Boy- compliments for boys compilation best Boy- compliments for boys compilation best

When was the last time you ever complimented a boy? The last time I complimented a boy was not long ago. Okay it was a few days back. Everybody loves compliments.

How do you compliment a boy? That’s the question.

Don’t forget, Even a guy likes to hear compliments about their personality, and more than just looks. Something that they want to hear and feel confident about themselves. 

Of course, you can compliment boys with the same old-school phrases like, “You are handsome” or “You are strong”. But if that guy meant something special to you, then your compliments for a guy have to be special, too.

And that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. We want you to compliment a boy, that he wants to hear.  

If you are looking for some nice things to say for a boyfriend or just a guy’s best friend, then here is the list of compliments for boys you can go along with.

Further, here we have separated the overall list into different parts of complimenting a guy over his traits:

Compliments that appreciating his Personality & Looks

-Respecting the Inner Qualities.

-Some Nice & Funny Compliments for Guys

– Compliment a guy for his Positive Nature

Table of Contents show

List of  Compliments for Boys, That they’re really desperate to hear.

Compliments that appreciating his Personality & Looks

Compliments boys for his personality & looks

1. You are more handsome than any other guy I met.

Simple as it sounds, it’s perfect for the guy. How he wishes to hear that. Or a simple you look handsome is great deal for any guy. I think this would be a great compliment when it is timed properly.

2.How come your body is so fit.

All the hard effort of the or a gym is to hear those words. A perfect body may be a dream yet. A little compliment would encourage him to make his dream body come true.

3. I like boys who take care of themselves.

If you ask me any girl would want to say this but sometimes they don’t get the opportunity. But if a guy has a really put effort in taking care of his look. He deserves it.

4. Your muscles are very tight and strong.

The ultimate goal of every boy. It will make him instantly confident and happy when a girl says it. Naturally, most boys are strong. They only think they are. After all, compliments for men’s looks work better than any other gifts ever could.

5. That beard is killing it.

Maintaining a beard is hard. Not very hard. But trimming it everyday requires patience. I personally give attention to facial hair.

6. Are you wearing (insert guessed perfume)? Smells good.

Some guys have been brainwashed about girls falling over perfume. Like the other guy I met, another story. But guys need to smell good. So go ahead and compliment.

7. You have very broad shoulders.

Your shoulders are as broad as the pacific ocean. Kinda too much but if you give your attention to it. He will be happy.

8. I like your eyes. They are so deep.

I have said this before. It resulted in blushes and smiles. It was a very cute moment. I think this one is the best compliments for boys, whether he is your just friends or more than that.

9. Is that a new hairstyle? It’s dope.

All of us aim for our perfect hairstyle. It is not so easy to get one. So I always experiment to get to that one. And we must appreciate others for doing so. Even if you don’t like the hair still starting with a compliment is the best thing to do according to me. Later on you could slowly break your thoughts on the hair.

10. Where did you buy these awesome shoes? 

Shoes are the first thing I notice. Giving him the comment on the shoes will not be the first thing that guy is expecting. So even if I want to give a compliment I look for the proper opportunity. Therefore it looks natural and makes him comfortable.

Appreciation for boys

11. Your dressing sense is that of a pro model.

How every guy wishes to hear that. Maybe not a pro model but like someone who is famous for his dressing. Like a actor, or influencer.

12. I am so jealous of your big round eyes.

Eyes are the most overrated object of appreciation. Some may say it. Some may say otherwise. But it still works like a charm. Even better if you appreciate his eye colour (I like your dark brown/blue eyes)

13. Your hug feels so warm and good.

This is the one such compliment that is rare and precious. It will bond your relationship more. It will be a pleased memory for you for a long, long time.

14. You have a very good posture.

Who doesn’t want a good posture. If someone has a good posture it means they really do take care of their body. So those little words will really mean so much to him and his smile will mean a lot to you.

15. Your hair looks sexy pushed back. 

Many may know it. Some don’t. It’s an iconic Mean Girls line. Giving this comment would immediately make him feel good. Because he will relate it to the guy for whom this was actually told. Not just this, but any movie compliment lines will be worth it.

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16. Are you blushing? Your cheeks/ear are so red.

I heard this for the first time in a drama. And it sounded so good. You may think it’s cheesy but it still is a good one. Compliments for boys due to his shyness and secret he tries to hide.

