121 trending wedding hashtag 121 trending wedding hashtag

Are you getting married? Well, good luck. A wedding is just the beginning of a lifetime of love and togetherness. While you are busy with your preparations, we have got your present ready, and it is a valuable one.

Yes, you must have guessed it by the heading. We have curated a whole vault of Trending Wedding Hashtags for you. Use them with your pictures on Instagram and Facebook or wherever you like. You are sure to get noticed. Thank us later for the infinite number of likes and comments you receive.

Oh, did we miss the wedding guests? Well, we have you covered too. Pictures, reels, and boomerangs are a must with twirling dresses and dapper suits. Use the hashtags here to get noticed with your best foot forward.

What do Hashtags mean for Instagram?

If you are here reading this piece, we certainly know, you are an Instagrammer. And rather an avid user, because you are here looking for the right hashtags for your next post.

In this case, you must be aware of the importance of hashtags on Instagram. Since its launch in 2010, the platform has undergone massive reforms, but what has remained are the hashtags and their impact. A post with a hashtag is 12.6% more likely to get engagement than one without any hashtag. We think that’s proof enough for Instagrammers to have a complete hashtag strategy in place for increased visibility across the platform. 

How to Use Hashtags?

If used correctly, hashtags can do their magic instantly. There are some ground rules set by Instagram that must be understood to get your hashtags to work best for you,

  • Hashtags enhance reach only if the user has a public profile. Tags from users with private profiles will not be visible in the respective hashtag galleries.
  • Maximum 30 hashtags are allowed per post. 10 hashtags are allowed on each story.
  • Hashtags can be created using a combination of alphabets and numbers or either one of them. Spaces and special characters are not allowed. 
  • Hashtags can be added to your posts only. A user cannot tag others’ posts using a hashtag.

To a new user, 30 hashtags may seem like an overwhelming number. However, social media marketing experts suggest using as many as all 30 of them. And why not? After all, they help you knock on all the right doors and boost the outreach of your content to the right audience.

Take a look at this complete list of trending Facebook hashtags to use to expand your post reach.

The Hashtag Strategy 

Hashtag strategy

If you are set out to get your Instagram to handle the right visibility, it is important to strategize your hashtags. This is even more essential for business accounts, as this platform is a great source of marketing your valued products and services. The strategy will include,

  • Adequate research
  • Organization
  • Use

To get the best results.

Even before you set out to research your right hashtags, be sure of your industry and niche. You will also need to understand, who your target audience is. Where can you find them? What do they look for? And many more questions of the like. Have all your answers handy before you set out to find your right hashtags.

Why Should I Use Hashtags on Instagram??

Hashtags primarily are vaults or galleries for pictures as per tags or categories.

Hashtags help your post reach your target audience even if they do not follow you. They act as keys to various rooms full of audience and let your content be discovered by them. Hashtags are marketing avenues that help users garner enhanced engagement and finding new communities.

Trending Wedding Hashtags for Couples

Wedding hashtag for couples

Weddings are a lifetime affair. The occasion is celebrated in different ways across the world. But what remains common across all celebrations, is the celebration of love and union of two individuals and making the day truly special for the couple. Here are a set of trending wedding hashtags you could use for a wedding post, no matter which part of the world you belong to.

  1. #weddingday
  2. #weddingoftheday
  3. #lovefindsaway
  4. #vowssealed
  5. #loveisintheair  
  6. #lovemarriage
  7. #arrangedmarriage
  8. #lovearrangedmarriage
  9. #mrandmrs
  10. #nomoresingle
  11. #hitchedforlife
  12. #weddinggoals
  13. #weddinginspiration
  14. #wedmegood
  15. #weddingsofinstagram
  16. #weddingbells
  17. #weddingfables
  18. #weddingbrigade
  19. #ido
  20. #newlyweds
  21. #gettinghitched
  22. #twoisbetterthanone
  23. #soulmates
  24. #foreverandalways
  25. #thedday
  26. #pictureperfect
  27.  #allaboutlove
  28.  #lovestory
  29. #nottwobutone
  30. #tilldeathdousapart
  31. #weddingphotography 
  32. #weddingdress
  33. #weddinghair
  34. #weddingstyle

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Big Fat Indian Wedding Hashtags

Indian trending wedding hashtag

While wedding celebrations may be a thing across the world, India has its way of doing it. We Indians are famous for our Big Fat Indian Weddings, and we take pride in that. In India, weddings are not only a celebration of the union of two individuals but also two families. And yes, the extended and further extended families too. Be on top of your wedding posts with the trending wedding hashtags here.

