12 secrets which influential people know 12 secrets which influential people know

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Ask yourself every Morning,

What is that one thing that if I did that today, both My Personal and Professional Life would get to its Next Level of Greatness?

Alright! How to make yourself an Influential Person?


12 secrets which influential people know be yourself
Source:- Ask Ideas

You are at your best when you are yourself. Don’t replicate. Dance as you do. Laugh as you do. Jump as you do. There is nothing better than making things happen how we want them. Be unique. Being a carbon-copy of somebody might give you temporal success but on a larger note, makes your Life bullshit.

2.) How You WALK & TALK

12 secrets which influential people know how you walk and talk
Source:- Static Parade

During our mock interviews there was a very interesting guy who took this entire process as a joke and kept cool. His actual interview lasted not more than 5 minutes and he was out of the room smiling as always. A few days later we were informed that among the selected few, he topped the chart!
Wondering what happened? This is what he said: These buggers just want to beat the shit out of you. So don’t give a damn to how they behave. What matters is! The way you walk, and the way you talk.


12 secrets which influential people know how you walk and talk
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If you are not passionate about what you do, nobody else would be! I am pretty sure that Rome was not built by the people thinking Holy shit! What a long night before the dawn.Rather “wow! We are the ones building the greatest Monuments.” Do what you love. Life is not so big. Passion is the fuel to the creation of a long way to go.

4.) Treat people with RESPECT

12 secrets which influential people know treat people with respect

Nothing makes a person’s personality effective more than respect for others, as well as respect for yourself. I know people who treat their lower-level management with utmost unbiased respect to that of their Chairman! Believe me there is no greater glory you receive than when you respect the bunch around you.

 5.) Be A Charismatic Listener

12 secrets which influential people know listener
Source:- The Savy Sistha

There are many who love speaking and a few who could actually master this art. But nearly everyone likes listening, though almost nobody has successfully attempted to be a great listener. Look a person in the eyes, hang on their every word, and make them feel important.

6.) Don’t be a Hero, When Not Needed

12 secrets which influential people know don't be a hero
Source:- C1

You might be the all-rounder and a very cheerful person to be around with. Everybody likes to be in the limelight but a golden rule to make your worth higher is that you should not attempt to prove yourself or show-off your skills & superiority when it is not needed. Be at your best when you have to be. Portraying yourself every time as the “Baap” would lead your cat out of the bag!

7.) Be a Precise Story-teller

12 secrets which influential people know precise
Source:- Net DNA

Fools always have to speak something, but a wise person has something to speak. Nobody is interested listening to your clear-cut arguments. It truly matters how you portray your stance and how you convey yourself to somebody.

8.) The most important Time is NOW

12 secrets which influential people know
Source:- All News Pipeline

A mutual quality of the greatest people in history was that they believed in doing things at the right time and strongly emphasized that the right time is now! Don’t delay or try avoiding tasks. Everybody loves the one who would do the needful immediately at the first call. There once lived a great ancient Prophet who said and practised this art of living in present. Well, he achieved almost all his life goals except one. He wanted not to be the one whom everybody listens to! Yes might be he was insane but his every word definitely influenced the class apart from foolhardiness.

 9.) Healthy Handshakes

12 secrets which influential people know
Source:- Qna

Ever wondered why a Politician shakes with two hands? Those who shake with two hands are trying to sell you something. Palm-to-palm is the right one to make the other shaker feel important. Never try crushing his finger-bones or the limp, dead fish. An air-ball is even fatal. Often we see some people are were good at marketing or literally wooing away them. Handshakes play a big role.

10.) Brilliantly Cool Attitude

12 secrets which influential people know
Source:- 24.media

People love introducing you to their friends when they feel it’s a matter of pride for them. To deal with or tackle a situation or a problem, you don’t need to be the best to start but to be the best you must start somewhere. Before this starting comes, make sure you take the right decisions with utmost cool and not make a mockery out of it. Your attitude moulds your behaviour. Your behaviour structures your actions. Your actions lead you towards results. So if you want happy and successful , start practicing to stay cool.

11.) Stay Loyal to your Ethics & Words

12 secrets which influential people know
Source:- S Media

This world is very big and each person thinks himself as big as or mightier than the other. What we need or whom we need today are the people who stay faithful to their friends, peers and themselves. Stick to what you say. Your opinion is very important and that should not jumping in and out. Be firm to how you behave and loyal to your team. They Trust you only when they feel you are with them. People who love you. Always come to save you when you are in trouble. Never compromise your Ethics. Life happens young champ.


12 secrets which influential people know

So rightly said, If you want to be a Lion, You must train with Lions. Great debates happen between well-read people. Well-read people think big. Thinking big leads to a grand strategy. Strategies either turn out to be right or wrong. If it’s right you win the game. If it’s wrong, you win the experience. This experience is very important. Don’t jump high if you defeat a 10-year old kid in Chess. Make sure your opponents be equivalent to you or probably of higher intellect than you. This making sure would mould you towards your passion immensely.

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