Compliments for hairstyle Compliments for hairstyle

If you want to compliment someone’s hair, make it perfect. Because if your compliments aren’t that encouraging, it could ruin their mood. Whether it’s about commenting on someone’s new haircut or admiring someone who takes their haircare very seriously, in this post, we will share with you the best hair compliments to give anyone. 

Girl or guy, everyone likes to hear a good comment on their new hairstyle or natural hair. After all, they deserve appreciation for the way they maintain their hair every day. Your compliments on their hairstyle not only make their day but also give them confidence about their looks. 

Unique Compliments For New Haircut

Unique compliments for new haircut

Most people keep the same hairstyle for years and even decades. But one day, they got a new haircut and it entirely changed their look. It takes a lot of courage to experiment with hairstyle but when if this new style suits someone, don’t forget to compliment them. 

  1. Wow, new hairstyle. This one suits you well. 
  2. This new style makes you unrecognizable. 
  3. Oh my god, it’s you, you look so different, And I love it. 
  4. I can’t take my eyes off your hair, sorry. 
  5. Now you have a hairstyle that fits perfectly to your personality. 
  6. Did you color your hair? And it looks great on you. 
  7. I really want to know what is the name of this cut, I love to have it next time. 
  8. A new haircut really looks cool on you, It makes you look great. 
  9. Woah, you got a new haircut. I like it so much. 
  10. I must have asked you for the perfect hair tips.
  11. Who did your hairstyle? Please give me the address, I want a makeover, too.

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Best Compliments For Long Hair

Best compliments for long hair

Not everyone is lucky to have long hair, also not everyone deserves that. Because they require a great haircare routine to keep it well. When someone in your group, has strong, long, and natural hair, share these compliments with them. 

  1. The way you maintain and care for your hair is really inspiring. 
  2. Normally, I’m not a fan of long hair, but this looks perfect on you. 
  3. Sorry, I might be saying it too much, but I fall for your long hair. 
  4. Your long silky hair itself shows you’re serious about personal care. 
  5. I wish I could have long hair like you. Alas, that doesn’t suit me. 
  6. I’m just curious what do you do to make your hair look always perfect? 
  7. You were looking good in short hair, but this one is your best look.
  8. The way you take care of your hair is just too amazing.
  9. This your long hair look has all my attention right now. 
  10. I want to have long hair, but I’m too lazy to take care of them. 
  11. Hey, can you please share what’s your best hair tips? 
  12. I wish I could give the same amount of attention as you do. 

Cute Compliment For Curly Hair

Cute compliment for curly hair

You’ve been trying to tell them but you’re not sure how, it’s regarding their curvy hair. Someone’s curls have your attention, and you want to let them know how great it looks. So, this is what you can say to someone who has beautiful curvy hair.

  1. Your curly hairs make me look at you again. 
  2. I don’t know what you said, but your curly hairs are amazing. 
  3. With this curly hair, you look so cool, I must tell you that. 
  4. I don’t mean to stare, but these curls, oh my god!
  5. Many people I’ve seen with the curly hair, but yours is perfect. 
  6. I wish I could also have those curly hairs. Looking awesome!
  7. You’re looking so nice, and your hairs are the main feature. 
  8. So you wake up like these and your hair always looks this great?
  9. You have the coolest curly hair in our group, you can take pride in it. 
  10. This new hairstyle looks good on you. I think you should keep it for years. 
  11. Your hair naturally looks so great, please don’t color it.

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Good Compliments to Give Girl With Short Hair

A girl in your connection tried a bold look and cut her hair too short. You should compliment her for trying this new hairstyle and experience with her look. It suits her. But you want to compliment her genuinely that won’t go the wrong way. So, here are the good compliments you can give to a girl who flaunts her short hair in style. 

  1. Wow, this new hairstyle gives you a whole new personality. 
  2. I just love this new hairstyle of yours. You look amazing. 
  3. Can’t stop myself from complimenting you on this new look. 
  4. Such a bold hairstyle, but you did the best for yourself. 
  5. I’m so impressed with your new look. It matches your personality greatly. 
  6. You look different. And I mean it in a positive way. 
  7. Stop it, now you make me cut my hair even shorter.
  8. Can you give me the address of your hairstylist? I want the same cut. 
  9. I told you that you look great in the shorter hair. And see, you do. 
  10. No one can shine in the short hair like you do.
  11. Love the way you flaunt your new hairstyle. 
  12. Nobody owns the short hair look like you did, girl!
  13. Go girl, you are looking awesome in this style.

One-Word Compliment For Hair

One word compliment for hair

While complimenting someone’s hair, you need to say something that could make them proud of their hairstyle. And that’s also possible with these one-word compliments, that you can leave as Instagram comments on selfies photos but hair is the main attraction.  

  1. Beautiful
  2. Stylish
  3. Lovely
  4. Healthy
  5. Sharp
  6. Awesome
  7. Cool
  8. Shinning
  9. Amazing
  10. Silky

Final Thoughts

If you’re sharing these compliments with a guy or girl, this will make their day for sure. And when you say such nice things about their hair, it will make them feel proud and confident about their hairstyle. Especially, when someone got a new haircut and when you compliment them, they feel more comfortable with it. 

There’s no need to be envious when someone’s hair is so perfect. It’s all fine to compliment them on the haircut or natural hair. And you could ask them for the haircare if you also want to follow their look. While most feel uncomfortable with bad day hair, when you meet someone with great hair, don’t leave a chance to say something appreciating to them. 

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