Fashion trends should stay buried and forgotten Fashion trends should stay buried and forgotten

In 2023, celebrities and influencers embraced a number of cringe-worthy fashion trends that pushed boundaries a bit too far. From the controversial pantless trend to the comeback of unflattering thin eyebrows, last year’s runways and social media feeds were rife with looks better off forgotten.

1. The pantless trend

One trend that gave us the heebie-jeebies in 2023 was the no-pants look rocked by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Jodie Turner-Smith. While they may have pulled it off flawlessly on red carpets, for the rest of us, the lack of pants often came across as a little cringe for most occasions. Unless you’re an A-lister at an exclusive event, ditching pants entirely is a daring move that risks inviting more skepticism than style points.

2. Naming every micro-trend

In 2023, it seemed like every micro-trend and aesthetic had to be given a name and hashtag to gain traction. From #cabincore to #mermaidcore, these buzzwords flooded social media to the point of becoming parodies of themselves. While subcultural movements have long adopted unique labels, the sheer volume of named aesthetics last year felt excessive and superficial.

Naming and defining every single look may have initially helped some find communities of like-minded dressers. But this trend quickly devolved into a confusing mess of vague, overlapping, and sometimes contradictory labels that did more to isolate and alienate than unite. In 2024, it’s time to ditch the meaningless vernacular overload and focus more on simply wearing what you love without justifying it with a fancy title.

3. Oversized, chunky shoes

We’re a bit hesitant on this one, but hey, shoe trends are a dime a dozen. Whether it was celebrities walking red carpets or street style influencers, one could not avoid the oversized, chunky shoe trend that dominated 2023. From exaggerated platform boots to absurdly large sneakers, some took the “more is more” approach to footwear to an almost comical extreme.

While making a bold statement, these gargantuan kicks often looked ridiculous and came across as a cry for attention rather than a fashionable choice. We’re deep in 2024, and it’s time to pare things back and prioritize shoes that blend wearability and style in equal measure. Elle Magazine is big on thong sandals and Mary Janes—and you should, too.

Oversized, chunky shoes

4. Tabi shoes

Speaking of outlandish footwear crazes from 2023, the Tabi shoe deserves a dishonorable mention. This sock-hybrid shoe trend, featuring an elongated semi-divided toe box, put a modern spin on traditional Japanese-style footwear. However, the end result was overwhelmingly panned as bizarre-looking and downright ugly by most mainstream fashion critics. Unless part of a very specific aesthetic, the tabi is one 2023 shoe trend that should make a swift exit.

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5. Micro bags

When it comes to impractical accessories that took things too far, one cannot overlook the micro bag trend that somehow remained prevalent through 2023. These minuscule, often comically small purses and handbags ranged from recreations of nostalgic childhood toys to high-fashion statement pieces. But regardless of their luxe price tags, the vast majority of micro bags offered little actual functionality beyond being laugh-inducing novelties.

6. Overly bright neons

As we emerged from the dark days of the pandemic, some took a maximalist approach by embracing fluorescent, high-voltage neon shades for their seasonal wardrobes. While eye-catching hues like slime green and safety cone orange certainly made a bold statement, this aggressive use of neons often felt harsh and overwhelming rather than fashionably vibrant.

7. Thin eyebrows redoux

Another revival from decades past that feels better off forgotten. The thin, over-tweezed brow trend that dominated the 90s and early 2000s. While full, thick eyebrows have reigned supreme in recent years, last year saw a confounding comeback of severely thin, sparse arches. A look that aged poorly the first time around. Not only does this outdated aesthetic appear harsh and unflattering on most faces, but thin brows also run the risk of never fully recovering from being over-plucked.

8. The Y2K revival’s cringey moments

Speaking of Y2K styles, best left in the past. While many appreciated the nostalgic resurgence of some beloved 90s and early 2000s trends last year, the Y2K revival also unleashed its fair share of cringe-worthy looks better off forgotten. Someone should remind Ice Spice that we’re not in 2023 anymore.

Who didn’t let out an audible groan upon seeing the return of garments like low-rise capris, exposed midriff tops, and cheesy embellishments like rhinestones and trucker hat bling? While some Y2K-inspired aesthetics like cargo pants and chunky footwear can still look current, an overzealous embrace of the era’s most infamous styles did us no favors last year.

Sheer overload

9. Sheer overload

Sheer, skin-revealing looks have been a staple in high-fashion for decades. But 2023 took the exposed vibe to an extreme, with sheer, lingerie-inspired designs dominating celebrity red carpet looks. From completely see-through gowns to just barely-there coverups, even the world’s most glamorous award show ceremonies began looking more like retailer’s racy underwear campaigns.

While a subtle sheer accent can ooze allure, completely foregoing any hints of coverage and modesty often ventured into territory more crude than haute couture.

Wrapping up

Of course, this isn’t to say fashion should never take risks or that all experimental styles are automatically doomed. Some of 2023’s most derided trends, like oversized chunky footwear, may evolve into more wearable iterations in the years ahead. The key is knowing when a boundary-pushing look has simply gone too far into gimmicky or garish territory.

Trends come and go, but every industry has rules that you must not dare break. Restaurant hosts should not pull chairs for guests, no matter how polite it may seem, while providers of software and free casino games in the UK must follow strict industry regulations. The fashion world is no exception – there are certain unwritten style rules that, when broken, can result in sartorial missteps best left in the past.

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