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If you want to genuinely engage with your fellow LinkedIn connection, just ‘Great post’ and ‘Good one!’ aren’t the right comments to share. You want to write your comments that count. After all, this is your contribution to each other’s growth on the platform. 

When you expect your post to get engaging comments in return, you should first know how to write good comments on others’ posts. In this article, we are going to share the best comments to leave on linked posts from your connections. 

Best Comments For LinkedIn Posts

Best comments for linkedin posts

If you wish to make your comments noticeable and the creator reacts to them, your comments need to be good enough. Instead of sharing the comment that everyone leaves, have the unique one. You can take the ideas from this list of best LinkedIn comments. 

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable insight! 
  2. Love this post, really!
  3. What a helpful post this is.
  4. It seems like you’re passionate about what you do. 
  5. This career field suits you. 
  6. I have never seen someone talk about this topic so well. 
  7. You made me understand the complex concept in the easiest manner. 
  8. The simplicity of this video has my attention. 
  9. Let me tell you that you’re doing an amazing job. 
  10. Totally agree with that. Very true. 
  11. This is a helpful post with valuable tips and tricks. 

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Good LinkedIn Comments For Better Reach

Good linkedin comments for better reach

You may know it or not, but your comments on someone’s LinkedIn post not only help them but also you as well. It’s more than just feedback on the post, this way you can reach a larger audience on the platform. If your comments are catchy and smart, they improve your profile reach and increase your connection. 

  1. Thank you for drawing my attention to this topic. 
  2. Like your way of presenting things as it is. 
  3. Don’t worry I’m following this. 
  4. Such a valuable message, thanks for sharing. 
  5. I must say this is by far the best post I have seen. 
  6. What a beautiful post this is. 
  7. I just can’t deny that part. 
  8. This is truly an impressive presentation. 
  9. You’re just so good at it. Keep it up. 
  10. I like how you always add a personal touch to every post. 

Appreciation Comments On Linkedin Examples

Appreciation comments on linkedin examples

We got it, you like the message, post, or tips shared by someone. You want to thank that person for sharing such helpful content or guide with you. In that case, you can try these comments to appreciate someone’s efforts and knowledge on the topic. 

  1. This platform is great because of the content creators like you. 
  2. Keep the most post coming, I’m waiting for it. 
  3. Absolutely. I had a similar experience before. 
  4. Thank god, at least I’m not alone. 
  5. Your post shows up at the perfect time, I’m in the same stage. 
  6. You have my attention with such a catchy post. 
  7. I can’t thank you enough for a great post like this. 
  8. It’s always good to learn something new. 
  9. You are doing a great job educating others on this subject. 
  10. Great article as always. I respect your efforts. 
  11. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this content. 

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Perfect Comment On LinkedIn Job Post

Perfect comment on linkedin job post

As a job seeker, your comments on job postings, you can easily connect with the recruiter or the company.  If you’re looking for a job, don’t miss this chance to connect with your potential employer. Here are the good comments to leave on a job posting on LinkedIn to have a good impression. 

  1. Thank you for updating me about this new opening. 
  2. I’m interested in this opportunity.
  3. Not me, but one of my connections is searching for the same role. 
  4. This a great opportunity, commenting for better reach. 
  5. Hope this post reaches the ideal job seeker. 
  6. Thank you for sharing the job updates. 
  7. I have sent my resume in the shared mail. 
  8. Thanks, I’m looking for a similar position. 
  9. Let me share this post with my connection, as well. 
  10. Interested in it, how can I apply for the same? 

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How To Comment On LinkedIn?

How to comment on linkedin

Well, leaving comments on LinkedIn purely depends on you. See your comments on someone’s posts as feedback you give about the message. The good thing is there aren’t any perfect comments to share. 

You can comment on what you notice, what you learn, and how you can relate to that post. That’s it. When leaving a worthwhile comment, you should know that just one word or a maximum of two words of comments mean nothing to the post. 

Make your comments sound engaging and relatable. Your comments have to sound like you read them before and shared the feedback accordingly.

Because if you want to make your connection grow stronger over time, leaving a good and engaging comment on each others’ post is the one way. 

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