Trending couple poses for photoshoot Trending couple poses for photoshoot

For engaged or married couples looking for some cute couple poses for their next photoshoot or who want to experiment with different poses with their partner to post on Instagram, here are some trending couple poses to try out.  

No matter if you are planning a pre-wedding photoshoot, engagement, or wedding photos, or want the best travel pictures, you always want to make the experience a memorable one. And such different poses are the perfect thing for you.  

Some couple poses do not fit every couple perfectly. You can try the other one or use it as your comfort, and this list has the best couple poses ideas for photoshoot.

1. ‘Follow Me To’ (Most Popular Instagram Couple Pose)

‘follow me to’ couple pose

Well, you might already be aware of this famous pose for couples on Instagram. After being viral on Instagram, this ‘Follow me to’ pose is very popular among couples around the world. Whether they’re a couple on a trip or taking a casual picture around town, this pose is the one that came to the couple’s mind first. 

2. Walking and Holding Hands (Classic But Cute Pose)

Walking and holding hands

You may look regular and like most couples trying this classic pose, but this is still in the trend and always will be. In this pose, you and your partner walk together, while holding each other’s hands. The photo could be taken from the front-facing camera or while walking away from the camera. Some small talk and laughing could be part of the experience for more feelings between the couple. Also, smiles while looking at each other would also be good. 

3. Cute Conversation Couple Pose

Cute conversation couple pose

You should strike this pose when you’re on a date or have a pleasant evening together. It’s nothing great, it’s just you and your partner conversing about something, smiling, and interacting with each other very interestingly. Forget about the camera, and have a regular conversation like you have, it would be a natural couple pic for you. 

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4. Talking to Her or Whispering in His Ear

Talking to her or whispering in his ear

If you’re looking to make your pic more like a cute picture, this one is your pose. If you want, you could have the photographer take a picture of you while talking about something special, sharing a joke, or laughing together. It is a perfect pose when you whisper something in your partner’s ear and their natural smile is captured.  

5. Trending Couple Dancing Pose 

Trending couple dancing pose 

When you don’t want to look like the regular couple poses that you see everyone using, this is the pose for you. The pose gives you a lot of creative freedom. Whether couples are good dancers or not, certain dance moves are enough to show off their chemistry. Make yourself comfortable, pick the right dance move that you do the best, and just give it a shot. 

6. Couple Selfie Pose

Couple selfie pose

When the picture you’re going to take is for Instagram or Facebook, you better try this pose. This self-portrait couple pose is the perfect way to make memorable posts and capture the best moments with your partner. Also, you don’t want to limit it to just a regular selfie every couple is posting. 

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7. Romantic Leg up Hugging Couple Pose

Romantic leg hugging couple pose

A more popular couple pose like this one could be used to capture the cute and passionate couple picture. A girl lifts their legs up while hugging her partner. Not too difficult, but it’s a simple yet worth trying pose with your partner at least on the Instagram post. 

8. Silly and Funny Couple Pose

Silly and funny couple pose

If you are taking this picture to post on Instagram or just to capture your travel moments, this is the current trending couple pose. Get into a joke or do something crazy with your partner and take a shot. You can make weird faces or like doing silly things to look as awkward as possible. 

9. Popular Hugging From Back Pose for Couples

Popular hugging from back pose for couples

If you’re looking for a romantic photoshoot or want to share your chemistry, this is one of the perfect couple poses to try. This shows the connection you two have within. As for some change, looking at each other while hugging from the back makes it an even more special capture.

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10. Laying Down and Looking At Each Other

Laying down and looking at each other

This one is the perfect couple poses to try out at home or outdoors. If you’re on the floor or lying on the bed, you can make it a special shot with your partner. Looking into each other’s eyes while getting captured from the camera above is perfect. Moreover, couples can also try something different with different poses like kissing on a partner’s forehead, just cuddling, or both facing the camera. 

11. Under The Roof or Umbrella (Romantic Couple Pose)

Under the roof or umbrella

Is the rain out there? Such a perfect moment. It’s time to take some great pictures with your partner. Capture your best moods and feelings for each other on this rainy day. Try out the different couple poses with your partner, whether you’re on the balcony or terrace or under the same umbrella. 

12. Piggyback Ride Pose For A Couple

Piggyback ride pose for a couple

For the couples who want to have fun and make it a memorable moment together, this pose is an absolute must. This cute couple pose goes perfectly with the outdoors and any travel destination. They can experiment with such poses by looking directly into the camera as if guiding a partner in a particular direction from behind. Even better, laughing or looking into each other’s eyes, is also a great one. This pose is worth it at least once!

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Ending Notes

Try posing with each one one by one and see which one makes you feel the most comfortable. This will make you appear more natural. 

Furthermore, you can experience it however you like. You can learn from the trending couple poses, but don’t forget to add your own unique twist to it. 

In the end, you want to give a pose that makes you look more attractive and happy together.

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