Ai tools for video generation Ai tools for video generation

Creating videos requires a huge investment of time and budget. But thanks to AI technology, now you can create videos in less time and budget than before. 

Even more, you don’t need that set of skills to make videos of your choice. In a search for AI tools for video generation, you will find lots of options. But when your goal is to create quality videos for your purpose, just any random tool isn’t the right option.

Don’t worry, we have done the research part already. And here is the ultimate list of AI tools to make engaging videos on demand.

List Of Trending AI Tools For Video Generation

As a content creator, you want the right AI tools that you can rely on. As a marketer, you want to create videos that effectively deliver the message. In both cases, you have a requirement to have a perfect AI tool. Take a look at these top trending AI-powered video generation tools to use to make processes faster and achieve quality results.

1. Lumen5: Perfect Tool To Get Started Video Creation Using AI

For the beginner with no video-creating skills, Lumen5 is the right choice to get started. This AI-powered tool can create a video based on your existing blog posts to script and even audio. A simplistic approach to creating video makes this tool easy to use. Plus, this tool has features to automatically add the voice to your video content. 

2. Raw Shorts: Helps You Create The Video In Short Time

Powered by Artificial intelligence, Raw Shorts allows you to create the perfect video on your command. It has great features to make your video more interesting and engaging. What is unique about this tool is it suggests several categories and gathers ideas of what kinds of videos you want to generate.  Also, if you don’t have a script ready, there’s an AI script generator to help you with that, too. So, this tool is the best for generating videos in the fastest and easiest way possible.  

Raw shorts

3. InVideo: Right AI Tool for Educational Video Generation

If you want to create a professional video or explainer video, this is the right tool for it. InVideo has a huge library of templates to create videos in less time. It can create video from the text you provided and by selecting the right template, you’re good to go.  For the content creator, marketer, and entrepreneur, InVideo is the perfect companion for video creation.


4. Pictory: Powerful AI Tool to Create Catchy Videos

Do you have a script ready for your next video, then wait, Pictory can make an engaging video in less time. Along with creating va ideo, you can also edit the video, so you can make it look the way you want. Whether you want to create long-form videos or short videos for social media or reels, this tool can be the right option. There are also other helpful tools such as adding captions and summarizing the video. 


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5. Synthesia: Take Help Of The Huge Video Templates

If you want to add AI avatars and want to create videos on a larger scale, you can use this one. This is a popular AI video creation tool that offers video templates, a media library, and tons of useful features. To cut down your expenses on video creation agency and setup, you can give Synthesia a try because this tool can create quality videos. 


6. Designs.AI: Allows You To Create Appealing Video With AI

This design tool is more than just designing logos and pamphlets. With Designs.AI you can create attention-grabbing videos, too. Like most tools, just provide a text script, pick the template and it will create the video for you. But extra this tool does is, it can suggest you visual options based on your script outline. To make your video even more engaging, you can also use the audio-visual elements as per your choice. 

Designs. Ai

7. HeyGen: Let The AI Create High-quality Video For You

With the long list of handy tools and features, the HeyGen helps you create videos with improved quality and in less time. It has a library of video templates, as well as background voices and music to use. You can also add avatars with their voice in your video. The great thing is you can customize those avatars to make your video look genuine. 


8. Synthesys: Helps You Create Professional-looking Videos

From simple educational tutorials to promotional videos, Synthesys can provide quality videos in no time. Relying on the powerful AI technology, this tool you can use for personal and professional purposes to create videos for companies and clients. To avoid investing heavily in the video creation process, Synthesys is the next option for you. With its easy-to-use feature and ability to create quality video, you can trust this tool for your video creation process. 


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9. Veed.io: Let You Customize The Generated Video However You Like

If you’re not experienced in video generation or creating a script for it, no problem, Veed.io can handle it all. With its Transcribe feature, you can create and download the script on the go. So that is a big help when you just starting out. And with its more features and upgrades, you can customize every video element in it. 

Veed. Io

10. Deepbrain AI: Powerful And Effective AI Tools For Video Creators

When you’re looking for an AI tool that generates video in less time and under budget, the Deepbrain AI is for you. Based on your ready script it can create a video for you. Otherwise, you can also use text to text-to-speech feature. From making a quality video to editing it, you can rely on this tool. It is an effective and helpful tool for beginners to professionals. 

Deepbrain ai

11. Fliki: Best To Create Videos For Social Media

If you have created, you know how much time it takes to create a professional video. But HeyGen can make it done in a surprising time. this powerful tool has customizable templates available to start video creation with. Also, the avatars, AI voices, and other editing features provide you with a video that could take hours to make. And yes, you can add the right music to it. 


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Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve to create a video for your client, or a social media page, now it is no longer required to have video-making skills. You can just pick the right AI tools to get this done. When it comes to picking the right tool for you, you need to look for factors such as the type of video you’re creating, the purpose of your video, the software features, and the cost of such tools. 

With this post, you will have a clear idea of which AI tools are popular and worth a try. You can try these and check the end video quality to decide which AI tools work well for your video generation. 

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