How Do Clothes Affect One’s Mood

Our physical appearance influences how we think and feel. As our clothing impacts our emotions, it also affects our nonverbal communication and mood or energy that we release towards other people. Others often judge us based on our appearance, which includes our outfit, our posture, our accessories, how we smell, our tone of voice, and our facial expressions. So, the clothes we wear can figuratively captivate the eyes of many and create their particular judgment on how we look. However, we can make the most out of the opinions of others, because our clothes can positively influence our mind, which … Continue reading How Do Clothes Affect One’s Mood

5 Plus-Size Dresses that Always Work

Not being on the slim side can be quite troublesome, especially when you’re looking for clothes that fit and match your taste. With all the stereotype clothes in the market made for hourglass bodies, being plus size may lower your self-esteem. Being creative and resourceful when it comes to your fashion statement is a must for everyone, not just for chubby women. However, you need to add a touch of extra on finding and looking for the perfect clothes that perfectly fit you. Here are the 5 fashion tips to help you to decide what to wear for plus size dresses: … Continue reading 5 Plus-Size Dresses that Always Work