petdogs
    5. #petclothes
    6. #petscare
    7. #petcostumes
    8. #petgifts
    9. #petlover
    10. #petbed

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Pinterest Hashtags for Photography

Photos are the essential content form of any social media. Not limited to quotes and positive sayings created by the designing tools but those photos which are taken by professional photographers. Here sharing the best Pinterest hashtags for a photographer who knows how to capture the right picture at the right time.

  1. #pinterestphoto
  2. #photoshoot
  3. #photography
  4. #photoshootideas
  5. #portraitphotography
  6. #travelphotography
  7. #camera
  8. #weddingshoot
  9. #capture
  10. #photostudio

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Final thoughts:

For Pinterest posts, hashtags are a better way to get quick results and more attention throughout. Just like keywords to google, hashtags are for social media, especially to Pinterest and Instagram.

Again, you just can’t use the Instagram hashtags to Pinterest as well. Every social media has its algorithm and audience mindsets, so the trending hashtags which every content creator and marketer has to follow. It’s always better to find the platform-centric hashtags in a post to reach maximum potential content benefits.

Using trending Pinterest hashtags in your posts can make your posts visible to the newer audience. A target audience, with an active interest in your industry products. Also, these popular Pinterest hashtags of 2020 give more pins saved by the new audience and grow your audience.

Do you have any suggestions regarding trending Pinterest hashtags? Let us know in the comment section below.

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