Ai tools for content writing Ai tools for content writing

If you’re thinking of implementing AI tools for content creation, you might be confused with so many tools out there. And so, to make it super simple, in this post, we are listing the top trending AI tools for content writing to choose from. 

Whether you’re a content creator or a marketing agency, you want your content to be unique, creative, and engaging, Writing content, is a big job that involves lots of research, outlining, formation and not only writing. 

So, with such tools, you can make your job easier and take the stress out of the process. 

Trending AI Tools for Content Writing

Trending ai tools for content writing

If you want to write a unique article or want to create sales copies you can get help from available AI tools. This writing tool will help you in writing and also suggest the topics to cover in the same post. 

Because there are tons of AI writing tools out there, it will be not easy to find the right one for you. So, depending on the several purposes and quality, here are the top trending AI tools for content writing that can help you achieve your overall goal. 

1. Surfer


If you’re creating content for a blog website or professional, you need your content SEO-optimized with the user’s intent in mind. This powerful AI tool helps you to manage SEO and writing tasks simultaneously. It not only helps you create an article but also suggests keywords to add to the content to make it rank well in the top search.  

2. Jasper


Earlier known as Jarvis, this tool is the perfect choice for writing content for its purpose. It helps create informational and promotional content and copies for your blog or brand. This tool offers various templates that you can choose from as per your needs. Whether you want to write longer content or want to just draft a sales email, this tool offers many options. 

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3. Copy.ai

Copy. Ai

With its available writing templates, you can make your writing fun with copy.ai. this AI tool helps you create website articles as well as sales copy. The produced content is of high quality and can write the content as you command. Moreover, you can use this tool to get outline ideas or intro paragraphs, if anytime you run out of ideas. 

4. Frase


When it comes to writing a blog, you need to take every factor related to SEO, because you want to rank well on search engines So, yes there’s a lot of research involved in the process. To make it smooth, you can use Frase. From topic research, and content creation to content optimization, this tool is the best among all other AI content writing tools in the market. 

5. Wordtune


This tool is quite different than most other AI content writing tools that just create content for you. What this tool does is, help you improve your already written content by implementing the right tone of the article. You can use this tool as a perfect alternative to Grammarly, which takes care of your grammar and spelling, while this tool helps you create more engaging and professional content for your site. 

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6. Grammarly 


You, of course, are familiar with this tool, right? After all, who doesn’t? Grammarly is a widely used and trending tool in writing for its purpose. This tool helps you improve your writing as well as make your content error-free. Even though this tool isn’t an article generator tool, you can use it while proofreading your article. 

7. Rytr 


Compared to any other AI tools, Rytr offers more writing tones and styles that way you can create articles that sound more engaging. Built on advanced AI technology, this tool helps content creators, writers, and copywriters to craft the perfect content. 

8. ChatGPT


Most people use this tool to create content, but most don’t recommend it at all. But it is still the trending AI content writing tool and we have to mention it in the list. This tool offers free and paid plan and give you answers based on the prompt you share. You can use it for research that’s also a plus point for this tool.  

9. WriterZen


If you want to write for a website, you need to take care of the search engine guidelines in mind. Tools like WriterZen, not only write any content for you but also suggest your keywords based on competition and level of traffic. Use this tool to outline your content as well as find the right keyword to write content for. And, this tool can do it all. 

10. Anyword


When you want content, there’s a chance that it might end up like any other content. To avoid that you need AI content writing tools that can give you more insights into the content performance. That’s what this tool does. It provides your performance score and creates content that leaves an impact. 

11. INK


Powered by AI technology, INK is the best tool for every writing job. it can write content for you as well as create landing pages. Along with that, this content writing tool can help you improve your writing by paraphrasing. It suggests the right tone to imply in your writing so it sounds more appealing. Also, you can use this tool to optimize your existing content. 

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Final Thoughts

Well, you were looking for the best AI tools for content writing and now you have the entire list of it. But it’s important to know that not all AI tools are the same. They all offer different features as well as letting you do the job perfectly if you know how to use it right. 

Whether you write a content for website or a promotional campaign, you need to opt for the tools that do the specific task for you. Also, these AI content creation tools are driven heavily by the software and it might be the alternative to the creativity that you bring as a writer. 

You can use these tools for idea generation, to get out of writer’s block. In the end, if you let the AI create the entire content for you, you need to review it well before using it.

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