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11 Trending Wedding Cards To Make Your Invitation Memorable

Weddings are some of the most important days of one’s life. Not only for those getting married but also for their families as well. And the wedding invitation cards are the first impression, letting them know how big the celebration is going to be. 

When it’s your wedding coming this month or someone in your family, you want to make sure that invitation cards not just look special but also trendy. 

So, to make your invitation more welcoming to your guests, we have listed the top trending wedding invitation cards which are popular and best to follow this year.

11 Trending Wedding Invitations Cards To Choose From

1. Invitation that tells a story, not just a date and place.

Gone are the days when the marriage invitation was just a formality. Now it’s a way to share the special event that everyone wants to make memorable and special in their way. Hence, they make their invitation cards just something more like telling their back story. Either they use such references, share the timeline or favorite things about each other, or any detailed invitation that tells their love story is a new trend. 

Invitation That Tells A Story (1)

2. Minimalist Wedding Invitation cards- The rising trends. 

There is no surprise that people these days are drawn to things and designs that are cleaner and more minimal. Most wedding cards are filled with a lot of heavy designs and texts, the minimal cards keep the focus on the important days and events. These minimal wedding trends have been popular for the last few years and are expected to rise in the coming years. 

Minimalist Wedding Invitation Cards

3. Golden foil decorated cards for trending weddings.

When you truly want to make your wedding card invitation feel special and enriched for your guest, this is the one. Following your wedding theme, such wedding cards are heavily embroidered with striking gold patterns. It might be a golden border or it’s the names and important details, but the gold foil wedding cards are the latest trend.

Golden Foil Decorated Cards

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4. Calligraphy – the special fonts for special invitations. 

Well, calligraphy or script fonts may have been quite popular for such a long time. But, it is still a favorite one to make your wedding invitation distinctly unique. Compared to other wedding fonts and cards format, the calligraphy one looks designed as well as very easy to read. No matter what your wedding theme is, the calligraphy innovation works perfectly for all. 


5. Vintage wedding invitation cards, still look stylish. 

This is not about the old-fashioned wedding invitation. The theme is indeed the traditional one, but it is supported well by the latest design tools and new decoration. Whether you want to make your wedding invitation in vintage style or like any historical TV show or movie you’re a fan of, you can decorate your wedding invitation on the vintage theme. 

Vintage Wedding Invitation Cards

6. Acrylic wedding invitation cards.

There are a lot of ways you can make your wedding invitation based on the acrylic theme. In case you want to make your invitation look more like a romantic invitation or a welcoming invitation, this is the type of invitation that will suit your needs perfectly. When you want some change or make it a dynamic innovation, you can change your wedding invitation differently for friends and family members, however, you like. 

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Cards

7. Eco-friendly wedding invitation cards for natural love.

If you’re looking for a sustainable wedding celebration or your wedding theme has an eco-friendly celebration, make your wedding invitation likewise. Due to increasing environmental awareness, nowadays more and more couples want to make their weddings more natural-friendly. And, cards like these are the one way to do it. These trending invitation cards are made of material that is easy to recycle and reuse after the event.

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitation Cards

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8. Envelopes-type invitation cards for weddings.

Who says the envelopes are just for special information? Well, what else could be more important than the wedding invitation? Hence, more couples aim to have their wedding cards more like decorated envelopes. Such eye-catching and design-rich envelopes in no way look boring. But, actually, a new wedding trend is enough for a special wedding invitation.

Envelopes Type Invitation Cards For Weddings

9. Custom monograms – Popular wedding invitation cards

Talking about the custom monograms, they might not be new but also not outdated, as well. The purpose of this type of wedding card is to use the available space more stylishly. These cards are the perfect choices for a meaningful and trendy wedding card. It serves as a welcoming message, expressing your happiness, and shows your excitement for the big event. 

Custom Monograms

10. Laser cut cards for save-the-date invitation

You might have not heard of laser cuts, but you have certainly seen one like this before. These are popular wedding invitation cards, as well as make the best choices for couples who want something elegant and trendy. Such invitation cards also make sense to follow when you’re preparing for a modern wedding with multiple colors, texts, and designs. 

Laser Cut Cards

11. Wax Seal – The unique wedding cards

For most, wedding invitations are indeed a special message that is being delivered for the wedding ceremony. The wax seal invitations are of course not the regular card but actually have a unique appearance. With this special kind of invitation card, you are certainly going to make your guest more welcomed. To make your wedding invitation stand apart and be something your guests remember for a long time, these are the perfect choices.

Wax Seal

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Final thoughts

Marriage is indeed an event that entails a lot of planning and management in order to make it a perfect celebration. 

But, it’s the invitation that gives the first impression of your marriage celebration to your guests. As well as, the style of wedding invitation cards you choose, shows your excitement for the big celebration day. 

In the time of the all-new wedding invitation card trends, make sure not to keep it ordinary or regular. Have it special, and trendy, because this day isn’t coming back again.

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