How Do Clothes Affect One’s Mood

Our physical appearance influences how we think and feel. As our clothing impacts our emotions, it also affects our nonverbal communication and mood or energy that we release towards other people. Others often judge us based on our appearance, which includes our outfit, our posture, our accessories, how we smell, our tone of voice, and our facial expressions. So, the clothes we wear can figuratively captivate the eyes of many and create their particular judgment on how we look. However, we can make the most out of the opinions of others, because our clothes can positively influence our mind, which … Continue reading How Do Clothes Affect One’s Mood

5 Plus-Size Dresses that Always Work

Not being on the slim side can be quite troublesome, especially when you’re looking for clothes that fit and match your taste. With all the stereotype clothes in the market made for hourglass bodies, being plus size may lower your self-esteem. Being creative and resourceful when it comes to your fashion statement is a must for everyone, not just for chubby women. However, you need to add a touch of extra on finding and looking for the perfect clothes that perfectly fit you. Here are the 5 fashion tips to help you to decide what to wear for plus size dresses: … Continue reading 5 Plus-Size Dresses that Always Work

Knitwear Fashion Trends to follow this Fall and Winter Season

The knitwear industry has had its highs and lows over the last century with the resurgence of knitted clothes from specialty fashion houses. It is also taking over the fashion world with autumn and winter catwalk shows featuring some of the most glamorous knits from fashion designers. This year, bright hues of sunny yellows and trendy pinks are taking over every girl’s wardrobe as top models strut their way into the fashion scene. It is also wonderful to see our lovely grandparent’s warm and comfy autumn shirt making a comeback in various designs. Here are some of the knitwear trends … Continue reading Knitwear Fashion Trends to follow this Fall and Winter Season

How to Wear Cowboy Hats for Men

When you see people stylishly dressed in a cowboy hat, they must have gone through a process of picking the right one and placing it on their head to add to the overall look. It’s not easy because you need to shape it and place it at the right angle if you want to look good. For example, an American ride type of cowboy hat isn’t worn the same way you would wear a brad hat. While both are worn on the head, you have to place each differently to bring out the stylish effect. Tips to Follow When Wearing … Continue reading How to Wear Cowboy Hats for Men

5 Tips on How Men Can Dress Better and Feel Confident

Besides the physical looks, what makes you attractive and appealing to other people? Yes, you are right, it’s the clothes that speak of your temper and sometimes your personality. Men sometimes think that they are not naturally stylish. They may go out just with their plain shirt and trousers and sneakers and go for a stroll. The good word is you can dress better, go out, and feel confident in any clothes you wear. But, how? Here are some points that you can study on how to dress better and feel positive. 5 Tips to make You Dress Better and … Continue reading 5 Tips on How Men Can Dress Better and Feel Confident

Factors to Consider Before You Start Using a New Hair Product

Many times, when a new product is introduced into the market, people rush to buy it even before learning about the effects of the product. Some of these products have caused immense hair loss. Therefore, it’s important to check all the ingredients on the product before you apply it on your hair. Here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing a hair product: Ingredients of the product The first place a product is marketed is on their website. So, if you see information about a new product, don’t rush to buy it. Take your time and wait until … Continue reading Factors to Consider Before You Start Using a New Hair Product

Style Rules for Petite Women

In the world of fashion and style, being petite can be a bit difficult. The reason is most clothes you buy are either not your size or longer than your length. So you find yourself getting the clothes tailored every time. Although most fashion brands now have a collection for petite women, it is still not really quite like it. Besides, what you lack in the clothes department, it is made up for in the shoe department. You can successfully wear any inch length, as long as the shoes fit. Being petite is adorable, and you cannot fall short of … Continue reading Style Rules for Petite Women

Make Your Fashion Statement with Leather Boots

We always focus on the way we dress up because we all know it makes a difference. By dressing up, I am not referring to our clothes only; it includes our shoes as well, especially leather boots. Shoes are a big, focal point! How can you miss out on the fact that they make a great fashion statement, provided you are wearing the right kind of footwear? Haven’t you heard people saying, the first thing they notice about a person is the kind of shoes he/she is wearing! Aside from leaving an impression on people, good dressing builds your self-confidence … Continue reading Make Your Fashion Statement with Leather Boots