  1. #indianwedding
  2. #weddingwireindia
  3. #shaadi
  4. #shaadisaga
  5. #shaadiwire
  6. #weddingdaseason
  7. #bigfatindianwedding
  8. #bigindianwedding
  9. #indianweddingbuzz
  10. #shaadiwish
  11. #shaadibrigade
  12. #baraat
  13. #bandbaajabaraat
  14. #humsaathsaathhain
  15. #wetiedtheknot
  16. #vivaah
  17. #sangeet
  18. #haldi
  19. #letsnacho
  20. #7vows
  21. #phere
  22. #dilwaledulhaniyalejaenge
  23. #badhihobadhai
  24. #2states
  25. #shubhmangalsavdhaan
  26. #shaadimubarak
  27. #shaadibarbaadi
  28.  #dulhadulhan
  29. #desiwedding
  30.  #vidaai
  31. #badhaiho
  32. #punjabiwedding
  33. #prewedding
  34. #weddingdecor
  35. #weddingdesigner
  36. #luxurywedding
  37. #destinationwedding
  38. #outdoorwedding
  39. #intimatewedding
  40. #haldidecor
  41. #popxowedding

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Beautiful Hashtags for the Bride

Wedding hashtags for bride

For that one day at least, the bride is the real queen in the house. The wedding day is a long-awaited dream come true for girls. The best outfits with nothing less than the perfect makeup, brides are the show stoppers of the day. We are here to make your day even more special with our little assortment of trending wedding hashtags for your perfect post.

  1. #bride
  2. #bridesofinstagram
  3. #bridalgoals
  4. #brideoftheday
  5. #thecrimsonbride
  6. #dulhaniya
  7. #hellomrs
  8. #isaidyes
  9. #gladtobeyours
  10. #youretheone

Handsome Hashtags for the Groom

Trending wedding hashtags for grrom

For the queen like brides, the groom is no less than a decorated king. Have the grandeur going on with Instagram posts too. Use these trending wedding hashtags to flaunt your wedding day pictures.

  1. #groomoftheday
  2. #groom
  3. #groomsofinstagram
  4. #talldarkandhandsome
  5. #dulheraja
  6. #marryme
  7. #groomswag
  8. #myheartisyours
  9. #groomsattire
  10. #groomlife

Personalized Hashtags for the Couple

Personalized wedding hashtag for couple

It’s time to team up as a couple. Bid adieu to your bachelorhood days and step into the world of companionship with bliss. Use this little list of tending wedding hashtags here to slay your couple goals together.

  1. #couplegoals
  2. #lovebirds
  3. #dreamcouple
  4. #lovestruck
  5. #togetherforever
  6. #happilyeverafter
  7. #tietheknot
  8. #justmarried
  9. #itsalovestory
  10. #coupleset
  11. #thecoolcouple
  12. #coupleswholift
  13. #couplestuff

Super Cool Hashtags for Wedding Party Guests

Wedding guest hashtag

A wedding is for the couple but it cannot be complete without a celebration with the wedding party. If you have a wedding in your family or are a guest at one, enjoy your day and click the best pictures. We have you covered for trending wedding hashtags to complement your posts.

  1. #bridebrigade
  2. #bridesmaid
  3. #mereyaarkishaadihai
  4. #merebrotherkidulhan
  5. #veerediwedding
  6. #groomsmen
  7. #weddingchicks
  8. #weddingguest
  9. #weddingfashion
  10. #celebration
  11. #instawedding
  12. #ceremony
  13. #happyforyou
  14. #weddingparty
  15. #photooftheday
  16. #picoftheday
  17. #weddingday
  18. #weddingguest
  19. #marriagemadeinheaven
  20. #familywedding
  21. #friendswedding
  22. #party
  23. #madeforeachother
  24. #weddingemotions
  25. #friendslikefamily
  26. #familytime
  27. #bridesfamily
  28. #groomsfamily
  29. #weddingseason
  30. #ootd
  31. #weddingphotography 
  32. #weddingdress
  33. #weddinghair
  34. #weddingstyle

How to find your best Hashtags

The right hashtags make all the difference to the reach, engagement, and following of a post. Playing it correctly with hashtags is all about research and strategizing their use based on the content. While there may be several trending instagram hashtags in your given niche, simply using them will not ensure reach and engagement. It is often advisable to use the right combination of trending and ‘not so trending’ hashtags to get the desired results.

The following pointers must be followed while researching the right hashtags, 

  • Your industry
  • Your Niche
  • Audience interest
  • Audience challenges
  • Content-specific
  • Location
  • Personal Tags

Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

Hashtags are the key to magnified reach but they can also end up getting your profile banned on Instagram, if not used correctly. Have you heard of Shadowban? When Instagram’s algorithm shadowbans your profile, you lose visibility from all hashtag galleries for about 3-14 days, depending on the cause. Using broken or banned hashtags is a very common reason for getting shadowbanned.

So, here is our tiny list for what not to do with hashtags,

  • Do not use the exact 30 hashtags in two consecutive posts
  • Do not use generic hashtags in your Bio
  • Do not use hashtags with < 1k posts. Unless they are personal hashtags.
  • Do not add or edit hashtags after posting.

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