Things you should do for your girl unasked Things you should do for your girl unasked

You might have always wanted to know what your girl expects from you, everyone does. To make it simpler, I have created this cheat sheet which is definitely worth giving a shot and watching how things change between both (or more) of you.

1. Take pictures with her, share them if she’s comfortable. Let people realize you are still together, will always be. Let them wonder, “How did he get so lucky”!

2. Surprises are the best. Cherish her with surprises, little or huge. Every little surprise is very special for her.

3. Weekends come to you for a reason. Make a plan to take long drives together, watch movies, have dinner together.

4. If she dresses up for you, compliment her. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her the way you feel about her.

Pro tip – She is never fat or ugly, never never never. She’s always super slim and beautiful, just perfect for you.

Compliment your girl
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5. As you already know some ways to make your friendship work like a charm, consider hanging out with hers and your friends together. Let her know your friends, know her’s and let them know both of you. If you know her besties, you’ll always be able to take their help when planning surprises for the one.

6. If she is not answering your calls or messages since a long time, reassure that everything is okay with her or if she needs you.

7. Call her with sweet nicknames which none of her friends do.

Calling her with nicknames
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8. This sounds silly but stay on the phone with her, even if she’s not saying anything. Then remind her that you are missing her, love is silent.

9. The famous fight over who loves more can happen time-to-time without any reason. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.

10. Act like a gentleman. Whether you’re on a long drive or just dropping her back, don’t forget to walk her to your car (or hers) and open the door for her.

11. Never lie to her, no questions.

Dont lie to her

12. Make it a habit to message or call her every morning just to say have a good day at college/work, and that you miss her (yes you do). Also, text or call to wish her a great night and sweet dreams etc etc etc, not the shortened gn, sd, tc.

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13. If other people talk rudely or disrespectfully with her, take a stand for her, every single time. Feel like and also make her feel you are the only one for her, even if you are not.

14. There can be good as well as bad things that have happened with you in your past. You have to be sure that she knows about them and is still happy to be with you no matter what. Share all of your secrets with her, all of them.

There's nothing you could ever do that would me not want to be you

15. Most of the girls love rains (not the heavy ones obviously). If yours is one of them, do not miss a single chance to enjoy the rain together.

16. Gifts are always perfect, for every small occasion. Never forget to send her gifts. If you have time, plan for an innovative gift. Something that might not hike the cost and at the same time is very creative and cute.

If you’re confused about the present, consider gifting a cute stuffed toy to hug when you’re not around 😉 .

17. Always have a list of her favorite songs previous & current. Whenever she’s sad, just sing it for her even if you’re out of tune.

Try to sing for her

18. Make it a habit to value her close friends. If they are close to her, you’ll also need them one day.

19. Do not forget tiny matters take make her smile. Compliment for every tiny/new thing she does for you.

20. Introduce her to your family members as somebody special.

21. If the weather is cold, offer your coat to her.

Do slow dances together

22. No matter where you are, on a party or prom night; if you’re dancing – give slow dances a try, holding her hand and looking deep into her eyes indefinitely. Don’t care about anyone else near you for sometime.

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23. Make it a habit to take time out of your schedule only for her. Keep some hours reserved for her on the weekend or spend your entire weekend with her.

24. Well you may not be a Masterchef but you can always try to cook her favorite food.

25. Arrange a candlelight dinner for her, as a surprise.

Candle light dinner for her

26. Do not stop her when she wants to look into your mobile phone, ever. It’s like putting your life at a risk.

Pro tip – Share all of your passwords with her. Trust level – 1000%

27. Get a pair of matching necklaces, key chains, bracelets or t-shirts for both of you and wear them together. If she’s your soulmate, consider getting a tattoo designed with her name on your hand.

28. Do not forget special dates such as her birthday, when did you meet first, your first date, and the monthly anniversaries which I don’t know why but, are important.
If you are not good at remembering dates (you can’t be better than her this time) use a reminder application such as haptik or Google calendar itself.

Remember the dates
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29. Never have a bitter argument with her about what she can wear or she can’t wear. She has the right to wear what she likes as much as you do.

30. Do not let her birthday end in a simple or common manner. Start planning her birthday atleast 7 days in advance. Make sure you have Plan A and if it fails Plan B. Celebrate it in a surprising way with never-ending surprises till the belated birthday.

Pro tip – Give her a printed photo album of her beautiful photos including the pictures of both of you together.

31. Do not, just don’t tell her to leave (even if you’re joking). If you think she’s upset or mad at you, do everything you can for just one smile.

Do not tell her to leave

32. If she is sick or not well, she’ll definitely want you to be with her. Try to stay up all night and assure she has everything she needs.

Well, now I guess you’re ready to get the ball rolling and play it well. Try some or all of the hacks mentioned above and let us know in the comments how did they go.

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  1. These lines have helped me a lot, you can try them as well:

    1. You are the only one.
    2. I love you more than my life.
    3. Your happiness is more important to me than mine.
    4. I can’t imagine my life without you.

  2. Great article, I would like to list down some points which girls do for boys but they might not know/realize:

    – She will make you punctual.
    – She will never leave you alone when you’re sad.
    – She will make sure you don’t skip meals to play matches or work.
    – She will ask you to leave your bad habits everyday, everytime.
    – She will fight with you on small matters but won’t keep the anger for long.
    – She will say – don’t worry dear, even if there’s lot to worry or nothing to worry
    – She will help you restrain your anger.
    – She will talk to you 15 times a day to know what you’re doing.
    – You might feel bugged at times but truth is that you can’t do anything without her.

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