17. You’re strong as hell.

The best thing a boy wants to hear is that you call him a man and the best thing a man wants to hear is that you call him a boy. Besides these two both share a similarity in wanting to be strong. Guess it’s testosterone. But telling him that he is the manliest boy will really make him shout for joy. Of course, he may not express it.

18. You have long legs. 

It is another way of saying you are tall, to a guy who is not 6 feet plus but he may have long limbs especially legs. If you say that he will feel so excited. He knows that he is not too tall but heck yeah, he may get its tone. Remember timing is the most important thing here. If you miss proper timing he may think you are making fun of him. Or he could be just really short.

19. Why are you so attractive?

This compliment for boy applies both ways. Usually it’s the guy who says that, girls tend to keep it to themselves. But if you like to be an open person, then go for it. Especially your boyfriend. Either way the relationship should be mutual to say a comment like that. If there is a domination, this is not kinda good.

20. Great! You’re taking good care of your health.

Another awesome way to say that you are interested in his life. Because you care for his future. Why? Because you like to be a part of his future. A quick tip here is if anyone asks you about your future all of sudden, they may be interested to spend their future with you. Not all but some of them.

You are so manly, compliments for boys

21. You are so manly.

I don’t mean manliness as dominance but rather protecting us. Someone whom we trust that they will be there even when you are facing a problem is the best nature of being manly. Such personalities deserve these compliments for boys.

22. Aren’t you a gentleman.

Chivalry leads to this comment. It’s kinda old school but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This compliment can go for anyone right not just your friend or your boyfriend. Compliment for a man, due to his clever nature and behavior for you and others.

23. Are you sure that you did not have any girlfriend before because it’s so hard to believe. 

A confidence booster comment. You may have heard this in serials and films many times. This comment directly means you are deeply interested in him. If you are serious, only then go for it. Guys may not understand everything but they sure understand this one.

24. I’m glad you don’t snore a lot.

A funny one. Also indicating that your relationship will be in laughter and few precious tears. This is a simple yet most effective comment usually said after being in a relationship. Possible future use.

25. (Invent your personal compliments for him) 

To be honest, this is my favorite. Because this gives the emotional personal touch. Just merge two words or change a few sentences to get a different kind of appreciation. Like great and cool makes grool. Okay I am going to stop making references.

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26. You got a sweet smile.

Just hearing this makes me feel so sweet. Imagine how positively it will have an impact on him. Harsh words, more hurt. And sweet words, more love.

Compliments that Respecting his Inner Qualities.

27. Smart move.

Simple, elegant and extremely good when meeting for the first time. This whole section is mostly awesome compliments for boys which can be used for the very first time.

And also just about anytime.

28. You are funny, man. You have a great sense of humor.

Nothing is better than this. People say it sounds like cliche. They are not entirely wrong. But this is the perfectly normal compliment. If you are not fully sure about the relationship.

29. Aww! You are so kind.

Okay, this is more smooth and graceful than a simple line that we think it is. And also great for strangers. Not just any stranger. But your mutual friend or a colleague, this can be the best appreciation so far.

30. Thank you for understanding me.

Most guys truly don’t deserve this. But we always meet a few or at least one who really deserves such a compliment.

Compliments for guys

31. I appreciate your calmness during this difficulty.

It indicates and really gives the confidence to other people that he can do that even if he neck-deep into problems. From this comes the famous quote behind every successful boy there is a girl. Okay I changed it a bit.

32. You are a great listener. 

This is another comment to confirm that he really cares about you. And he gives you his full attention. Make sure to test him if he is really listening. I am just kidding but if he passed the test. This compliment will be more meaningful then.

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33. Thank you for being with me. 

He helped you with a problem by supporting and staying beside you. Maybe he couldn’t exactly help but he shared his empathy with you. Go ahead and say this compliment.

34. I thought about you the whole time I went there. 

This makes sure that you are interested in him. And the best thing about this line is that you also expect him to do so in the same way. He will get the message.

35. Your heart is like that of a child.

The best compliment to say that you are innocent. A pure and fragile heart can also mean that he is sensitive. Sometimes it gives the wrong signal but still in the correct tone would not end up meaning something else.

36. Are you always this cheerful?

If you ask me I would say it’s a good opening line for your second visit. Maybe good for the first time. But I want to recommend to you to go ahead with the second time as it establishes that you are honest.

37. Thanks for taking care of my (insert name).

It could be your dog poochie (that’s the name if you are wondering), or any of the things that you gave to take care of.

