Trending ideas for youtube channel Trending ideas for youtube channel

Are you thinking of starting a youtube channel in 2021? So, for you, here we have some great ideas for youtube channels, to begin with.

Whether you are looking for creative inspiration or have some sort of idea over what your channel will be, then we hope… this list of trending youtube channel ideas helps you better.  

In this post, we are going to share some top trending video niches that are very popular and in-demands on youtube. And, that’s also expected to be in the trending chart for the following years, too. 

So, if you are serious about starting your youtube channel and ready for a long term dedication, then this list is for you.

Top 10 Trending Ideas for Youtube Channel

1. Personal vlogging

Like to show-off a little bit? Then, vlogging can be a perfect idea for your youtube channel.

Yes, you can vlogging about anything regarding your personal life, thoughts, and opinion, weekend funs, traveling, or anything else that relates to your life.

It’s just like your personal journal, But in video content form. ..and to be seen by public, of course.

The best thing about this niche is, you don’t need any heavy equipment and set up to invest, at first.

All you need to have a great quality camera, exciting life things to share, and confidence on camera throughout. And, that’s it…you’re all ready to start your new youtube channel. 

2. Unboxing gadgets and Review products.

We like unboxing things that we just bought, right? And, that’s our next youtube channel idea.

Unboxing videos, very popular and trending on youtube.

Every time a new gadget, product, or something is launched, within hours you get to see a lot of unboxing videos in the suggestion box. Such video forms are so popular and can be a great idea to start a youtube channel, especially when you have a decent knowledge of a specific product niche and a budget on hand. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for a long term youtube career, then the ‘unboxing’ channel niche is the best idea for you.

Because there’s always new products and innovations are there to review. Further, by the time your channel grows, you can collaborate with the brands, too. 

But, the thing you need to consider is… of course, this is the best youtube channel niche, but not a complete beginner-friendly, when you are just starting. 

3. Video Gaming

Love playing video games?? Then, good news, you can start your gaming youtube channel, too.

Surely, just like any other channel niches, the gaming niche, is also very popular and trending on youtube.

You can upload your videos of playing the latest plus old games. Further, you can create a community of like-minded professional gamers, there, too.

People really like to watch someone playing video games and the commentary along.

Indeed, fun and entertaining ideas for youtube channel to start in 2021.

4. How-to videos

Don’t forget that youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, where people usually go to find the information they need plus learn to do something properly.

If you’re good at particular skills and have something that others get benefited from, then the How-to videos channel is your best youtube channel idea.

More than any other niche, ‘How to-’ tutorials and guides have been in the trending because they are demanded by larger audiences.

But first, know your area of expertise, that you can help others with.

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5. Tutorials or Talent shows. 

Whether you have some unique talents like dancing, singing, or playing any musical instruments, you can have your youtube channel, too.

You can teach others the same skills or can post videos about your performances. People really like such videos for entertainment and to learn new skills.

Moreover, due to that, you can have a solid personal brand with an engaging audience and followers. Even further, who knows you may get your next big contract or invitation from reputed studios, too. 

6. Travel vlogging

Are you an avid traveler and visit new places frequently, then why to enjoy alone, let others have some fun, too.

Absolutely, youtube is all about sharing information and adventurous experiences along. You can find many travelers who already run a successful travel channel.

Moreover, you start vlogging about your city and nearest exciting places, too. People love seeing new places and learning about new cultures.

Especially when they’re not able to travel there, your trending youtube channel helps them to have the same experience.  

7. Lifestyle advice, tips, and tricks. 

From what to wear on the first date to the last day at the job, the audience loves to see the things which they relate closely with.

Such life hacks and routine tips are always an attraction for the larger audience. More than a routine guide, this trending channel idea can be entertaining, too.

You just need to tweak your presentation and follow a creative theme that your audience found unique.

Due to having such a targeted audience and a larger subscriber list, you may be approached by the right brands for sponsorship, too.

So overall, this niche idea has a greater scope than you think. 

8. Recipes and cooking shows

If you love cooking, and already have so many delicious recipe ideas to share with the world, then youtube is the best platform for you. This is one of the best trending ideas for youtube channel, to start with minimum investment. 

Step-by-step cooking tutorials and favorite recipes are always being searched by the larger audience.

From ‘How to bake a cake’ to just researching the delicious recipes around the globe, and the people at youtube consume these tasty video contents a lot.

So, if you have a bunch of creative yet delicious recipe ideas, then you can start a trending youtube channel from your kitchen, too.  

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9. Comedy, Fun, and Roasts shows

If you want to become instantly famous and get viral over the internet, then comedy and humor channels are your best fit.

Absolutely, entertaining, and funny content is widely consumed and shared over youtube and to other social media.

If you’ve great comic timing and the ability to bring something entertaining to the table, then this is the perfect channel niche. Moreover, you can find great examples of the highly successful youtube channels that are trending and all-time popular, too. 

10. Tell your stories.

Are you a born storyteller and have something to share with the world?

If the answer is yes, then here you get the best youtube channel idea for you. Interesting stories in youtube video forms are a great approach to bring yourself out.

This relates to the ones who are best at creating stories that are entertaining and catchy, of course.

If you carry a lot of stories in mind and looking for the right platform, then believe youtube is all for you. Here you can transform your written stories into video, give animations and visuals effects, and create your public library. 

Close notes

So, here are all the trending ideas for youtube channels that you can start in 2021. 

As you know that youtube is the most popular video streaming platform, that allows you to create your personal brand, along. If you are looking for a long term youtube career, then first consider your interest and passion, above all. 

There are many other youtube channel ideas you can opt for. But the most important thing is, you better stay consistent at what you’re going to start. For that, to pick the channel niche that you closely connect with is a must.

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