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Finding some new web series to watch today?

SonyLIV has so many web series options for you, there are some must-watch series on SonyLIV that won so many hearts. Series like “Scam 1992” was the biggest hit and remains a  trending series since a long time. On the other hand Gullak took a special place in so many households.

1. Tabbar-A must watch

Tabbar is a Hindi family thriller recently released on SonyLiv with a great star cast like Supriya Pathak, Ranvir Shorey Pavan Malhotra, and Kanwaljit Singh. The story revolves around a Punjabi family where the head of the family is a retired constable. Watch how far he goes to save his family with some unpredictable Incidents and their consequences.

2. Gullak on SonyLIV – Trending on Charts

Gullak is a once-in-a-blue -moon series that belongs to everyone.  An entertaining series revolving around Mishra’s middle-class family handling and enjoying day-to-day conditions and situations.  The Series got a 9.1 IMDB rating and remains on the trending charts. The series is airing with season two on SonyLIV.

3. Scam 1992 – Most Popular Web Series on SonyLIV

Scam 1992 is another masterpiece on SonyLIV directed by Hansal Mehta that won everyone’s place. Scam is based on Harshad Mehta’s life known as a big bull of ‘90s. Scam is another beautiful example of perfect cinematography, putting every detail in web series makes it more interesting. Starcast did justice with their character and gave reason to be trending and must-watch series.

4. JL50 on SonyLIV – mystery series to binge-watch

JL50 is an Indian sci-fi on Sony LIV, a series starring the finest star cast like Pankaj Kapoor, Abhay Deol made by Shailendra Vyas. The Series is based on a missing flight that went missing 35 years ago that suddenly crash lands in West Bengal. You can surely watch this thriller on your watch list.

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5. 16 – Web Series

If you had the chance to kill a rapist, will you do it in the name of justice? Will you take the law into your hands? Or would you leave it to the people who have the authority?

This thriller web series on SonyLIV is about a mysterious group, “16” who kills rapists in an attempt to serve justice by taking the matter into their own hands. The police have the duty to stop the vigilantes from doing their own justice but also want to act on the rapists…..what will they do?

6. Avrodh – Another worthy binge-watch on SonyLIV

Based on a chapter from Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh’s book “India’s Most Fearless”, this binge-worthy series is based on the Uri attack and the following Surgical Strike operation that took place in September 2016. Starring Amit Sadh as the lead, this trending web series full of thrill and adrenaline is a binge-worthy that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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7. Undekhi

Based on a true story, Undekhi is a gripping thriller on SonyLIV. A dancer is shot dead in front of thousands of eyes in marriage but all of the witnesses turn a blind eye and remain silent. The only evidence is in the camera of a filmmaker who recorded the whole incident. His life quickly turns in hot pursuit as he tries to reveal the truth at the risk of his life.

8. Sandwich forever – SonyLIV’s romantic comedy series

Think of your parents and inlaws as your neighbours!

Yes, that is what makes a sandwich and here Sameer and Naina are like those squeezed stuffing in the sandwich. This series on SonyLIV is about a couple whose leaves turn upside down when their parents start living as their neighbour and start poking into their lives. It is a romantic comedy web series that you can watch to lighten your mood.

9. Girls Hostel 2.0 – Trending series between girls!

Girls hostel is one of the popular web series putting some light on life in girls’ hostels with some spices of comedy. The story in the series revolves around five girls with different personalities, their journey on different stages, handling situations, and exploring different horizons.

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10. College Romance Season 2 on SonyLIV

College Romance 2 is now airing on SonyLIV, content is quite predictable with the name itself as it states college romance. A light romantic comedy-drama series that takes you on your college journey and makes you recollect so many incidents. Makers released the second season as season one was trending on the charts.

11. Shrikant Bashir – SonyLIV’s Thriller Series

Srikant Bashir, a crime, thriller, drama starring Pooja Gor, Gashmir Mahajani, Yudhistir Singh. Witness how two totally different personalities working for national intelligence come together to work on a case. A thriller series that holds two personalities with very different perspectives and views. If looking for something different to watch you can surely add this series to your weekend watch list. 

12. Maharani on Sony Liv

Sony Liv’s new series Maharani is a political drama taking you to the ’90s. Story of a woman who became CM out of several circumstances and is now surrounded by orthodox male politicians. Starring Huma Qureshi, It would be interesting to see how the CM saves herself and her position from all the conspiracies happening around her. A different story with a bunch of good star cast that you can add to your weekend binge list.

13. Lost & Found

Opposite poles attract each other. Opposite charges attract each other. But what happens when two different people from different walks of life with opposite personalities meet?

This SonyLIV rom-com web series is a love story between Preeti Tandon, an independent woman, who runs away from her own wedding, and Jai Rathod, a techy and machine maniac, who gets roped in helping Preeti escape. From then on, it’s a bumpy ride. The series has many light-hearted, cute, and funny moments that make it a must-watch.


Which one is on your list for the weekend, do let us know in the comment section below!

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