Quit dreaming and start achieving Quit dreaming and start achieving

You all must have heard the Panchatantra story of “The day dreaming Priest”. In that story, one-day priest got some milk, and he started dreaming of selling it as curd, from that money buy ghee, later hen who will lay eggs and a line of dreams. But you remembered it right? And so you might have also remembered what happens at last. The pot of milk breaks!!
There is no substitute of hard work. So let’s not just dream, but also achieve them.

1. Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself

When you believe in yourself 50% task is accomplished. Every person has a different capacity to work, when you compare yourself with someone who is smarter or a hard worker than you. You feel demotivated. Rather let us take it optimistically that if he can I can do even better!And when you do that you start working hard towards your goal to achieve it.

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2. Analyse your Dreams

Analyse your dreams

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Dreams are not just what we want to get but when we dream about something, we want to live that life. So don’t just dream work towards your dream. You should try to analyse what you want to achieve, where you want to reach, and how can you do that! Once you are clear about that, next steps become easier.

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3. Layout a Plan

Plan layout

Just analyzing the dreams is not enough, you need to work towards it. So prepare a plan which contains long term as well as the short term goals. Your plan and the schedule need to be achievable.Long term goals contain where you want to reach in 6 months, or a year or 5 years down the line. Short term goals are the path in achieving them. It contains what you desire to do daily or weekly basis.


4. Be Prepared to FAIL

Prepare to fail

You can never succeed without failing, failing is not the conclusion but the step to succeed. Failure helps you to learn what not to do in future.You should try to evaluate why did you fail; rather than crying over the spilled milk.Dreams are not made up of scratch free glasses!

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5. Occasional Check-up Pill

Occasional checklist

Occasional Checking of your goals, is a step to sustain the dreams. When you keep a check of how far you are from your goals, it can motivate you to work harder. While sometimes it may happen that you may need to obviate your dreams, because they might be anachronistic by now. So check-up pills can help you to stay alone the time and surrounding situations.

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6. Take a Refreshing Break once a while

Take a refreshing break

“All work and No play makes Jack a Dull Boy”.

If you are exhausted of extensive work load. Sometime strolling, yoga or a day off from work can help. So that you are more energetic when you return. Break is nothing wrong if taken occasionally and when needful. But taking breaks frequently is a clear No…No!

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Achieving dreams is not difficult if properly planned and hard work is done. Achieve your dreams so extravagantly, that others start dreaming your deeds!

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