One word comments for instagram posts and stories One word comments for instagram posts and stories

Staying engaged with your Instagram followers and fans is not easy, especially when you’re part of huge engagement groups on Instagram, it’s time-consuming to leave comments on every post.  

Well, in such a case one-word comments for Instagram can help you in many many ways. 

Indeed, it’s never enough, though. But, when you know which word to use where, you can engage with their posts well and share your contribution in a much more effective way. Not only that, but you also save a ton of your time writing perfect comments, which is the ultimate benefit. 

Whether you’re in search of the short and sweet comments for friends’ pictures or someone’s story, in this post, we will share with you the list of the best one-word comments to leave. 

Best one word comments for Instagram pictures

Best one word comments for instagram pictures

Let’s first start with some awesome and one of the best one-word comments that you can leave on someone’s Instagram posts and pictures. Don’t keep your comments limited to “Nice” or “Great” alone, there are some shortest but most effective IG comments.

  1. Perfect
  2. Inspiring
  3. Classic
  4. Impressive 
  5. Sharp
  6. Terrific
  7. Awesome
  8. Happy
  9. Joy
  10. Blissful 
  11. Magical 
  12. Surprising
  13. Super
  14. Mine
  15. Thanks
  16. Glow
  17. Balanced
  18. Unmatched
  19. Grand
  20. Wow!
  21. Wild
  22. Brilliant
  23. Thoughtful
  24. Surprise
  25. Artists
  26. Creative
  27. Curious
  28. Kind
  29. Focus
  30. Great

Beautiful one-word comments for Instagram for a girl

Beautiful one word comments for instagram for a girl

When you really want to leave some respectful and nice comments for girls to impress on her Insta pic, you can write some longer comments to get noticed. If not, then these are some cute and amazing one-word comments for girls’ pictures that are also your next option. 

  1. Sweet
  2. Bold
  3. Sharp
  4. Hot
  5. Princess
  6. Queen
  7. Powerful
  8. Feminist 
  9. Impressed 
  10. Elegant
  11. Perfecto
  12. Unbelievable 
  13. Wonderful
  14. Better
  15. Relaxed
  16. Healer
  17. Natural
  18. Lit
  19. Bright
  20. Fashionable 
  21. Independent
  22. Charming
  23. Unusual 
  24. Stunning
  25. Yoga

Make her feel respected with such special compliment for girls.

Best one-word comments for Instagram for Boys

Best one word comments for instagram for boys

If that post is about a boy’s attitude status or any motivational quotes or even a selfie, there are some perfect one-word comments you can write. If you are confused about how to compliment a boy on Instagram with the shortest comments, these are some ideas.

  1. Legend
  2. Shy
  3. Kindness
  4. Creative
  5. Intelligent
  6. Confident
  7. Hustlers
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. Leader
  10. Weirdo
  11. Beirdo 
  12. Evil
  13. Brothers
  14. Amigos
  15. Rockstar
  16. Swagger
  17. Perfectionist 
  18. Dreams
  19. Savage
  20. YOU
  21. Gangs
  22. Creator
  23. Colorful
  24. Energetic
  25. Adventurous 
  26. Marvellous
  27. Super-duper

Cute one-word comments for crush pic on Instagram

Cute one word comments for crush pic on instagram

You really don’t want to miss any chance to impress your crush and stay connected with him or her well. Why not pick some of these cutesy comments that are only one word long? Further, you can also add some emojis with it to make your crush’s day. 

  1. Beauty 
  2. Handsome
  3. Cool
  4. Outstanding
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Passionate
  7. Introverted
  8. Superstar
  9. Model
  10. Heroine
  11. Winner
  12. XOXO
  13. Strong
  14. Badass
  15. Curly
  16. Trendy
  17. Happiness 
  18. Butterflies
  19. Unique
  20. Specialty 
  21. Faithful
  22. Mine
  23. Sunshine
  24. Sunday
  25. Precious
  26. Careful
  27. Improved
  28. Craziness
  29. Mind-blowing
  30. Cutest

Want to make it even more engaging, then try these Nice Comments for Crush’s IG Posts.

Funny one-word comment for best friend pic

Funny one word comment for best friend pic

Well, there are many things to say to funny posts or memes other than just “LOL’. If your best friend has just posted some hilarious pictures of yours or any viral memes at the moment, here are some funniest one-word comments to share on friends’ Instagram posts. 

