The Best Comments For Instagram Reels The Best Comments For Instagram Reels

91 Best Comments for Instagram Reels Video to Save Now

Instagram isn’t just a picture-sharing app, but it is much beyond that, from advertising to promoting products and, most importantly, showcasing their talent. Instagram has become an important platform to share your thoughts, skill, and experience.

A year ago, Instagram built a mini video feature called reels that bought more opportunities for the content creator to entertain their followers and share their talent.

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Anyway, while as followers, we also can promote someone’s talent on Instagram reels by sharing, liking, and appreciating it in the comment section.

But, unfortunately, we often couldn’t think of words to express and use some emojis. So let’s try to pass our words to appreciate the efforts they take.

Here are some great options for comments Instagram reels that you can use to appreciate:

Best Comments for Instagram Reels

Best Comments For Instagram Reels

Take a note of these comments that you can use commonly for any Instagram reels, whether it’s a funny reel, music reel traveling, or a random one. Save these comments and use them next time when you find something worth commenting on.

  1. One of your best reels so far.
  2. Oh my god you look great in this reel.
  3. Damn! I can’t believe it’s you.
  4. Girl you made it!
  5. Surely #thebest!
  6. I gotta sugar crush.
  7. You are making us proud.
  8. This one is my favourite reel.
  9. You are a true inspiration for the youth, you worked really hard to reach here.
  10. You never fail to make me smile.
  11. With this post, you left me speechless. 
  12. It’s truly surprising how you created this one!
  13. Love every second of it. Perfect reel, you can say.
  14. Everything about this reel is simply perfect. 
  15. Glad that I found your reels, thanks again.
  16. You are very creative with your reels and it makes you stand apart. 
  17. I love your reels so much, actually, I’m inspired by your work.
  18. One of the best reel I have watched today.
  19. Not sure how many times I have watched it.

Comments for Instagram Fashion Reels

Comments For Instagram Fashion Reels

Instagram reels have become a strong weapon for Influencers, make-up artist models, and stylists to showcase. You can think of so many artists that you follow for style tips, make-up tutorials, and content when I say this. No doubt you often adore them and appreciate what they do. 

So, next time you like their efforts and creativity, here are some lovely comments that you can post on their reels.

  1. I just love what you are wearing, you just slay.
  2. You are a flawless beauty filled with style .
  3. What is your source of inspiration, it’s truly amazing.
  4. #mesmerizing #bestoutfit #myfavourite what else I can say.
  5. I can’t find a word that can describe you, my fashion inspiration.
  6. Don’t know about others but you are my style icon.
  7. From baggy clothes to these styles you aged like a fine wine.
  8. I feel stuck in those curls.
  9. Where do you get your dressing sense from?  It’s soooooo good.
  10. My favourite outfit so far.
  11. Stunning and gorgeous as always, love you content.
  12. Just one word OBSESSED.
  13. The outfit was just good but you made it flawless.
  14. Such a grounded personality with so much talent and style.
  15. Surely gonna try these amazing style tips.
  16. I simply follow your idea of the capsule wardrobe, its time saving and money as well.
  17. I’m a huge fan of your all reels, so perfectly stylish. 
  18. OMG, you take my breath away with such an awesome reel.
  19. Such a stylish post this is, very impressive. 
  20. Looking absolutely stunning, like always.

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Comments for Singer on Instagram Reels

Comments For Singer On Instagram Reels

I won’t be wrong if I say that the struggle of singers to reach their audience has decreased because of Instagram. It has become easy to promote yourself to a larger audience without spending a huge amount. And as an audience, Instagram provided us with huge singers and content creators; I know you are thinking of Yashraj Mukhate and his amazing talent to add music to almost anything. 

Well, such talent truly deserves your word in the comment section. Here is the list of comments for music reels on Instagram.

  1. Big fan of your voice, keep posting such reels.
  2. Your voice is mesmerizing, it touches the soul.
  3. Lost while listening to this.
  4. The pitch control was so lit, amazing talent.
  5. Soul feels alive and magical.
  6. It is like a blessing for my ears.
  7. I was waiting for your next post, and here it is, worth waiting.
  8. It feels like attending a concert.
  9. Listening on loop.
  10. The rawness in your voice makes words more genuine.
  11. Absolutely surreal. 
  12. Perfection has become a regular thing for you, what else I can say.
  13. As usual the best.
  14. That high note was a game changing moment.
  15. What a freakin vibe.
  16. How come your every reel’s songs are simply perfect and on point?

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Funny Comments for Instagram Reels

What’s the purpose of leaving comments that are not fun? Well, if you want to leave some hilarious comments that give other Instagram users some good laughs, this is the list for you. Also, with funny comments like these on Instagram reels you make the creator or influencer react to it. 

  1. And, I thought it was only me? So relatable. 
  2. Why do I keep watching this reel over and over again?
  3. I am sure that you didn’t watch this reel just one time. 
  4. Somebody help I can’t stop laughing at it. I’m stuck here. 
  5. No idea where you stole it, but I like to thank you for sharing it. 
  6. Why don’t you share more posts like these? We need this type of content. 
  7. So you are back, Right? It is good to see that you improved yourself.
  8. You did it just for us? We salute you for this level of dedication. 
  9. Raise your hand if you relate to the situation. 
  10. No other creator has ever dared to do this. But you do, that’s crazy. 
  11. It is just so hard for me to believe that it’s you, you do this. 

Top Comments for Traveling Reels on Instagram

Top Comments For Traveling Reels On Instagram

While I talk about comments for Instagram traveling reels, how many reels have you saved? I know so many, some for your reference, some because you liked the vibe and some shared with your friends and asked them to make such plans. While liking saving and sharing, most of us hardly commented. 

Let’s comment on these amazing traveling reels of Instagram; you can use the following amazing comments to post-

  1. What an insight, definitely gonna try.
  2. In love with this site, thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for adding this place in my wishlist.
  4. Place looks so pretty and cosy.
  5. What a perfect location with the caption.
  6. Place is so aesthetic and treat for my eyes.
  7. Loved the scenery. 
  8. Such informational videos make our traveling experience better, comforting and worth watching.
  9. This video is a gateway to finding bliss.
  10. What a perfect shot, goosebumps!
  11. Truly a fan of your contents, keep it up. 
  12. Such a great place this is, I hope to visit it by next year.
  13. Wow, what creativity! I’m a big fan of it!
  14. Keep doing the best work, all the best!
  15. I really like your reels. Which editing software you’ve used for this one. 
  16. Love your posts. Do you mind if i take some ideas from this one?
  17. I love the versatility of your content, they just fit in our lives in some or the other way.
  18. With this post, you left me speechless. 
  19. It’s truly surprising how you created this one!
  20. Love every second of it. Perfect reel, you can say.
  21. Thanks because of your reels, I get to know more locations. 
  22. Wow, I’m quite binging your page. Such quality reels you have. 
  23. It’s just a one-minute video, still better than most videos out there.
  24. One hour effort for this one-minute clip, you’re amazing!
  25. Seriously, it’s hard to ignore your reels. By the way, I love that.

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These were some great comment options one can try to appreciate Instagram reel, some appreciation and reaction often encourage creators to give their best.

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