38. Your parents must be so proud of you.

When he tells about his achievements, these compliments for guys would work fine. And in saying so you will get to know what he thinks about his parents as he will have to tell you.

39. You are so mature. 

This is another comment when you see a guy who is independent of his parents and he can self sustain himself. He will be encouraged as independent living is not a comfort zone. Appreciate guy for his maturity he showing by the time.

40. Sorry I was mad at you. And thank you for giving me some time.

You understood about it and you know about it. But we (even I ) don’t do so. You may think this is not a compliment but it works better than a compliment. As he will truly appreciate your presence. It takes great courage for someone to admit that they were wrong. Someone like you.

Couples talking, compliments for boyfriend

41. I am impressed. 

Another simple way to appreciate others. This basically applies for anyone. The tone sets the mood. The way you say this means.

42. You understand everything very quickly. Why can’t you understand a small thing? 

This is what I like to call a compliment-catch where you compliment the other person simultaneously asking about their interest in this relationship.

43. You are intelligent.

Out of all the relationships I have seen this happen many times, the game of who is the more smart between them. She wins, then he wins, and then he wins again, and then she wins. And this is a compliment to boys, is the bridge between these games.

44. Never mind them. You are the best. 

Encouraging and showing your support at the same time. This is a real man’s dream come true.

45. Thanks for being honest with me.

Everyone has to be honest with each other in a relationship. This assures him about how much it matters to you that he should be honest with you.

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46. Wow! You are so open-minded. 

There is ‘extreme narrow-minded and there is ‘extreme open-minded. I love a sweet spot near the latter. These days, people have to be open-minded.

47. You really care about me. I didn’t expect that.

This is one such moment where you realize that the person has interest in you and this compliment affirms it.

48. Your words were very touching the other day.

It could be some comfort you got during the time of trouble. And you couldn’t say anything but give him this appreciation as soon as possible. It would mean a lot to him.

49. I wish you can sit beside me during exams.

Another way of saying he is smart. And also that you wish you had met him earlier or wanted to know each other earlier.

50. You have a really big heart.

It’s a big thing to say. Not to any other guy but a very special person deserves this.

Some Nice & Funny compliments for Guys

51. You are so professional.

Professionalism is one of the best things in a man’s life. I don’t want a guy to be super bored with his work. He should little too good..

52. OK Google. I know.

Tease him a bit if he goes on giving you info after info. And you can say this to keep him quiet without hurting his poor feelings. And laugh at the end, which will lighten the mood and be less boring.

Complimets for guys for his nature

53. You are an interesting person. Did National Geography discover you?

There are two meanings here: you both like to play around with him and also have some feeling for him. Be ready for a counter-attack.  

54. You are the few person who is leading a meaningful career.

Another nice way of saying that you admire his career life. This is a rare comment that can be made only to special people in your life. Think well before giving this comment to others.

55. What is your dream? Whatever It is I want to be a part of it.

Everyone has a dream. Few achieve it as they do it alone. Many achieve it with other’s help. Having a shared dream is one of the best things that can happen to people.

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56. You really answer well.

It’s a difficult skill for a boy to have. Great minds have told that if a person has mastered the skill of communication, he can master any other skill.

57. Oh! I just realized your soul animal is a cute puppy.

First, be shocked in front of him and he will be like, “what?”. And then say this. This is a sign of a cute and sweet relationship. If you think your relationship is awkward then this will throw away it all.

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58. I am a big fan of your confidence.

A confident boy is worth more than anything. Even though they will be scared or afraid, they will still try to be brave outside. And eventually, they may lose it. But this little line will strengthen it even more.

59. You deserved it. Pizza-boy.

Or just about anything your guy likes. If he likes pasta, or something else. Say something nice and then address him as (insert here)boy. Maybe a song out of it like I do. Such funny compliments for guys like this one make things even better.

60. You were great back there. Literally your teeth were shining. 

If he just spoke something important during a family dinner or anything. These kinds of compliments for guys really make everyone happy and will emit a positive vibe from you. Making you an interesting person.

Compliment a guy for his Positive Nature

61. You always make me smile!

Girls like the boys who are funny and with a good sense of humor. And every guy knows that. Due to that, when you compliment a guy with this, he probably feels more confident from you. That you find him entertaining.  After all, a smile is the first thing that connects the two-person and makes the connection stronger. 