  1. ROFL
  2. Agreed
  3. Bestie
  4. BFF
  5. Sorry!
  6. Boring
  7. Useless
  8. Average 
  9. Copied
  10. Stolen
  11. Filtered 
  12. Joker
  13. Crazy
  14. Lucky!
  15. Friendly
  16. Guru
  17. PRO
  18. Mistake
  19. Jealous
  20. Over-priced
  21. Regretful
  22. Traditional
  23. Doubtful
  24. Sleepy
  25. Wild
  26. Beer
  27. Timid
  28. Horrific
  29. Failed
  30. Karma

Instagram one word comments for couples’ pics

Instagram one word comments for couples’ pics

When it comes to comments for lovely couples, simply just one word does not make the perfect reply. But, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep it just one word rather than writing anything extra. Want to appreciate couples’ posts greatly, then try these one-word comments for couples’ posts on Instagram.

  1. Pretty
  2. Soulmates
  3. BAEs
  4. Understandable 
  5. Caring
  6. Cute
  7. Sweet
  8. Respectful
  9. Admiring
  10. Unconditional 
  11. Emotional
  12. Special
  13. Kisses
  14. Cuddles
  15. Peace
  16. Fun
  17. Feelings
  18. Adorable
  19. Forever
  20. Beloved
  21. Joyous
  22. Hopeful
  23. Together
  24. Magical
  25. Honest
  26. Royal
  27. Cutesy
  28. Admired
  29. Matching
  30. Romantic

Read this article if you want to leave genuine comments on engagements posts on Instagram. 

One-word comments for Instagram story

One word comments for instagram story

While continuing scrolling through the Instagram stories, you might get that one story that you can’t leave without commenting or writing something as your response. Because such stories are so creative or on the point, you want to express your honest opinion about them. So here are some nicest one-word story comments for Instagram. 

  1. Creativity
  2. Loved
  3. Enjoy!
  4. Impressive
  5. Positive
  6. Interesting
  7. Agree!
  8. Undoubtedly 
  9. Excellent
  10. Blessed
  11. Unforgettable
  12. Vibes
  13. Satisfied
  14. Ambitious 
  15. Daydream
  16. Cheers!
  17. YOLO
  18. Thrilling
  19. Chilling
  20. FOODS
  21. What!
  22. OMG
  23. Sshh…
  24. Oops!
  25. Reality
  26. Yummy
  27. Yea!
  28. Exotic
  29. Moonlight
  30. Weekends
  31. Superb!
  32. Mind-twister
  33. Respected
  34. Extraordinary
  35. Artistic
  36. Hilarious
  37. Show-stopper
  38. Unrecognizable
  39. Treasure
  40. Impossible
  41. One-of-a-kind
  42. GOAT
  43. OG

Positive One Word Comments to Leave On Instagram Posts

You want to leave some feel-good comments on your Instagram friends’ posts. Indeed, you can express your positive gesture even with the one-word comments. Here is the list of the best comments that make an encouraging and positive reaction to their posts.

  1. Impressive
  2. Blissful
  3. Confidence
  4. Sweet
  5. Encouraging
  6. Inspiration
  7. Motivating
  8. Thrilled
  9. Hustler
  10. Optimist
  11. Visionary
  12. Shine
  13. Loved
  14. Empowered
  15. Dedicated 
  16. Impactful


When you’re running out of time or commenting on every post or getting tired of it, don’t pressure yourself to continue to participate. Feel free to leave such cute and best one-word comments for Instagram pictures and stories. That will work as well. 

These comments are a lifesaver for you and also quite effective enough to share your honest feedback. After all, that presents you as a genuine follower who knows to comment right, way better than any bot-type comments or someone with “Great pic”  on every single post. 


Why do you want to leave such one-word comments? 

Because they’re the easiest and most effective way to share your honest response or opinion on someone’s Instagram post. 

How to make your one-word Instagram comments more creative or engaging? 

Well, other than using any of the relevant one-word comments, you can also add emojis or icons to express your feelings or thoughts you’ve regarding such a post. 

When is it a good idea to share one-word comments? 

When you’ve no time to engage with all your followers and have to leave some comments on others’ posts anyways, these will save your time, while contributing to your groups. Else, when you’re not sure what to write as comments. Further, you can also share such one-word comments while replying to Instagram comments on your posts and stories.  

In what cases do you better not use one-word comments? 

Especially, when the post has some descriptive caption and explains something well or when someone is your real genuine follower, you shouldn’t use a one-word comment on their posts. Instead of that, choose to write genuine comments that show respect for the hard work and creativity behind this post. 

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