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Essential Things You Should Know About Diamond Painting

The diamond painting recently made waves and impacted DIY crafters and artists. Within a short time, this new craft became immensely popular. It even gained the reputation of being one of the best arts of all time.

If you are not aware of what diamond painting is, you are missing out on something significant. This is a form of mosaic art wherein the creator paints a picture by putting together small diamond-like resins on a canvas.

The materials used to make such paintings come in Diamond Painting Kits. Each canvas has numbers printed corresponding to all the colors of the resins. The painter only needs to stick these diamonds on the canvas. The sparkles create a stunning painting that shines bright like real diamonds.

Do you need prior experience to be able to use the kit?

This kind of painting activity is very easy to learn. Anyone who wants to try diamond painting does not need to have prior experience doing it.

If you are looking to pass the time or find something worthwhile to do, you will find joy in making these paintings. Those who have tried making paintings with the kits have got addicted to it that they collected different pictures and patterns. This added to the reason why diamond painting became so popular.

And unlike other crafts that require time learning and mastering it, you learn diamond painting on your first try. With this, you can truly enjoy and relax while spending time on your hobby.


How to start diamond painting

Some people get confused on what diamond painting is. The main reason for such confusion is the lack of knowledge about the said art. To start a diamond crafting hobby, you need to have a diamond painting kit.

These Diamond Painting Kits include the following:

  1. One printed canvas where you will stick your diamonds (size will vary according to preference)
  2. Resin diamonds in various colors. The colors of the diamonds are based on the picture or pattern you will be creating. Most sellers add extra diamonds to their kits to make sure that their customers will not run of diamonds to paint.
  3. One plastic tray to keep all the diamonds
  4. One diamond painting tool to pick up the small diamonds
  5. Wax or glue to be inserted in the painting pen


What to do next after receiving your painting kit?

Now that you have your diamond painting kit, you can start painting. You only need to stick the shiny and colorful resins on the sticky canvas with printed symbols and letters. These printed symbols are meant to guide you in completing the painting.

If you are wondering why the diamonds shine, it is primarily because of the facets cut into the sides. Also, if you are wondering if there is a prescribed size for the painting canvas, the answer is no. It largely depends on your preference. If you want to start big, you can go for a larger sized painting with a more detailed look.

However, if you are not confident about that, you can start with smaller pictures. Anyway, you can always upgrade as you get better. Later on, you can explore more complex paintings for your projects.

Diamond painting is a new and unique way of showing your creative side. Aside from a great hobby to keep you occupied, it is also a great way to ward off stress. You can choose a canvas and a picture and paint your heart away with sparkling diamonds.

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