Best comments for selfies on instagram Best comments for selfies on instagram

Aside from consistently posting something new on Instagram every day, leaving genuine comments on others’ posts is the second-best way of gaining targeted attention to your profile. 

Indeed, Being active and using the popular Instagram hashtags for your post will improve your profile visibility. 

But, sometimes, commenting on someone’s post is more engaging than simply posting the new selfie every day. Here you grab the real-time attention rather than just hoping that your post will grab it. 

You can also draw a lot of attention by leaving genuine comments on popular profiles on Instagram. So now, you are probably looking for some best comments for Instagram posts, Right? Then we have something for you. 

Here you’ll find the best collection of comments for a selfie that not only appreciates their posts but also presents you as a loyal friend, follower, and supporter. 

Funny Comments for Instagram Selfies & Posts

When such comments are for your school friend or the Instagram buddy, leaving the fun and entertaining comments is all good. Here are some funny comments you can leave on Instagram’s posts & pictures to make your profile more visible & followable. 

Funny comments for instagram selfies & posts

  1. What’s the reason behind that smile, Huh!
  2. I have a confession to make: I copied your style. Hope you don’t mind!!
  3. Dude, stop trying to flaunt it. The shirt is mine, Don’t forget that.
  4. That smile can solve everything in the world. 
  5. Please stop it, with such pictures you make everyone feel jealous, including me.
  6. Do you know what I like about these pictures? Everything. 
  7. You may look innocent in this pic, but I know you well. 
  8. Next time you copy my style and you give me credit, Okay?
  9. With this pic of yours, you finally succeeded to impress us. 
  10. I wish I could be there, but whatever, next time I’ll be there. 
  11. This selfie is dope. I really like it. 
  12. Your page is one of the worth following pages on Instagram. 
  13. I never imagined someone could look so perfect and great in a selfie. 
  14. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains. 

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Cool Comments for Instagram for Boy’s Pictures

Guys won’t usually post the selfie too often compared to the girls. But when they do, make sure your comments on their pics are cool and qualitative enough. Do you want some ideas about what you can write on guy’s selfies and pictures? Then, this is the list for you. 

Cool comments for instagram for boy’s pictures

  1. Looking great as always, Brother. 
  2. The more I look at your page, the more I like it. 
  3. Good job, you’re posting great pictures. 
  4. Hotness overloaded. 
  5. You are blessed with such awesome eyes. 
  6. This outfit expresses your personality so well. 
  7. Love your personality, man. You’re the best!
  8. I wish I could be there, missing you guys. 
  9. What a perfect selfie this is!
  10. Seems like you’re going to the gym regularly.
  11. This is by far the best selfie of all time. 
  12. Proud of you brother, you look awesome. 
  13. Fan of your post, and what a great caption there is. 
  14. Indeed, the best selfie of the week. Congrats! 

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Cute Comments for Instagram for Girl’s Selfies

If you’re about to leave ‘cute pose’ or ‘nice pic’ like a similar comment on girls’ pic, then please stop. Girls might get a lot of comments on their selfies like that one. So, try something different, make your comment respectful, and appreciate her beauty and personality in a true sense, just like the comments in the list below. 

Cute comments for instagram for girl’s selfies

  1. Damn girl, your pictures look brighter than my future. 
  2. Love everything about your page. Go girl, you’re awesome. 
  3. Well, this time I have to admit but I’m feeling jealous. 
  4. I usually come to your profile for styling inspiration. 
  5. Love your page, you’ve some of the best pictures on Instagram. 
  6. OMG! I never show you in such a different avatar. Loved it!
  7. You look really cute in that dress. Feeling like I have a crush on you. 
  8. So much inspired by your bold personality and unique styles. 
  9. It seems that your wardrobe has some awesome collections. 
  10. With these pics, you’re going to get a lot of attention, note that. 
  11. You express yourself confidently, which makes you more beautiful. 
  12. What a beauty with a kind heart. Love you, girl!
  13. Well, I truly appreciate your selfie in every possible way.
  14. Glad that you didn’t apply any filter, as you look great, naturally. 
  15. Looking so gorgeous, I can’t take my eyes off this pic. 

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Short comments for Selfie Posts & Pictures

Well, your comments never have to be long-spun, but quality enough. You can leave a short, simple, and sweet comment on someone’s selfies or posts and make it impactful, though. In the next section, you will find the short and unique comments for Instagram pictures. 

Short comments for selfie posts & pictures

  1. Great-looking. 
  2. What a post!
  3. Just a perfect shot!
  4. Love the caption. 
  5. You make my day. 
  6. Love your post. 
  7. Following your page. 
  8. You, the beauty.
  9. Another sick pic!
  10. You’re a style icon!
  11. Such a great pic.
  12. Truly impressive profile. 
  13. Well done, Champ!
  14. This pic is lit!
  15. Simply Awesome!
  16. You Rock, Bro!
  17. So happy for you!

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Final thoughts:

When it comes to leaving comments on any Instagram post, whether a selfie or any picture, you better know that your comments must add value to the overall posts. 

Don’t just leave for the sake of it. 

And when you leave such respectful and quality comments, guess what? You also get some good returns. You get more attention to your profile by leaving such comments, and your relationship with that profile also strengthens over time. 

What do you think about these best comments for selfies on Instagram? Do you have any suggestions or something to add to the post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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