Best nicknames for girls min Best nicknames for girls min

You can make someone feel special by giving them amazing gifts on a special day. But, if you want to make someone feel appreciated and admired every day, give them nothing but a good nickname. 

If you want to give a girl in your life a cute nickname you have to make sure that such names they love and like to be called with. It could be related to her original name or personality. 

But, it does not have to be that complicated, common or especially offensive by any means. 

You want to make them feel special and not to make fun of them with such a name. For a better idea, you can use this list of the good nicknames for your girl best friend or crush. 

Best Nicknames for Girls

Best nicknames for girls

Whether you’re looking for a special nickname for the girl in your family or good nicknames for your girl best friend, here are some of the best pet names that she is going to love. 

  1. Baby
  2. Ella
  3. Flower
  4. Princy
  5. BAE
  6. Sweety
  7. Pretty
  8. Senorita
  9. Kitkat
  10. Bampi
  11. Vanilla
  12. Twinkle
  13. Heart
  14. Love
  15. Chica
  16. Missy 
  17. Princy

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Sweet Nicknames for Female Friend

Your connection with her is such a genuine and interesting one, right? What she does for you and how she takes care of you, I think you’d want to make your female friend appreciated. Well, calling her with a sweet nickname is the way to do it. Check out this list of some good name options. 

  1. Reva
  2. Sweetie
  3. Ace
  4. Twin
  5. Boo
  6. Lala
  7. Pearl
  8. Doc
  9. Sis from another mis
  10. The one
  11. My luck
  12. Mama
  13. Berry
  14. Soul
  15. Ela

Cute Nicknames for Crush Girl

Cute nicknames for crush girl

Your connection with a crush is really complicated. But, if you want to make your connection feel more meaningful and want to get closure to her, you can call her with such cute names like from the next list. 

  1. Daisy
  2. Rose
  3. Lulu
  4. Eve
  5. Anna
  6. Ava
  7. Cutie
  8. Angel
  9. Cheri
  10. Shorty
  11. Diva
  12. Bourbon
  13. Kitty
  14. Alexa
  15. Baby dragon
  16. Teddy
  17. Mystic
  18. Dora

Powerful Nicknames for Girls

Powerful nicknames for girls

To such an independent and self-made girl in your connection, here are some powerful nicknames. When you call her by any of the names, it certainly boosts her confidence, making her feel proud of herself. 

  1. Barbie
  2. Coco
  3. Starlight
  4. Ellie
  5. Mother of dragon
  6. Lioness
  7. Wondergirl
  8. Fireball
  9. Wanda
  10. Monsteress
  11. Catwoman
  12. Venus
  13. Martian
  14. Marshella
  15. Divine
  16. Messy
  17. Lava
  18. Mulan

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Cool Nicknames for Girl Best Friend

Cool nicknames for girl best friend

When you have a girl best friend, you can’t simply use the same nickname her parents gave her. Like your special friendship, it has to be a more meaningful and unique one. Feeling the same, then here are the coolest nicknames for your bestie. 

  1. Nugget
  2. Zambie
  3. Peach
  4. Juicy
  5. Besty
  6. Oreo
  7. Witch
  8. Luna
  9. Minie
  10. Bean
  11. Stormy
  12. Madame 
  13. Smoothie
  14. Freda
  15. Lillbee
  16. Minnie
  17. Biggiey
  18. Mermaid

Funny Nicknames for Girls

Funny nicknames for girls

Want to tease your bestie in a hilarious way or by giving her a special name you want to make your friendship even more special? So, in the next list, you’re will find some funny pet names that will make her laugh every time you call her by such a name. 

  1. Lady Hitler
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Cookie
  4. Smiley
  5. Cheesy
  6. Cinderella
  7. Tigress
  8. Mice
  9. Chimp
  10. Heroine
  11. Queen
  12. Lolita
  13. Pots
  14. Muffin
  15. Choco 
  16. Angie
  17. Favorita

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When it comes to giving a nickname either to a girl or boy, you better check whether they accept that or not. You don’t want to call them by the name which they literally hate and express no interest at all. 

Especially for girls, even if she’s your best friend, you have to assure that your pet names for her aren’t offensive by any means. 

The given list of best nicknames for girls is where you can get the perfect ideas from. 

Further, you can indeed come up with more suitable and special nicknames for her based on her personality, nature, and appearance. One last thing to keep in mind is, whatever nickname you call a girl, it has to feel more special to her, than sarcastic.

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