Trending ai tools to implement in your digital marketing Trending ai tools to implement in your digital marketing

Do you wish this digital marketing could ever get so easy to manage? Well, it’s possible now all because of artificial intelligence. You can still follow the daunting and lengthy method of marketing digital or can leverage the best AI tools to get the job done in time. 

For your help, in this article, we are going to suggest the top-trending AI tools that let you handle digital marketing like never before. Whether you’re a small business, start-up, or established company, these tools can be a worthwhile investment in your marketing campaign.

List Of Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

List of best ai tools for digital marketing

So many things to too, so many activities to manage and so little time. But, the right AI tools are all you need to make your role as a digital marketer manageable. 

If you want to get done things faster, in improved quality, and with the help of advanced technology, we are going to suggest the best AI tools for you here. 

Now let’s look at the widely used and trending digital marketing tools powered by Artificial intelligence. 

1. Brand Watch: AI Tool to Manage Your Marketing Operations

Brand watch

It doesn’t matter whether you have a growing or well-known brand, you want to keep track of every update around the company name. Brand Watch is a tool that can help you in managing your brand name around the various platforms. This tool offers a wide range of reports and data regarding market research, content marketing to reputation management. Using this powerful artificial intelligence, you can take a deeper insight into the market also the customer. 

2. Surfer SEO: AI Tool To Create Articles That Ranks Well

Surfer seo

Digital content is the core of the entire digital marketing. But to check your content quality and how to create them accordingly, Surfer SEO is the right tool to implement. This tool analyzes the search engine for a particular keyword and helps you write the content that could rank. Further, this tool could work as a keyword tool as well to help you write result-oriented content by comparing it with already ranked articles on search engines. This tool can work as a trustworthy editing AI tool for your created posts or articles. 

3. Jasper: Can Take Charge of Your Entire Content Creation


To make the content creation process faster or improve its frequency, you can try using Jasper in the process. This AI-powered tool can help you create content for websites and blogs. It can produce content based on your direction and tone of voice. And if you don’t want to create an entire article, that’s fine, you can take the help of this tool to create a post outline, generate topic ideas,s or write stories and sentence formation. 

Videos are popular, then why not create videos using the AI tools? These tools worth a try.

4. Rapidely: AI Tool To Automate Your Social Media Marketing


Powered by the GPT-4 technology, Rapidly is the tool that makes the perfect addition to your social media content strategy. This tool is for those who want to make their social media marketing manageable. With this one tool, you can manage multiple social media tools and can manage the entire content process. With the content calendar, you can manage your social media campaign effortlessly.  

5. Optimove: AI Tool to Get More Datas And Reports


If you want to gain a better insight into your customer or client, Optimove is the tool for you. This tool can help you in providing multiple data and reports that you can use to analyze your customer and market potentials. The tool also offers A/B testing and other tracking reports to get more details about your marketing program. 

6. Growth Bar: AI Tools To Check How Your Contents Are Performing

Growth bar

The Growth Bar tool is the right tool to grow your brand using the appropriate implementation of content marketing. This tool can help you in researching and writing the content for your website. If you notice the time wastage in keyword research to content analysis, you need to use this tool. With just one tool, further, you can plan, write, and improve your content that drives expected results. 

7. Zapier: Automate Your Most Marketing Activities With AI


This AI-powered tool can automate your various tasks and help you get them done in less time plus with efficiently. It has a wide range of tools on the platform that can let you accomplish various marketing activities. Because you save time on daunting marketing functions, you further have extra time to focus on the most important business activities. If you need a bunch of tools in one place, Zapier could be the perfect digital marketing tool kit. 

8. Hashtag Search: Let Your Find The Right Hashtags And Captions

Hashtag search

With the Hashtag search an AI-powered tool, you no longer have to look for the perfect hashtags to add to your post. This tool can help you in suggesting the right hashtag for your post. But that’s not the end, this tool can also brainstorm content ideas, as well as help you plan your entire social media campaigns. This easy to use yet powerful social media marketing tool is widely used and popular among influencers to marketing agencies. 

9. Brand24: Manage Your Brand Reputation With AI Tool


Brand24 is a powerful AI tool to track and monitor your brand reputation over social media. This tool collects the feedback from your campaign and gives you reports to work with. It helps you in understanding the customer, or audience’s feedback on your content or your products. Further, you can also use this tool to perform a competitor analysis to strategize your marketing. 

10. Copy.ai: AI Tool To Create Catchy And Engaging Copies

Copy. Ai

If you think this is a regular AI tool for content creation, you’re wrong. Copy.ai is a more advanced and much more powerful tool to help you create content and copies for your business. This tool is widely used and very popular among marketers and bloggers. This tool can create high-quality copies and advertisements for social media as well as for search engines. You can also use this tool to write engaging product descriptions to the sales page on your site. 

11. Evolv.ai: AI Tool To Help Your Understand Customer Nature

Evolv. Ai

This tool performs a critical task compared to the rest of other tools and that is to analyze customer behaviour. Powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning, this too can collect data from the selective platform and give you reports about your customer’s behavior. Based on the various parameters and stats, this tool provides a clearer picture of your potential customers to plan your next marketing campaigns.

12. Headlime: Let The AI Create Landing Page for You


If you want to craft a landing page that converts, never rely on just any other content creation tool. Headline is the perfect tool that can provide you with the landing page that you need on your website. This tool not only helps you create the converting landing page but also suggests the other important factors within. The tool has a huge library of copy templates and you can use the one based on your product or offerings. 

Still haven’t got your perfect brand identity? You should try these AI tools to create your Logo.

Final Thoughts

Well, this might be the end of the post, but not for the AI tools, there are so many we could suggest here. But as we said earlier, we want to share the list of AI tools that are widely used and popular in the field. 

If you are thinking of implementing AI technology in the routine digital marketing process, this list is the starting point. Pick one tool from the list, and try and test it to check if it fits your needs perfectly. If not, then you can look for an alternative. Because there’s always the right tool for your help. Also, stay tuned with us, as we will soon update this post with more AI tools to level up your digital marketing game. 

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