Candle light dinner Candle light dinner
So the Angels of Love have struck you and the cute guy you admire with a fiery arrow of love and you are pacing around here and there to make all the arrangements for your very first date night. A thousand thoughts are going through your mind and your nerves are running at the speed of light.

You have even stopped all those junkies & fast food consumptions and have been on a strict fitness diet along with regular workouts to keep yourself in the perfect shape for the special date. But the biggest question that is running through your mind right now is the choice of dress!

‘Dress code’, the term itself is strong enough to run a chill down your spine. And since it’s your date night, the hysteria surrounding the choice of dress is simply unexplainable. To help you calm your nerves and to assist you in making the right choice, we have listed down 10 outfit ideas that should surely make you ‘ready for a date night’!

Tips That Will Ensure, You Are Perfectly Ready for a Date Night.

Tip 1. Be Prepared in Advance

Do not keep things for the night before your date or on the eve of it. That is the last thing you will need on your table. Clear up your schedule well in advance and keep the day to yourself.

Speak to yourself, feel your soul, take a deep breath and give time for your body to converse with your inner self. The more tied up your schedule, the more chances for you to spoil your date night.

Tip 2. Put Yourself at Ease

One of the simplest ways to reduce your pre-date stress is to gift yourself with a soothing massage session. And a massage session coupled with an exotic bath and spa package can set your body into a relaxed mood and help your brain in making the right decisions.

You may not realize it, but you will be all smiles during the date, making your guy wonder what he did right!

Tip 3. Reduce the Use of Toxic Chemicals

Girl doing a makeup lipstick

You must be wondering how would ‘toxic chemicals’ make its way on a date. Well, we are talking about make-up and cosmetics. Believe it or not, it’s better to keep your skin tone as natural as possible during such occasions. You can ask any guy and he would dread the idea of over makeup on the woman he loves.

As a matter of fact, over usage of cosmetics can do more harm than good in the longer run. But this doesn’t mean that you must shun the usage completely. Applying makeup in a controlled manner is always a plus!

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Tip 4. Exfoliate Your Skin

Getting ready

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the top layer of your body. Even though the body has a natural mechanism of growing new skin cells and shedding off the dead ones, there are still some old skin cells that remain on your face and other parts of your body. Make sure you exfoliate and rinse them away. You can even prepare your own exfoliator at home with some simple tricks.

The first impression is the last impression. Give your skin the shiny look which will hit the eye of the guy you admire right from the word go. Apply a moisturizing cream and top it up with a layer of beauty oil dedicated for the skin along with a tone enhancer to boost your skin texture.

You can exfoliate the skin to remove the entire dead residue and then apply a moderate layer of your favorite lipstick or lip gloss to give the final touches. Again, moderation in anything is a blessing.

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Tip 5. Your Outfit

Girl going to a shop get ready for a date night

You must be comfortable in the outfit you choose for your date. Remember, everything says something and so does your outfit. If you want to appear casual, you can wear boots and a simple t-shirt.

If you want to appear sensual, you can have a look at Ann Summers latest collection. It is all about the vibe you want to give away. Choose your outfit as per your mood.

Tip 6. Bangs or Curls

Woman straightening her hair get ready for a date night
The goddess

After completing your skin, you may now proceed to the more complicated part. Believe it or not, the complication is only in our heads. Guys prefer girls with simple hairstyles. If you have short hair, then your worries are even less. You can, however, try the one-sided bangs on your short hair.

For girls with long hair, letting the ends bounce with curls should do the trick. A conventional hair iron should be enough.

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Tip 7. The Right Color

Red dress woman dating
Her Campus

Believe it or not, red is still the most blistering and heart-melting color for of all when it comes to date nights. No doubt, it has maintained its stronghold in prom nights for ages. As a matter of fact, if you are in a position to take a piece of advice from your female friends or even your sister, the first suggestion would definitely be ‘RED’. But don’t be hesitant in experimenting.

If you know the favorite color of your ‘would-be beau’, then there is every reason for you to try it out. If he is a keen observer, he will quickly make out the idea behind your choice of color. That should kick start your date in the right direction.

Tip 8. Stay Fragrant

Woman sprinkling a perfume get ready for a date night

Do not bathe yourself in liters of perfume. A clever partner will make that out within seconds. And if the guy has knowledge of fragrance, it will definitely backfire.

He will surely feel that the girl has overdone for the date. Use a single fragrance, choose a sweet flavor, and that should do the trick.

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Tip 9. Footwear

Heels get ready for a date night

Wear what makes your body language as comfortable as possible. You do not want to walk in a funny manner, or even worse, fumble and fall off. Your body language must be delicate yet confident.

The right size and type of heel will make your walk, a walk of elegance. Most people don’t realize this, but an unconfident way of walking makes your partner uneasy and reduces his interest drastically.

Tip 10. Be the Odd One Out

Dating and drink
Become Gorgeous

Most dates are linked with the chivalrous nature of men who offer to pay for a restaurant bill. Change the trend. Do not only offer to pay, insist on doing so. This will create an everlasting effect on the guy’s mind. Wear a smile that inculcates belief in him while you pay, so that he does not feel demeaned in any way.

And even if it ends up in a case where the guy pays, he will at least be sure that the girl he has proposed to; is there to create ease in his life and not the other way around.

Just be yourself and stay comfortable in every move you make. Remember that even your body speaks sometimes louder than your mouth. Choose a color or wear an accessory only if you are 100% sure about being comfortable after wearing it.

You’re all set now, go rock your date!

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