Interesting things to try online today Interesting things to try online today

Are you bored scrolling social media feed the entire day? Even I am, and figured out that the Internet has some amazing trending stuff that you can try online anywhere.

Here are some trending things that you can try online:

  1. How About Online Skribbl?

I remember playing Pictionary with my cousins in summer holidays, and with friends on weekends. Now we all are away and of course cannot meet like those old days.

How about modern meetings, get every one of them on call and play scribble online. Skribbl is similar to Pictionary. Go on the website, make a group, set your preferred time, number of rounds, share the room’s link with your friends and enjoy..!!

Make new online memories with the same old people.

  1. Tired of playing video games all alone?

Well, Discord rescues you from loneliness. It is the best application for audio and video communication and prominently used by gamers. One can create their own servers or join other servers and find new friends and teammates.

Also, it comes with an optional purchasable feature called ‘Nitro’ which helps you enhance your profile and servers and gives you access to special emojis. It is compatible with every Operating System. Next time you play a game, you’ll alert your teammate and claim the victory!

  1. Surfing on Reddit

An amazing place where you can get everything, from news to memes, reddit has it all. A website that contains social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion.

Registered members put links, posts and so many other trending contents that you read or try. If you register yourself you can also vote and share your opinions under any discussion The amazing part of reddit is, users can also create their own subreddits and create a new thread on the website.

  1. Exploring Places on Google Earth

This one is my favourite, I was in London an hour ago now moving towards the countryside. You can try searching and exploring new places on google earth, watch satellite view or street view.

You can also search for some fun with google earth like the Badlands Guardian, Swastika-Shaped Building Complex, Buffalo Herd, Giant Triangle or explore something new!!

You can plan your next destination to travel or adjacent places to explore on google earth.

  1. Heard About Stem?

Steam is one of the most famous software developed by Valve Corporation to play video games. It is home to the legendary first-person shooter game ‘Counter Strike Global Offensive’. Steam has a huge collection of games out of which some are free to play while some have to be purchased.

One can even play games from third party publishers in it. It is available on all platforms including Android. Wondering about which game to play next? Just type your preference and find which one suits you!

  1. How About Online Lottery?

Do you just hear the word lottery and go all jittery, as if it is straight-up a social heresy? Just like Ludo or Tambola you can also play lottery games and try your luck. You can try yours on sportsbook betting at Lottoland and see how it works out for you.

Well, gaming is known to invoke a wave of peevish displeasure amongst the masses. But that does not mean that everyone who wager is terrible or an addict or squandering off his inheritance. There are several people out there who maintain their composure while playing; they do it just for the sheer feeling of fun.

  1. Virtual Shopping on the Couch!

Just like window shopping, try virtual shopping while relaxing on the couch. One amazing thing about virtual shopping is that your legs don’t hurt while exploring products and trying dresses!

Go on different shopping websites other than you usually prefer, find some unique products or clothing trends and while exploring if you really adored something just order it, no need to be part of a long sequence.

  1. Tried Google Tricks?

Google isn’t just a search engine but has much more for its users. Search for google games and try them all, such as Google Gravity on Mr. Doob, Underwater Google, Google Barrel Rolls and so on.

Out of all, Google Draw is the most amazing one, it’s like playing Pictionary with Google when you can find anyone else. Search “Quickdraw with Google draw” and “Play with Google”.

You can also share your drawing on social media in the end using the sharing option.

  1. Peter Answers

Let me tell you that Peter knows everything, but Peter is so moody we cannot guarantee an answer. Peter is known as virtual tarot, that isn’t claimed by the company but people who played with peter.

It is a computerised chat system where you need to request Peter to answer and it answers your question, and sometimes it’s really funny!

  1. Read Micro Blogs

Increase your horizon of knowledge or read what genre you like. Read what perspective does world holds. If you don’t like long articles, micro blogs are the new trend, and a perfect idea for you. Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk and Micro are some amazing websites which are perfect for micro blogging.

The list can go on and on but these were some amazing things that you can try. The Internet is filled with many more interesting things, and you can find something new every day. Keep an eye on this post for regular updates on trending things online.

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