How to make travelling a stress buster How to make travelling a stress buster

Stress is a very common word nowadays. We all are facing the situation of stress somehow. It can be more or less. It can be high or low but it is there in our day-to-day life. Stress can be social, personal, professional or intellectual. While learning, working or sleeping we may face it. Gradually one can be at the stage where one feels the stressful life. Yes, it is felt slowly and it actually starts from negligible state and is converted into stressful scenario. We have lots of ways or remedies to get rid of stress or not feel the stress actually. All remedies can work well to remove or alleviate the stress. Travelling is one of them.

Knowing how to avoid stress in 2 minutes, travelling is really a magic or miracle that can vanish your stress. People may assume that travelling demands a lot of planning and preparation. If you’re suffering from stress and are looking forward to travel with systematic planning, huge preparations will be needed. Isn’t it a stress again for a person who is already facing a stress state? Completely NOT!

Well, What TRAVEL Means to an Individual?

T: Time for ME
R: Roaming where I want
A: Adventure which I want to do
VE: Versatility to enjoy the things, places, culture, food, traditions and people.
L: Love life, nature and real ME.
Now, how can travel be a stress buster? There are 6 major reasons to travel that allows your stress to flee!

Following are those 6 reasons to make travelling your stress buster:

1) It Increases Your Energy Level

Travelling increases your energy

One of the main reasons why one is a stressful person is that one hasn’t sufficient energy to be active. When human body or mind is exhausted, the energy level goes down, some boost up is required. Tiredness can be through one and the same task daily, uninterested in what one does, lack of efficiency and many other reasons. Travel helps to increase these all a lot.

2) Change of Environment

Meeting people while travelling

While traveling we meet many people. We get chance to know, to meet, to talk with various people. Stress can be out if there is change or something new environment. That change can be different people, place and different know- how. To be in different atmosphere. It affects to our body and mind. To feel free to know the others or talk and to live with them. These helps to let one forget about own stress and even to reduce it.

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3) Break for Mind:

Take a break from your daily life

While travelling we all are almost with tension free mind, saying good-bye to worries, almost in relaxation phase and totally absent in stress class during enjoying. This is ultimately a vacation to your stressful mind. So, break for mind is also an important factor to be out of the stress state.

4) Good for Body as a Stress Buster:

Travelling is good for your body

Absolutely, travelling brings positivity through face the variety of things. We are accepting that variety or diversity. It sometimes changes our paradigms. That is good for our body and to reduce stress. Positivity changes our body’s hormonal level up to some extent. Even hormonal changes reflect our mood. Some good hormones are good for skin and anti-aging. It helps to get rid of stress. So, the root of all these is traveling helps to make happy mood and healthier body!

5) Happiness:

Travelling brings happiness

We all know traveling brings happiness to us. It creates valuable memories to us. Precious time for us. These all lead finally to happiness. When we are in stress if we glance through these all memories or remember it we can surely be stress free. Really traveling brings good laugh, good fun and full enjoyment to our stressful life. Have a look at 18 tips to overcome sadness without trouble.

6) Letting Go Factor:

Letting things go and travelling in a car

Stress can be due to constant tension which is actually unnecessary for one. Travelling put us into a care free manner for peace. Travelling helps to let go of your fear, anxiety, anger, grudges, annoyance, tensions, problems, complains and past traumas which are the MAJOR reasons of STRESS! Yes, it is a new horizon to live, to experience, to boost your confidence up, to relax and to let go of unwanted stress.

So, be ready to slap the stress and pack your bags to travel.

  1. Rakhi Mehta says:

    Very well written blog and I have actually like the last point which stresses on the letting go factor. Great job !!

  2. Travel… Explore… n b care free…. Best way to say bbie to stress…
    Truely explained….

  3. TRAVEL meaning is very nicely explained.
    Indeed, it is a stress buster.
    The human, by nature, remained eager since beginning to explore the world, Universe and himself/herself.
    Superb Article and eagerly waiting for the other one.

  4. This article make travelling seem to be more of a productive activity than a recreational one.

  5. Simoli Shah says:

    Absolutely True!!
    Travelling is the best way to Reduce our stress..:)

  6. Indeed. Thats all i can say after reading it. Its so true!

  7. Ujali Shah says:

    Let’s go for a hangout

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