62. Tell him, you feel safe around him.

This one is the best compliment for any guy out there. Certainly, you can share how protected you feel around him, to value his presence in your life. These compliments may inspire to be with you and never let you alone anytime. 

The only one, compliments for boyfriend

63. You are the one, That I can Trust.

It really feels special when someone says that they can blindly trust you. And why not, that means you really mean something precious to them. This can be the best compliments for your boyfriend, for strengthening your relationship. Also can be a good option while you are friends with a guy, that you can trust blindly. 

64. I hate when other girls checking on you.

Tell the truth, you secretly feel worried when other girls are checking your boyfriends. You don’t have to lie even, straightway inform how much you care for him. Your compliments for boys, like this definitely praise him and respect your feelings. 

65. That girl would be so lucky…

If you like a guy and want to know his feelings for you, you can ask him questions to find out. But compliments to guy, like this one definitely make him feel confident about own self. Even you have a chance to know if there’s any girl in his life or you have can be that lucky girl. 

66.  I love the way you respect the other girls

If that guy really respects the other girls in front of you and anywhere, then he definitely deserves these praises. You have to compliments Boys for his caring behavior and respect for other girls. 

67.  I like to spend time with you.

This can be the best compliments of a guy friend, who gives you some best memories, some quality time spending. Praise him for making your free time really fun. Thank such a guy who makes time for you out of his busy routine.

68. Just don’t change.

Inform a boy with these compliments, that you like him for what he already is. And you don’t want to change him even a bit, because he’s just perfect. 

69. Your voice is really something I want to hear.

Probably he doesn’t know about his voice or no one has praised his voice. So you have a chance to compliment a guy for the blessings he has with that masculine voice.

70. Good Job!!

The best compliments for Boys, especially when he has to do some tasks immediately and do that successfully. Or else you can praise him for what solutions he has provided to you.

How do you know, sweet compliments for guys

71. How do you know what I am about to say?

You know it’s because of the mutual understanding you have so far with him. But just praise him for understanding you and compliments for being there when no one else. 

72. You are so Unique.

Tell him what makes him unique in the world. If he really shows some unique skills and personalities, you definitely compliment a guy to make him feel better. 

73. That (his favorite color) shirt really suits your personality.

If you know his favorite color and get a chance to praise him with the same color shirt. Then this going to be the best compliment for guy, from someone like you. 

74.  It really feels relaxing after talking to you

Whether he is the best guy friend or a boyfriend of yours, But this complements suits. That is enough to make him feel respected for what he’s doing for you. 

75. I’m really feeling lucky to have you in my life.

That compliment feels special about him. Praise him for what he is and the role he has been paying in your life, show your respect for him. The compliments for guys. are enough for whatever he has been doing for you, to show you care.

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76. You are a responsible person.

Compliments a boy that knows his responsibility. It’s really hard to find a guy like him. Show him, no one but only you notice and praise him for his responsible behavior throughout. 

77. You are a self-learner, that’s awesome.

When your guy is self-motivated and going alone, then some positive words from you will definitely motivate him. Show your respectfor his efforts and persistence he’s been following, don’t leave him in a hard time. Be with him, just the way he always with you. Compliment him for the hard work and efforts he’s putting in achieving the goals.

78. I’m just fan of your creativity

Some guys are born with creative minds and unusual thinking process. If he is the one who acts and thinks in a different way, that no one can, it’s better to praise him for. Inform him you are just impressed with his thoughts and ideas came out of his mind. 

79. I’m very inspired by you.

These kinds of guys are rare ones, who have positive vibes of their own, also inspire others. It’s really worth appraising the guy who maintains a positive attitude in tough time also helps others to rise after failing. Just compliment him that you are very impressed and inspired by him. 

80.  You are Daring.

Guys really want to hear the compliments from anyone. If you find any brave act and the impossible thing he has done for you, it’s worth complimenting him for such daring nature. 

You make me feel complete, compliments for guy friends

81. You make me feel complete.

Another the best compliments for a guy you love. This indicates that you really like his company and want to be with him always. It’s not just a compliment for a guy but is a feeling that you have for him.

82.  I really respect you. 

Those guys really deserve the respect, who challenge their own self and do the best from it. Such men who just never feel low, even if the situation is not in their favor. Praise them, compliment men with such a powerful mindset and self-confidence.

83. Praise for his Selflessness. 

Indeed, such guys are the golds who always give preference to others first, over their own self. If you can’t do anything for him. But at least you can compliment such a boy/guy with such positive behavior. Stay with them they are hard to find. 

