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234 Trending Instagram Hashtags to Boost Engagement

Instagram hashtags are a way to extend your post reach to a newer audience. So that your profile following increases over time and serves your marketing purpose well. Especially, when you are using Instagram for Branding purposes, then you better to have a list of the trending Instagram hashtags to boost engagements and post impressions.

Instagram is a dynamic platform and not every business can benefit using the same strategies. In order to achieve more out of the popular hashtags, business needs some research and platform knowledge to understand the trends going one.

Trending Instagram hashtags are like fashion trends and rumors, which becomes the common tittle-tattle on the platform. That most of the peoples are using at a time, in a particular short period. Whether it’s any celebrity’s controversial posts, national election, movie review or new mobile launching, relevant Instagram hashtags become trending for a time.

That gives a better post reach for a short period. Further, we are sharing the list of the Trending Instagram hashtags that boost your post reach and to acquire maximum potential engagements that you seek. So, just copy-paste the given tags in your next post.

Trending Instagram Hashtags to Boost Engagement

1) Instagram General Hashtags

General hashtags are the kind of hashtags, that you can use to your normal post sharing. These are the random hashtags applicable to each post, targeting the general audience. Have a look which are they:

    1. #picoftheday
    2. #swag
    3. #lifeisgood
    4. #instadaily
    5. #instamood
    6. #bestoftheday
    7. #instagood
    8. #instalike
    9. #instapic
    10. #selfie

2) Instagram Hashtags for More Likes

As the name suggests, these top trending hashtags today are used for getting more likes and profile following. Consider using these hashtags for getting more interaction on your posts and gain more followers.

    1. #likeforlike
    2. #followforfollow
    3. #instalikes
    4. #likeme
    5. #liking
    6. #likeall
    7. #likesfortags
    8. #likeback
    9. #like4like
    10. #repost

3) Instagram Fashion Hashtags

Fashion is itself a trending subject. These fashion hashtags are the best fit for reaching the audience searching for posts, ideas and tips for fashion topics. Here are the most trending hashtag you can use for clothes, outfits and latest styles related posts and also we have some latest Instagram challenges ready for you.

    1. #outfitoftheday
    2. #instastyle
    3. #lookgoodfeelgood
    4. #fashionblogger
    5. #fashionista
    6. #fashionable
    7. #fashionstyle
    8. #fashiongram
    9. #FashionAddict
    10. #fashiondiaries

4) Instagram Food Hashtags

Are you operating in the restaurant or hospitality industry? Then these food-related hashtags, are what you need. Also, are a good chance to place your message in front of the right audience, who searching for dine-out and weekend projects.

    1. #instafood
    2. #foodporn
    3. #goodeats
    4. #homemade
    5. #eatstagram
    6. #foodie
    7. #deliciousfood
    8. #foodpics
    9. #foodphotography
    10. #healthyfood

5) Instagram Travel Hashtags

Not only on Instagram but to any other social media, travel contents are always on the trending category. These given hashtags are best to reach your adventurous and enthusiastic audience looking for some cool travel destinations.

    1. #travel
    2. #staycation
    3. #travelbug
    4. #instatrave
    5. #solotravel
    6. #travelgram
    7. #traveling
    8. #Travelphotography
    9. #traveltheworld
    10. #holiday

6) Instagram Contests Hashtags

Like any Instagram challenges and online competitions, you like to engage your audience with your brand profile, isn’t it? There here are the top contents hashtags you can use for your next giveaways and any promotional contests you planning to.

    1. #instacontest
    2. #instagiveaway
    3. #contestalert
    4. #contestentry
    5. #competition
    6. #competitiontime
    7. #contestgram
    8. #competitionmod
    9. #contestoftheday
    10. #competitionseason

7) Instagram Hashtags for Business

Want to reach more clients for your B2B model, then these business hashtags place your message in front of them.  Try out the trending hashtags to make your business posts visible and acquiring more interaction as possible. Just copy-paste the given tags in your posts.

