5 tips to start a conversation with anyone 5 tips to start a conversation with anyone

Socializing with people seems difficult for the majority of us. Above that, to start a conversation with a girl is what people hesitate from. Let me tell you, friends, it is not that difficult as it seems if you be confident and original. Below, you’ll get some tips on how to start a conversation with a girl!

1. Greet Confidently and be Yourself

Trending us 5 tips to start a conversation with anyone be confident be yourself

When you meet your classmate or co-worker or any of the girls with whom you wish to initiate a conversation, you need to be confident. Greet her with a firm handshake or a lively “Hello”. Don’t greet cadaverous or as if you are least interested. Be yourself only, if you try to fake, she can judge you out and instead of conversing with you she will start avoiding you.

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2. Introduce Yourself

Trending us 5 tips to start a conversation with anyone introduce yourself

Introducing yourself is the best way to start a conversation when a girl hardly knows you. You can start with your name and your occupation, where do you work or study, along with your desire to meet her. If you say this confidently and impress her, she may reply to you by introducing herself or by giving a nod to start your talk. You got your balls rolling!
Start conversing about what you wanted to talk to her about.

3. Start Talking about What Connects You Two

Trending us 5 tips to start a conversation with anyone get connected

If you are in an elevator with a lady who is your superior where you work, what will you do? Just stay quiet standing behind her after greeting her? Well surely you can do that, but don’t forget you do not get a chance to build an informal relationship with her that easily and frequently. Take this opportunity and start by congratulating her on a recent success. Talk about how you and your team are feeling motivated to work under her and keep the conversation going if she replies. But yes, don’t be a sycophant! Try to do the same with others as well.

4. Keep a Smiling Face

Man and a woman having a conversation.

Girls like to see a smiling man!  It’s nice because it demonstrates you’re good and confident. The smiling face speaks a lot that you can’t and makes you look confident as well. So having a smiling face is very important to have a good conversation with a girl.

5. Give Your Girl a Compliment

Beautiful girl using mobile.

Keep it honest and respectful. Tell her she has a beautiful smile, you like her bracelet, or she’s contagious with her laughter. Make it special to her. Be vigilant that you don’t bombard her with remarks that are larger than life, you’ll only consider yourself insincere.

Try to tell her, “You’ve got a big smile, there’s something infectious about it!” Or say, “It’s a cute red dress.

6. Cheer her up

Being there for her at the hour of need is something she would admire and would increase the bond between you two, just being there for her would make her affectionate towards you.

This would work after a certain time where she opens up to you or you can sense something is wrong with her then you can cheer her and make her happy giving you healthy conversation to do and making her feel better.

7. Talk about a common interest

Girl talking on a phone.

What is the best way to have a stronger bond with someone? Well, of course, talking something about you both have in common, this conversation starter will boost the attachment. This will initiate a conversation both will indulge in it with so much interest as you both will have great content to discuss.

This little conversation starter will lead your chat where you want it to be and make a great delightful day for you.

8. Ask for Help

A female helping her colleague in office.


If you find yourself too shy to start a conversation with a girl but you still want to talk to them anyhow then you must try this technique. Generally, most of the girls never refuse when they’re asked for any kind of help from anyone. If you’re in a school and you intend to start a conversation with any girl you like then, for example, you should ask her to help you out in studies or homework, if you are working somewhere and you wish to start a conversation with your female colleague, then you may ask for her help whenever you get stuck in anything or you can take her guidance on a particular project you have to get over within a short time. If you’re a young man living alone in your home and you want to start a conversation with a girl who lives in your neighborhood then you may ask her to help you cook the food and can invite her to dinner sometimes, this will not only help you to start a conversation with her but will also help you to build a better relationship with your neighbors 

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Don’t follow all the tips rigorously but keep them in your mind modifying it whenever needed. No more need to stay silent in the college, office or a party.

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