84. I like your passion. 

Not a single guy can easily share his passion with anyone other than the closest ones. If he shares passion projects excitedly with you, it means you are special for him. Also compliment him for such enthusiasm he has been caring and praise for his passion, for the work he likes to do.

85. You are a down-to-earth guy.

You don’t have to wait or think too much to praise the guy who is adjustable with everyone. These are not typical ones found everywhere, believe these guys are pure. And compliments are enough for him for what he is when no one understands his nature. 

86.  You are a true friend of mine.

If he is the guy with whom you can share your all stories and can feel some positive vibes from, this compliment is the best for him. Your compliment on his presence in life, surely makes your relationship healthy & strong. Show him how special he’s for you. 

87. You are really so cute.  

This one is from sweet compliments for boys, based on their looks and personality. Especially for a boy who is your best friend, this praise is worth a lot. Just feel him special for his cuteness and sweet incidents in your friendship. 

88. Thanks for listening to me.

Praise that guy who listens to you, who understands what you want to say. Thank him, compliment a guy for being there with you when you have something to share. 

89. Congrats, everyone likes you. 

A compliment for guys who are charming and everyone’s favorite. Whether he knows or not, but just praise him that he is the one everybody likes. Guys are really fond of praises like this one, and it’ll be better if that’s from you. 

Appreciate boys

90. I really appreciate what you are doing for your family.

And the final one, so the Best compliment for a guy that he likes to hear many times. Praise the guy who shows his positive side and purpose to work for the family. Such guys are really being appreciated by having a prime focus on giving a family a better life,rather than following their own desires. You must appreciate the guy with kind hearts who work for a family. 

Cute compliments for him

91. I like your brown eyes. 

If the guy is your best friend or more than a friend, then this compliment fits best. Even though he has the other color eyes, you can appreciate him for the same as well. Let him know his eyes really suit his personality. It’s sure that he really blushes to hear these cute words from you.

92. How do you maintain your hair so well? 

Compliments like this are best when a guy maintains himself well. If he truly has some great sense of styling and stays well-maintained always, then make sure to compliment him. He deserves that.

93. Seems like you are really going to the gym regularly. 

Another great compliment, you can say to a guy who is in good shape. He’s working hard to stay fit, so definitely he deserves honor and appreciation, too. 

94. You have a good scope in modeling and acting.

Based on his unique style and good look, you can compliment a guy in a suggestive manner. Advise him to try modeling and acting. Hearing such worthful compliments, makes any guy feel good about himself. 

95. I like your smile, it’s so satisfying. 

If your guy can smile with pure feelings and openly, then make sure to compliment him. Inform him that he really looks great while smiling and inspires him to keep smiling. 

96. Your voice is really great. 

Not limited to perfect manly voices only, you can compliment a guy for the natural voice he carries, too. Even a slightly deep voice looks great there, too. Inform him that you like his crack voice, especially when he sings. 

97. You are an honest guy, that every girl needs.

Make him feel special, by informing how special he is. If you are secretly crushing him and want to give him some hints then, this compliment works best there. Inform him what every girl wants and what you desire, too. 

98. I always feel excited about spending time with you.

Compliments a guy for making your every minute in life special and exciting, too. These unexpected praise words from your side will surely amaze him. But, this is a worthwhile surprise, for every best memory he has given you. 

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99. You never fail to make me smile. 

Only best friends can understand your pain you’re trying to hide… “I’m okay”. If your best friend, who stays there with you in tough times and supports you, then he deserves some respectful word of compliments, too.  

100. I’m a big fan of your one-liners. 

If your guy is funny and always shares something hilarious to make you smile, then appreciate him. Don’t be shy, he really likes receiving appreciation. Say something nice for that crazy person in life. 

101. Truly appreciate you for everything you do for me. 

No matter how many months pass, never forget what your best friend has done for you. Whether you can do something in return or not, but keep informing him that you respect and appreciate everything he has done for you. 

102. You are my strength and weakness, too. 

He does everything to make you smile. He tries every stupidest thing to bring you out of down moments. So inform him, how great you feel to have him in your life. 

103. I’m feeling lucky when I’m with you. 

Guys generally never expect compliments from someone to whom they help. They just help a person anyway, without any further demands. As a loving partner, you need to remind him, how lucky you feel because of him.

104. How can one be so perfect at everything?

This one makes the perfect compliments for your perfectionist partner. If your guy is great at everything, then he deserves some appreciation and compliments on his personal qualities. 