    1. #business
    2. #businesslife
    3. #businesstips
    4. #businessminded
    5. #enterprenuership
    6. #entrepreneurlife
    7. #startup
    8. #businessideas
    9. #branding
    10. #networking

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8) Trending Instagram Hashtags for Music

If you are actively creating music and like to make more out of your related posts, then these hashtags help.  Whether you are a professional band or solo singer, but the given hashtags are somethings that most music lovers follow.

    1. #musicislife
    2. #musiclife
    3. #musically
    4. #musician
    5. #newmusic
    6. #instamusic
    7. #musicvideo
    8. #musically
    9. #songwriter
    10. #band

9) Instagram Hashtags for Quotes

Life, inspirational, motivational quotes, and sayings are the ultimate attraction of most Instagram visits. To get some positive vibes and feel good inside, these quotes are at best. About to publish any quotes related posts, then perform instagram hashtags copy paste in your caption.

    1. #quotestoliveby
    2. #quotestagram
    3. #quotesoftheday
    4. #quotestags
    5. #quotesgram
    6. #quotesandsayings
    7. #quotesdaily
    8. #quotesaboutlife
    9. #writersofinstagram
    10. #lifequotes

10) Instagram Hashtags for Entertainment & Fun

Before posting your next funny and entertaining posts, consider these top trending hashtags today will bring more likes and interactions. For your short videos and comic punchlines, these hashtags are worth a try.

    1. #entertainment
    2. #funny
    3. #entertainer
    4. #trending
    5. #lifestyle
    6. #events
    7. #instagram
    8. #comedy
    9. #happydays
    10. #laugh

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11) Instagram Hashtags for Artists

Instagram is a good platform for artists and creative minds. And if you’re looking for some of the best hashtags to use, then you can copy-paste the given tags in your next artistic post.

    1. #artist
    2. #artwork
    3. #instaart
    4. #artistsoninstagram
    5. #artoftheday
    6. #artgallery
    7. #artlife
    8. #artlovers
    9. #artcollective
    10. #instaartist

12) Instagram Hashtags for Photography

Searching for some trending photography hashtags to use? Here given hashtags will boost your posts to a large audience, who actively following the photography’s tags.

    1. #photography
    2. #photooftheday
    3. #portraitphotography
    4. #photographer
    5. #picoftheday
    6. #travelphotography
    7. #landscape
    8. #JustGoShoot
    9. #Snapshot
    10. #photographylovers

13) Instagram Hashtags for Video

Not limited to image posts, but your short video as well need the boost with the relevant hashtags. So here are the trensding hashtags to use in your video posts. You might also some trending presentation topics for students.

    1. #instavideo
    2. #videooftheday
    3. #igtv
    4. #videoclip 
    5. #videoshoot
    6. #videography
    7. #videostar
    8. #vid
    9. #videos
    10. #videogram

14) Instagram Hashtags for Memes

Presenting the lists of the best meme hashtags, that place your funny posts in front of the audience seeking cool memes.

    1. #memes
    2. #memesdaily
    3. #dankmemes
    4. #funnymemes
    5. #memestagram
    6. #memereview
    7. #memes😂
    8. #dailymemes
    9. #darkmemes
    10. #memepage

15) Instagram Hashtags for Girls

Following are the most popular hashtags for the girls’ post in current year. Consider the relevant for your next IG posts and Instastories. Copy-paste the presented tags to maximize your post impressions.

    1. #girls
    2. #instagirl
    3. #fitnessgirl
    4. #girlythings
    5. #selfie
    6. #girlpower
    7. #girly
    8. #beautifulgirls
    9. #makeup
    10. #girlsgeneration

16) Instagram Hashtags for Boys

Ok, so what about the boys’ most trending hashtags on Instagram? Have a look, here are the popular Instagram tags most boys using in common.

