Interesting games to play over text Interesting games to play over text

Games happen to be the best ice-breaker since childhood. We made great friends in school playing silly and fun games. Now, since we can’t play board games and have become more fond of chatting and texting games, we have a new room. If you are looking for someone and want a never-ending chat with them, texting games are the best options to choose. These texting games aren’t limited to someone you are dating; you can also play some of them with your friends and partner. 

If you are thinking of catch-up with your old friends and your group is quite silent these days, become the whistleblower, start some conversation and play some games with them.

Looking for some interesting games to play with friends and partners?  Try this amazing list of games right away-

1. Never Have I Ever

Who said you couldn’t play this one over a text? Of Course, you can do that; instead of drinks, you can answer questions on text whether you did or not. You can ask interesting never have I ever questions turn by turn if you are playing in a group or talking to someone. By this, you will know who is more adventurous and tries new things.

2. Date, Marry, Kill

If you are a fan of Koffee with Karan, you are undoubtedly aware of this game. It is a simple, fun game; you can give three names to the person and let them choose between date, marry and kill, and decide whom they would like to date, marry, and kill between those three names. You can also ask for the reason for every answer; this game can be great fun with friends.

3. 15 Questions 

Fifteen questions sound like a simple game, but it is an exciting game, especially if you are dating and want to know a person that will be a great option. You can ask 15 random questions turn by turn and know about each other. With this game, you can put some questions in between you were interested in knowing for so long. A great idea, isn’t it?

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4. Guess the Movie with Emoji

Guess the movie with emoji

Guess the movie with emoji can be a brain exercise for those who aren’t too fond of this or bad at guessing. Still, this is a fun game that can be played between two people or in a group. In this, you need to send emojis to depict a movie name and let the person guess the name.

5. Name Game

Remember in childhood this game happened to be our favorite pastime? So let’s play this over chat; this game has a simple rule: choose a category like plants name, celebrity names, animal, or color. Once you have decided a person has to say a word from that category, then the second person has to say a name with the last letter of the first word said by the first player. 

6. Story Knitting

Story knitting is one of my personal favorites from college time, a straightforward and creative game. The game starts with a random sentence, one person can pass one sentence at a time connecting it with the last sentence, and this cycle continues to make a random story. You can play with your friends and if you are dating someone, this game can give you full-on flirting opportunities, it is just about the timing. 

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7. I Would Have/ I would Rather

This game is again a question and condition game in which you put a sentence or a situation, and a person would choose an option or give an opposite opinion. For example, if “you are stuck in an elevator with a celebrity you hate you would have taken it as an opportunity or would ignore him.” So, there can be fun questions, philosophical or moral related. If you are dating someone, this will help you understand how they look into any situation and what they choose.

8. If you Wake Up as

If you wake up as

It is a fun game worth discussing; it is a simple game with so much fun. In this game, you ask a person what you would do or what your reaction will be if you wake up like something. For instance, if you “Wake up like a lion in the jungle,” ” if you Wake Up like a character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S,” and let them answer and listen to their reactions.

9. Friendship Tags

Let’s know how much your friends or dating person understands you. It’s a simple game worth playing over text, ask a question about yourself and let them answer how much they know you. Questions can be as simple as your favorite color or movie and as hard as some secret or memory you shared with them a few months back. 

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10. An Unpopular Opinion

We all believe or hold certain opinions that are quite unacceptable by others. So why not share and listen? Maybe some of them become common. Turn by turn share an unpopular opinion about certain topics and believe, for instance, ” Hitler was a patient person,” the most unpopular opinion. Still, there can be a discussion over this point of view.

Which game are you choosing first to play from the above list? If you want to make long conversations, these games can help you a lot and help you know them and understand them. And if playing with friends, you might get surprised with new opinions and fun answers.

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