105. You are so dependable and reliable. 

Guys really feel respectful and much more appreciated, when someone says that they are trustworthy and caring. After all, he stays there and supports you every time. Share your appreciation for him, and inform how confident you feel because of him. 

106. The world needs more guys like you. 

If your guy is kind and always supporting others, too. Then this compliment is for him. No matter whether he has received that much credit from others or not. But, don’t forget to show your genuine respect and love, informing that you truly admire his character.

107. You very well know how to make someone feel special. 

Are you feeling respected and special after talking with that guy, then make sure you thank him truly. Not everyone is lucky to have a special person like him. He really deserves appreciation for everything he does to make you feel good about yourself. 

108. You are everyone’s favorite.

If a guy is very popular and everyone praises him, then make sure to appreciate him well. Compliments like this, actually satisfy a guy’s self-esteem needs. If he is really everyone’s favorite and popular there, then he deserves to feel some proud moments, too.  

109. You are a leader that every team wants. 

Does his advice and suggestion help you to accomplish something? Have you found how greatly he manages his team, then praise him, he is a true leader. Inform a guy what you learn from him, and of course don’t forget to thank him, too. 

110. You are hardworking, I’m learning so much from you. 

Every guy and girl you meet has something to learn from. If you always feel inspired by knowledge and every effort he puts in, then praise him. Let him know, you notice how dedicated and hardworking he is. Show him that he is helping you to become a better person. 

111. You are not like the other guys. 

Guys are just habitual to listen to these stereotype phrases, which is informing that “all guys are the same”. This really is a unique compliment, that any guy ever received in his life.  If that guy is gentlemen, with special ability and uniqueness in his nature, then make sure he feels the difference. Appreciate him in a way, which he never expects.

Best compliments for Boys

Best compliments for boys

Who says compliments are for girls only? Even a guy’s inner self is dying to hear such special words and praises from someone. And, if you are not complimenting a guy for his support, intelligence, style, or nature towards you, then you are making a huge mistake there.  Whether he is your friend, best friend, or more than that, make sure you appreciate him. Don’t know what to say, then here are some comments and best compliments for him, that are enough to get ideas from. 

  1. I need to take fitness tips from you. 
  2. You are inspiring me to hit the gym, regularly. 
  3. Looking so handsome, Bro. 
  4. You make me feel like I’m home. 
  5. You have a very positive influence on my life. 
  6. I’m feeling so proud of you. 
  7. You are so calm and confident. 
  8. You have no idea, But I’m very much inspired by you. 
  9. Whatever you do for me, Brother, I appreciate everything. 
  10. How can you be so energetic all the time? 
  11. Time with you is always fun and amazing, though.
  12. I’ve so many things to learn from you. 
  13. Just because of you, I’m feeling confident about myself. 
  14. ‘Never Give Up’, That’s what I learned from you.
  15. How can you fix everything, you are talented. 
  16. I enjoyed talking with you. You are hilarious.
  17. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. 
  18. You are a great team player, we need you. 
  19. It seems you are passionate about your work, Aren’t you?
  20. I carry huge respect for your hard work and dedication to this work. 
  21. Feeling so grateful that we’re friends for many years. 
  22. My parents are impressed by your nature.
  23. You have the skills to make every conversation look, interesting. 
  24. Just love your enthusiasm and positivity towards life. 
  25. You are the genuine person that I ever have in my life. 
  26. You’re always there for me just like a protective brother. 
  27. I genuinely admire you for who you are. 
  28. You’re like a cute little brother to me. 
  29. It’s always fun spending time with you. Thanks. 
  30. You mean so much to me. 
  31. You made it possible for me, I don’t think I could do it on my own. 
  32. Believe it or not but we make the best team here. 
  33. You are a great leader, I truly appreciate you. 
  34. I can feel your positive energies. 
  35. Every second spent with you makes a great memory.
  36. What a creativitiy. You’re really good at it.
  37. All I want to do is compliment you on everything you do. Because, you’re perfect. 
  38. You should lead the group of gentlemen.  
  39. No sure how you come up with so many great ideas.
  40. Everything about you is special. You’re a gentleman.
  41. Spending time with you is my favourite things to do in the evening.
  42. You are the perfect blend of style, chivalry, and elegance.
  43. You look good in everything you wear. 
  44. Never stop being yourself, my friend. You’re simply awesome. 
  45. I love the way you carry yourself. I wish I could do the same. 
  46. You are the brother I need in my life. 
  47. The way you look at life, itself shows how positive you are. 