  1. #instaboy
  2. #men
  3. #handsome
  4. #boys
  5. #guys
  6. #boysfashion
  7. #boyswillbeboys
  8. #instabeards
  9. #swagger
  10. #gym

17) Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers

Are you a Blogger? And if instagram is your preferred social media network to grow your following, then probably you need some of the best hashtags to use in your post. Have a look at the list of trending hashtags for content creators,like you while posting on instagram.

  1. #bloggers
  2. #blog
  3. #blogpromotion
  4. #lifestyleblog
  5. #writingcommunity
  6. #writersblock
  7. #instablog
  8. #prose
  9. #writerlife
  10. #writersofig
  11. #instablogger
  12. #instawriters
  13. #typewriter
  14. #writing
  15. #text
  16. #mycreativebiz
  17. #wordgasm
  18. #wordporn
  19. #words
  20. #writtenword

18) Most Trending Instagram Hashtags in 2020

Want to know the top Instagram hashtags in 2020? Here is the list of hashtags that are in-trend current year. Consider using relevant hashtags among the list, in your post to maximize its reach.

  1. #happiness
  2. #life
  3. #motivation
  4. #music
  5. #design
  6. #inspiration
  7. #fun
  8. #beautiful
  9. #pretty
  10. #goals
  11. #art
  12. #swag
  13. #healthy
  14. #happy
  15. #cute
  16. #love
  17. #style
  18. #amazing
  19. #me
  20. #like

19) Instagram Hashtags for Marketing

If you are an agency that into marketing services, and looking for some top trending hashtags today for Instagram then, the next list is for you. Just copy paste these best-picked hashtags in your marketing post and place your message in front of the right audience. 

  1. #mktg
  2. #marketing
  3. #b2cmarketing
  4. #b2bmarketing
  5. #marketingstrategy
  6. #socialmediamarketing
  7. #strategy
  8. #promotion
  9. #digitalmarketing
  10. #marketingtips
  11. #onlinemarketing
  12. #marketing101
  13. #marketinglife
  14. #marketingplan
  15. #digitalmarketingagency
  16. #digitalagency
  17. #contentmarketing
  18. #marketingdigital
  19. #instamarketing
  20. #marketingideas

20) Motivational Instagram Hashtags

Positive and motivational contents are the most common post type, you get to see on Instagram. These posts are highly entertaining plus engaging enough, as these trending hashtags aiming to a general audience as a whole. If you are looking for most trending hashtags on the motivational category, then here are the best ones we get for you. 

  1. #motivationquotes
  2. #dailyquotes
  3. #businessquotes
  4. #quotesforlife
  5. #bestquotes
  6. #quotestags
  7. #successquotes
  8. #quotesandsayings
  9. #entrepreneurquotes
  10. #quotesoftheday
  11. #deepquotes
  12. #quotesofinstagram
  13. #quotestoinspire
  14. #goodquotes

How Can You Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram?

  1. First, Understand Your Audience

Targeting the right audience is the key to every marketing strategy, whether you follow content marketing, Paid ads or social media marketing. Especially when you are using Instagram marketing for your brand, then here also you have to be clear about the target audience.

So first, aim for such interest groups and IG profiles, that are most likely to follow your content. 

  1. Find Your Industry-specific Hashtags

Trending Instagram hashtags are the best ones when it comes to finding the right audience, with an active interest in the product/service specific contents. Search with your industry or service-specific hashtags and follow such tags as well, here you’ll find the targeted people who are interested in similar industry contents.

Copy-paste hashtags that Instagram shows you, make a list of all your specific service hashtags and use it appropriately for your future posts. 

  1. Segmenting Your Hashtags

After searching with the primary keyword, there’ll be a long list of relevant hashtags, you get to see. Don’t forget to add them too, these are the related hashtags to the primary one, so don’t ignore them. 

