Awesome tiktok captions for birthday posts Awesome tiktok captions for birthday posts

This is the happiest day of your life and you want to make a great post on TikTok. If this post is about thanking your friends online, sharing your memories or you want to express how appreciated you feel, you will find here the perfect TikTok captions for birthday posts. 

Through this post, you want to show the world that you’re feeling on top of the world and also announce why. Well, there are many ways to celebrate your birthday greatly. But, you also want to include your TikTok community to be part of your celebration.  

When you don’t know what would be the perfect captions for your birthday post, here’s the list for you. 

Good TikTok Captions For Birthday

Good tiktok captions for birthday

Let’s take a look at some best birthday captions for the post because you want to make it real. If you celebrated your birthday with family or friends, these captions are what you need.

  1. My birthday can’t be this happy without you all guys.
  2. I have waited all these years just to do this.
  3. I’m scared of getting older, but fine because it’s not only me.
  4. Tell me to know how much you like this cake.
  5. This is the day, I took the first step on earth.
  6. Instead of getting older I also choose to get better. 
  7. I’m looking forward to the new year. 
  8. Well, I just live my life and don’t count the years!
  9. It’s your favorite person’s birthday, that’s me!
  10. Wow, what a great start to a new year for me. Thanks, all. 
  11. Age is not just a number, its’ much great thing. 
  12. Yeah, I was born this way and I’m still proud. 

Best TikTok Captions For Birthday Wishes

Best tiktok captions for birthday wishes

You already had a great birthday celebration yesterday and now you’re posting a video or pictures on TikTok. These birthday captions make the perfect sense to use on your TikTok posts. 

  1. I’ve no choice but to celebrate my new year anyways!
  2. You guys thank you for making my every birthday special.
  3. A heartfelt thank you for all your heartfelt birthday wishes to me. 
  4. It’s only because of my family and friend I love birthdays. 
  5. Oh, I don’t remember how old I am, so please don’t ask.
  6. This world should be remembering this day when the hero arrives. 
  7. Thanks, everyone, your birthday wishes has accepted. 
  8. It’s not me but you can ask my family how old i am.
  9. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your exciting family for you.
  10. On the way to a surprise visit at home, on my birthday. 
  11. Be the first one to say happy birthday to you. 
  12. Hope to have every day as special as my birthday. 
  13. No gifts are that bigger and more special when your people are there with you. 
  14. I can’t thank enough everyone to make this party so special to me. Thanks.

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Funny TikTok Captions For Birthday Posts With Friends

Funny tiktok captions for birthday posts with friends

Birthday parties are no fun without friends. They are the ones who make your birthday memorable. So for the posts with friends, you can use such funny birthday captains. 

  1. I’m checking my old pictures. Admittedly, I look cute, though!
  2. Please don’t stop me today, I want to brag all day. 
  3. Friends who party hard on your birthday without you. 
  4. My birthday celebration is nothing without my crazy friends. 
  5. I’m very excited about the surprise present from me to myself. 
  6. Who said blowing candles is just for the kids? 
  7. While everyone wants you to get wiser, friends want you to be the same. 
  8. Of course, I want to behave my age, but my friends don’t allow me to. 
  9. Seriously thinking the same I’m feeling a lot younger than before. 
  10. Tell me who’s here just for the birthday cake.
  11. This is going to be one of the best or worst birthday parties ever.
  12. Please don’t ask about my age, I’m not going to tell it. 

Cool TikTok Captions For Birthday Selfies

Cool tiktok captions for birthday selfies

When you want to let your TikTok friends know that today is your birthday, there’s no way is great than this. Take a selfie with yourself and use these birthday captions to express your mood. 

  1. Not another boring birthday, it’s mine!
  2. A selfie with myself would be a perfect gift from me to me. 
  3. And, here I am, eating my birthday cake and taking selfies. 
  4. I’m not getting older, I’m just getting wiser. 
  5. I usually don’t brag, but I have to say I look fine. 
  6. Keep calm and it’s party time. 
  7. Guess who is this, this going to be your favorite person one day.
  8. My parents brought me normal; my friends made me crazy. 
  9. And, this is the proof that my birthday celebration was awesome.
  10. Can’t deny but I am really lucky to have such awesome people in my life. 
  11. Thank you, guys, without you I can’t be this awesome. 
  12. Happy birthday to me, my one and only self. 
  13. I already got the greatest birthday gift ever and that’s my people. 
  14. This year is going to be awesome, because of such wishes!

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Final thoughts

Even if you want to, it’s not a good idea to leave your TikTok post to go live with just emojis. Mostly for your birthday posts, you want to make it like you’re genuinely happiest on this day. 

Let your TikTok friends know about your birthday, share your greatest life memories, or make it a viral video. And, these are the perfect TikTok captions for birthday posts to follow without much thinking. 

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