Unique nicknames for boyfriend Unique nicknames for boyfriend

Your boyfriend is one of the most special person in your life, with a special place in your heart. They make you smile, stand by your side, try to make you feel special every day.

In a relationship, these little efforts to walk an extra mile and make an extra effort makes it more special, you don’t need to spend lots of bucks every time, little details can make him smile too

So today give him a nickname as a surprise, whether he is cute, funny, or unique in different languages. We have created the perfect list for you, take your time and choose the perfect one.

Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

Cute boyfriend names to save in your contacts list

Do you find his li’l actions and efforts to make you smile cute? Then surely you got the cutest boyfriend, it’s your turn to take a cute step and give him a cute name that suits him. Choose one of the cute boyfriend nicknames from the below list and I am sure he’s gonna love it.

  1. Honey
  2. Sweetheart
  3. Dear
  4. Muffin
  5. Cutie pie 
  6. My luv
  7. My boo
  8. Teddy bear
  9. Panda
  10. Bunny
  11. Sugar
  12. Cupcake
  13. Sweetie Pie
  14. My bear
  15. Darling
  16. Cuddles
  17. Sugarcane
  18. Honey bun
  19. Adorable cutie

Funny Nicknames for Your Boyfriend 

Funny nicknames for your boyfriend 

Looking for a funny name for your Mr. Funny bone? That joke cracker loves you a lot and always wants to see you smiling and laughing. Give him a funny name that can make him laugh every time you speak it out!

Here are some absolutely funny names for your boyfriend-

  1. Gizmo
  2. Monkey
  3. Sweetie Pie
  4. Tom 
  5. Jerry
  6. Goofy
  7. Hubba Bubba
  8. Captain Hottie Pants
  9. Pooh Bear
  10. HoneyBear
  11. Fuzzy Butt

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Unique Names for a Loving Boyfriend

Unique names for a loving boyfriend

We believe that the love of your life is very special for you and must be unique in his on way. He surely deserves unique little efforts from your side, pamper him by choosing a different nickname that matches with his personality. Here are some great suggestions for unique nicknames for your boyfriend.

  1. Whisky
  2. Vodka Baby
  3. Bugs 
  4. Dodo 
  5. Fatty 
  6. Kit Kat
  7. Joe
  8. Munchie Muffin
  9. Momo
  10. DearBear
  11. Dumbo

Cute Boyfriend Names to Save in Your Contacts List

Cute pet names for your boyfriend

Give his contact name a makeover, saving your boyfriend contact with his name is just boring. Let’s find a good name for him, so that whenever he calls you the notification makes you smile.

We have some great suggestions for the same:

  1. Shorty
  2. Dumpling
  3. Baby Boo
  4. Chubby Bunny
  5. Gummy Bear
  6. Life Line
  7. Bubbie Boy
  8. Wookie
  9. Hubby Wubby
  10. Cutie Patootie
  11. Chunky

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So, which nickname did you choose? 

When he comes back home from the office or calls you, call him with his new name and shook him for a second. We assure you this will either make him laugh or smile, thinking of giving something with a name? Read our another article gift Ideas for boyfriend.

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