You don’t have to use only those who showing good searches and are at the top only, but you better understand which one fits your content. After all, the hashtags relevancy matters the most when it comes to improving Instagram engagement and profile followings. Segment your hashtags in various groups and apply them to suitable posts. 

  1. Use Some IG Hashtag Research Tools

Instagram itself is the best source to find the right trending hashtags for your content. But, there are some third parties tools you can use to find the right hashtags for your next campaign. Use such dedicated hashtag research tools as well. The main benefits of using these tools are, here you have the option to analyze with more detail.

Like you can see the trending hashtags and its data, as well as you can find the performance of particular hashtags over time, to find how much that hashtags worth using in the post. 

If you want to get positive momentum with your hashtag strategy, then better to use some hashtag generator tools, with extra data and stats. 

Here are suggested Instagram hashtags generator tools for you:

  • Later’s Instagram hashtag tool
  • All-hashtag
  • Ingramer

These tools are the best option when you want to know more hashtag insights. All tools providing their specific way of analysis and data for you to work upon. Choose the right tool for your campaign, as in some tools you also have access to identifying the audience ratio of followers.

Also, such tools informing you about the expected engagements of a particular hashtag, which means potential reach and the impression you may have after using it. 

  1. Competitor Analysis

All earlier discussed options are the common way to find the Instagram hashtags that most companies and brands follow. Of course, you can use the same, but if you are just starting with your Instagram marketing and have no clue on which hashtags to use in your content, then this option is for you. 

Instead of picking random hashtags and using in posts, it’s better to look for some working hashtags that your competitors are already using. 

That’s right, learn from competitors, see what type of contents they are posting and especially which hashtags they are using. That will give you a clear idea over post creation and proper hashtags to place in your posts. 

  1. Use Various Hashtags and Analyze Its Performance

Not all hashtags serve the same purpose, also not working the same way. Some hashtags are better to give you an instant impression of a large audience. But that ones also flew away very soon due to its high post frequency. 

Whereas there are some Instagram hashtags with low post frequency, but allows you to stay on top of the list for a longer period. Moreover, that gives direct access to your post and profiles, to the audience who exploring with these low competition hashtags. Both hashtags have their plus and minus points, so make sure you use it optimally. 

On the other hand, trending Instagram hashtags are like seasonal ones, with the opportunity to maximize your post reach in a short period. It can vary from festival hashtags to new product launching or even related to any controversial subject. The most trending hashtag may have a short life span, but providing a chance to establish your message in front of the masses, and draws more attention to your profile. 

  1. Create Your Branded Hashtag

If you are a small business, using Instagram as part of your social media marketing, and have long term goals to make a solid brand, then this one’s for you. Even if you are just starting with Instagram marketing, make sure to create your brand hashtags. Having own branded hashtags helps in many ways. 

When using your Branded hashtags from the first place, your followers can connect with your posts and your profile on the go, moreover, it builds your authority by the time. You can create your brand hashtag, mentioning your just profile name, motto/tagline, brand+product keyword, or any catchy lines associated with your brand.

Once created, don’t forget to add call-to-action in post caption, so that your audience can follow it from there as well. 

Final notes

Indeed, that trending hashtags have not a long life span, but ultimately gives opportunities to get the maximum impressions and eyeballs to your profile. All you need to do is to create the post, similar to that trending topics and just publish on the go.

Don’t forget to check some of the latest tiktok hashtags.

In terms of following Instagram marketing, hashtags playing the most essential part, that targeting your selected audience. You don’t need to just go after trending Instagram hashtags only, you can find the best hashtags that relevant to your business niche as well. It also ensures that the target audience gets your message which results in acquiring more targeted followers, along with likes and comments.

Apart from following the trending Instagram hashtags, you also need to have your own list of the best-relevant hashtags. Having Instagram hashtag strategies, that what you need there. Which consisting of your niche’s regular hashtags and other trending Instagram hashtags of 2020 combined. Ultimately, that supports your posts to reach its maximum impression and drive more attention to your Brand.

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