Prepare for valentines Prepare for valentines

Most of you might be having a wonderful Valentine’s week and would be eagerly waiting for the next 1 day to pass for the ‘Grand Finale’. I bet you were at your best on rose, propose, chocolate, teddy days. This article is all about keeping you right at the same momentum you are now for the Valentine’s Day preparation.

After a week-long of preparation and plans finally you are on the right track. Your girl or boy is enjoying whatever you’ve planned till today with utmost pleasure. Now, you’re in no position to make even minor mistakes… Right now you all might be thinking to yourself “Are my plans 100% flawless?”. Well, our answer is we don’t know. But, all we can assure is that we can help you get past this 1 remaining days.

Every second counts… So, let’s begin without any delay:

1. Looks

Look matters a lot; a way lots more than you think. What’s the point in doing all these cute surprising stuffs for her if you aren’t showing justice to yourself? So, if you haven’t thought of this till now, what are you still doing? Get to the nearest beauty parlor and get their guide on how you should prepare for your partner.

2. The Right Dress

What dress you chose to wear is as important as the way you plan to look for your partner. Think of the right dress and picture yourself in it. We would suggest a tuxedo for men and a one-piece for women. Seeing your man or woman in the right dress would increase the intensity of the Valentine’s Day.

3. Smell Good

Know what’s his or her favorite perfume or his favorite cologne. Make sure you don’t use them all along for the next days. Once the venue and dice is alive use them on you. Make your partner crave for you. Hehe….

4. Stick to the Plan

Stick to the plans you have for him or her. Avoid other things from your life, especially something which is work related! Keep him or her as your priority and make them feel special all day long. Do the things your partner likes.

5. Don’t Panic

Don’t panic if something goes wrong. Know that nothing in the world happens as the way we need to be. If it was like that the whole world would’ve been filled with millionaires and billionaires. So, don’t panic. If one of your plans goes wrong, try to make it up on the next one.

6. Eat Right

Make sure you have your diet maintained and are following a healthy lifestyle. Don’t try something new these days. You don’t want to spend your love day with an upset stomach right?

7. Give them Green Signals

If you want your man or woman to take the next step, make sure you are giving the right signals. Flirt with them give them hints on how awesome your Valentine’s Day is going to be.

8. Things to Know Before You Cook

Is romantic dinner a part of your Valentine’s Day plan? Now, that would be a silly question to ask right. Let me make myself clear here… Are you preparing a romantic dinner on your Valentine’s Day? Now it sounds more sensible right?

If you are planning to cook, make sure you’ve decided on the menu. And keep in mind to have enough practice on the dish you are about to prepare if you don’t want to end up your romantic dinner with bread and Nutella!

9. Spice it up

End your love day in a sensual way by getting naughty with your date. But, this depends on the stage of dating you are with your partner. You can decide how far you wish to go. Make sure you are at your best and prepare well for it. Writing on that topic won’t be appropriate for this blog…*grin (he he…)

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10. Be Unpredictable

We know it’s too hard to keep up to this point, but at least you gotta try to know it right? How boring it would be if your partner already knows what you are up to next. Make it interesting and plan stuffs she wouldn’t even dream you would do. A game of truth or dare would be the best choice for situations like this.

But before starting this be sure to give her the valentine gift you brought for her.



Well, as a whole be confident in who you are and what you do. After all you both are in love and the other better half loves you for the person who you are. Valentine’s Day is just like a regular day but, to make it special is one of the least things you can do for her.

Hope you guys are going to make it special!

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