Compliments for Boys Pic 

Compliments for boys pic

Saying a comment or compliments, whatever you say to a guy in person or on social media, itself shows the respect you have for him. Guy probably may have so many comments to reply and your genuine comment can make his day, too. So if he is something special to you, or he’s like a brother to you, then these are the list of comments for boys to share on his post on Facebook and Instagram. These comments or compliments are enough to get a better idea of what to say and how to make him feel special, indeed. 

  1. Looking great, as always. 
  2. Wow, just look at that smile!
  3. Your pic made my day, thank you. 
  4. You are the complete man. 
  5. Why don’t you try modeling?
  6. Very creative pic, amazing. 
  7. I’m a big fan of your style sense. 
  8. You are so inspiring and positive. 
  9. No one compares to you. 
  10. You have maintained your body well. 
  11. Hey, stop posting your pics, we are feeling jealous. 
  12. Damn, this pic looks so perfect. 
  13. This pic will get viral. 
  14. You’re the best, Buddie.
  15. You are the selfie-king of our group. 
  16. Looking so confident, Keep it up.
  17. You are in perfect shape. 
  18. Dude, I need some fitness tips from you. 
  19. How can someone look so perfect in everything they wear? That’s awesome. 
  20. Looking so cool and calm, bro.
  21. You are the best of the best. 
  22. That smile, make my day, man.
  23. That pic is great, bro. 
  24. After a long time. Still, rocking.
  25. Damn, this is one of the best pics of yours. 
  26. Keep smiling, you have great teeth, Btw. 
  27. You just rock. 
  28. You are an amazing person, keep shining. 
  29. So refreshing pic it is, because you’re in this pic. 
  30. It was a special moment when we both met for the first time. 
  31. I’m sure you are the trend-setter in your group. 
  32. Seems like you’re following a strict workout routine. 
  33. I’m just a fan of your well-toned body. 
  34. Hotter than a Hollywood star. 
  35. I have never seen such messy hair look that great on someone.
  36. You’re unbelievably hot.
  37. Your smile took my heart.
  38. You are the nicest person I have ever met.
  39. Handsome hunk with a leather jacket.
  40. A guy with looks and a great sense of humor is quite hard to find.
  41. Not sure if you’re great at taking selfies or if you’re just perfect. 
  42. Dude, you’re going to break the internet with this look.
  43. I am so impressed and inspired by the way you live. 
  44. You have a big role in my life and I’m so grateful to have you.
  45. I’m very much influenced by your words and lifestyle. 
  46. This is still surprising to me that I have someone like you in my life. 
  47. I’m so thankful for the day when I met you for the first time.

One word compliments for Boys

One word compliments for boys

Don’t overthink what to say and what the guy wants. Guys don’t want you to write a book on them. They just want genuine and unique compliments, that is perfectly meant for them. 

Take a look at these short one-word compliments, that are equally meaningful when being said with true feelings, at the right moment. Want to make your compliments for boys, look genuine and real? Well then, this is a list of compliments that every guy takes seriously. 

  1. Active
  2. Ambitious
  3. Attentive
  4. Attractive
  5. Bold
  6. Brilliant
  7. Bright
  8. Cool
  9. Champion
  10. Cheerful
  11. Dashing
  12. Dependable
  13. Energetic
  14. Exciting
  15. Funny
  16. Friendly
  17. Genuine
  18. Gentleman
  19. Hilarious
  20. Hot
  21. Handsome.
  22. Rockstar
  23. Intelligent
  24. Kind
  25. Loing
  26. Mature
  27. Optimistic
  28. Perfect
  29. Positive
  30. Relaxed
  31. Smart
  32. Sincere
  33. Stylish
  34. Sweet
  35. Thoughtful
  36. Trustworthy
  37. Unique
  38. Understandable
  39. Witty
  40. Wise

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Final thoughts

And finally, I would like to say that compliments are another way of expressing your thoughts to another person. And any compliment given will also sometimes come back to you.

In this modern generation, where depression is at its peak. We need to admire people who really need to be admired.

And most importantly, your words should truly mean what they say. You don’t need to use all these compliments but you may need those personal few ones that you really need to use. Also, you need to appreciate him for what he is for you. All you need to do is to make him feel appreciated by your compliments.

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