Great tiktok captions for dance videos Great tiktok captions for dance videos

You’re busy all the time practicing for a new dance move and following challenges on TikTok. Maybe you’re already great with your dance move, but not necessarily with the post captions. 

Knowing how complex its to have unique captions for every dance post, we present you the unique TikTok captions for dances here. 

No matter if this is just your dance videos or with your friends, these are the perfect dancing captions for TikTok posts.

Good Tiktok Captions for Dance

Good tiktok captions for dance

If you usually post a dancing video of yourself on TikTok, you need a caption that justifies your post. This is the list of best dancing captions you want to have to add to your next dance posts. 

  1. Forget everything and just dance.
  2. Because you might not get the chance again.
  3. Dance and ignore who’s watching you. 
  4. I dance for no one but only for me. 
  5. You can stop the music but can’t stop me. 
  6. Whenever there’s a chance to dance, take it.
  7. If you don’t dance right now, you will regret sure. 
  8. Not for an audition. This is for a rehearsal. 
  9. Dance with (me) the TikTok star! Come on!
  10. For me, dancing is everything, just like life. 
  11. It took a lot of practice to be perfect with every move!
  12. I don’t follow the dance challenge, I start them. 

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TikTok Captions for Dance With Friends

Tiktok captions for dance with friends

When you and your friends are following any dance trends or challenges, you need these captions. No matter how perfect your dance moves are but these captions are the best for any dance video on TikTok. 

  1. Believe it or not, we’re the PRO dancers.
  2. With friends, every challenge is a new record.
  3. Whether it’s for TikTok or not, just dance. 
  4. Me and my friends when we are in our best mood. 
  5. Party is there when my friends are around.
  6. I’m not shy anymore with my friends and our favorite music.
  7. Great friends can’t stop making your TikTok video ‘perfect’.
  8. All you need is the right friend and the right music to win every challenge. 
  9. Hold yourself, the new TikTok dance challenge is coming up. 
  10. Trained hard for this, it’s time for the final performance. 
  11. Good to be a lead dancer while my friends are back dancers!
  12. If this can’t make you dance, nothing will!
  13. Don’t you dare to stop me from dancing.
  14. All you need in life is a friend who dances better than you.

Funny Captions for Tiktok Dance Videos

Funny captions for tiktok dance videos

You already know that your dance move looks cringe, but you post it anyway. Because your goal is to entertain your audience on TikTok. You can also, by adding some funny dancing captions for TikTok videos. 

  1. I’m dancing because everyone is watching. 
  2. This is the filler move when you forget your steps.
  3. I hate exercise, but I love dancing. So I dance, instead.
  4. And another cringe dance move.
  5. Dance hard, because your haters are seeing you. 
  6. And then suddenly our favorite songs are played…
  7. I might be lazy for work, but not for dance. 
  8. Don’t call me drunk, I’m in my best mood. 
  9. I don’t see how I looked, I just give my best to challenge myself. 
  10. I’m in the mood to bored, I make sure there’s a dance, though!
  11. Just ready to do any dance move to be the next TikTok star.
  12. Wake up. Dance. Dance. Tiktok. Sleep.
  13. I don’t dance to enjoy, I dance to throw my frustration out!
  14. Some might laugh, and some might enjoy. But I’ll dance anyway!

To appreciate someone’s dancing skills, share cool compliments for dance performances on their posts.

Now that you have the TikTok captions for dances ready, you can stay concentrating on new dance challenges and moves. Stay tuned with us and also bookmark this post, to use the relevant captions for your next dancing videos on TikTok. 

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