There’s so much to love about Charlottesville. The rich history, the active social scene, and the beautiful fall colors. However, one thing that’s not on your list of favorites is Charlottesville leaf removal. We’ve gathered some tips on making this year’s Charlottesville leaf removal a little easier.

Get a leaf blower. A suitable leaf blower will save you time, as well as the physical hardship of raking leaves. If you need to buy a leaf blower, try a battery-powered one rather than a plug-in or gas-powered blower. Modern, rechargeable, battery-powered leaf blowers have plenty of power, and you won’t have to trip over a cord or fill up a gas can.

Get a good rake. If you need to rake up leaves, spend a little more on a good one. It will last longer, as well as making your job easier. Find a rake made of metal and wood, rather than plastic, and one with comfortable hand grips. However, a plastic rake will do, as long as it’s durable and sturdy.

Mow the leaves. Lawnmowers can be an excellent tool for leaf removal. A mulching lawnmower is ideal, making the job fast and easy. But even without a mulching lawnmower, running over the fallen leaves and bagging them up is quick and easy.

Don’t rake in wet weather. Raking leaves when it’s wet is a messy, inefficient, and miserable task. For one thing, wet leaves are slippery, and heavier than dry fallen leaves, making bagging them up even more of a chore. Likewise, you may tear up the ground around your garden and lawn with the rake if the ground is wet.

Use a tarp. Blowing or raking the leaves onto a tarp is efficient when it comes time to bag the leaves up. Put the tarp down in a spot that doesn’t have many leaves, and blow or rake the leaves into a pile onto the tarp. This process will make gathering up the leaves very easy.

Pay the kids to rake. Most kids are good at raking and yard work. Likewise, putting the kids to work gets them outside exercising, and teaches them responsibility and the value of hard work.

Start your leaf removal quickly. Don’t wait until all the leaves have fallen. Start your leaf removal when approximately 30% of the leaves have fallen from your trees. This early start ensures that you get ahead of the game, and too many leaves won’t pile up. Likewise, after your round of raking leaves, plan on following up every week or two, depending on the number of leaves on your yard.

Start a compost pile. A large amount of fallen leaves is perhaps the ideal way to start a compost pile. Fallen leaves from your trees are full of organic nutrients that will nourish your soil, and make all of your plants grow. Also add in grass trimmings, organic manure, and vegetable food scraps to your compost pile for the best results possible.

Following these tips will make your fall leaf removal much easier. However, if you really want to make your Charlottesville leaf removal the easiest ever, bring in the pros. A professional lawn service can get rid of those fallen leaves with no sweat on your part.

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