Comments for engagement photos loved by couples Comments for engagement photos loved by couples

Engagement is one of the most special days in someone’s life; it marks the start of a new journey that will last a lifetime. Because of the pandemic, most guest lists were minimal and most of us couldn’t attend wedding functions. Convey to them how happy you are looking at those pictures with personalized congratulations or sweet & short comments on their engagement pictures on Facebook or Instagram that will be a sweet gesture for the couple.

Instagram & Facebook is a go-to place for every type of post, whether it’s birthday pics, travel photos, cute couple selfies… the list is never-ending. Those adorable engagement photos definitely deserve more than a basic comment.

You might want to leave a comment to hype them up or to simply express your joy for them. Let’s make sure you’ve got the right comment to post on their stunning engagement pics.

Whether you’re a parent, best friend, or batchmate, we’ve got you covered with a list of some short and sweet comments below to post on their engagement pictures on social media.

Congratulations Comments for Your Bestie for Her Engagement Pictures

Congratulations comments for your bestie on her engagement pictures

Watching your bestie get engaged is one of the moments we all look forward to. It’s like reliving those moments after seeing party photos/pictures on social media. Being a part of the bridesmaid team, your comment cannot be a simple one!

Here are some comments for bestie’s engagement pictures:

  1. From Taco Bell to Tiffany & Co. Great journey babe!
  2. One more wicket down. Time for grand celebrations.
  3. Omg omg… from single-serve to double shot. Congrats my baby.
  4. Showers of champagne, shimmers of hugs. God bless you, babe.
  5. When is the wedding? It’s time to make a checklist for a bachelorette party in Vegas.
  6. Girls, get ready to be the best bridesmaid gang ever.
  7. And my heart goes gaga
  8. (Your friend’s name) found her lobster.
  9. Congratulations you guys! Can’t wait for the wedding pictures.
  10. Congratulations guys! You did it. Happy tears.

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Sweet Comments for Your Colleague for His/Her Engagement on Facebook

Sweet comments for your colleague on their engagement pictures

Your colleague is starting a new chapter in their personal life, and seeing those pictures makes you feel very happy for your teammate, so by wishing them you become a part of their happiness which multiplies it tenfold for them.

Here are the happy comments to post on their engagement photos.

  1. So so happy to see you engaged, I am short on words.
  2. May your bond get stronger every day.
  3. The promotion we were desperately waiting for.
  4. May your love strengthen your bond every day.
  5. Fill this new journey with so many colours, love, care, and memories.
  6. Oh my god! Lovely news!
  7. So happy, supporting each other, and keep growing with each other.
  8. Wishing you love and happiness on this new journey.
  9. So happy you guys are finally engaged! It’s party time.
  10. Finally pictures of the most awaited promotion, woohoo!
  11. Love every picture from your engagement. Best wishes.

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Instagram Comments for Family Member or Relative’s Engagement

Comments for your family member on their engagement photos

Seeing engagement pictures can be nostalgic at times when there are so many old conversations with your cousin about this day. A new person is now a part of your family and they surely deserve a warm welcome with special wishes to make them feel special.

Here are some wishes to shower on your family members on their engagement photographs.

  1. What a surprise! Love you loads, my babies.
  2. Hitched? Sooo coool. Love you
  3. I’ve been wishing for this for years. My babies
  4. I am so happy you guys are finally getting engaged. Great news!
  5. Lovely to see you both engaged. All my heart to you guys!
  6. Showering blessings and wishes to my dearest (couple name)
  7. Welcome to the mingle club, guys.
  8. Wish you happiness ever after to my love birds.
  9. Where is the party tonight?
  10. Wedding bells in the house for my favorite one.

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Comments For Your Classmate or Roomate’s Engagement

Comments for your batchmate on her engagement pictures

Bachmate’s engagements are the most awaited moment, and seeing their engagement photos is a visual treat for our eye. And, how can we spare their comment section with one word, of course not!

Here are some sweet and funny comments for batchmate engagement pictures.

  1. Look at our backbencher reserved by topper!
  2. You’ve both come a long way, and your engagement is one of the happiest milestones
  3. Woohoo! Congratulations to our favourite duo.
  4. Oh look at you two! So adorable and cute together.
  5. My favourite couple and the best one!
  6. These pictures made my day, and I couldn’t stop adorning!
  7. Engaged? Pinch me!
  8. Most wanted bachelor is out of stock now.
  9. Look who is finally engaged, our love birds.
  10. The blacklisted bachelor just got delisted.
  11. Countdown for the bachelorette party has just begun!

So, these are some comments and wishes you can convey to your loved ones and become a part of the celebration. For more wedding-related ideas read,trending wedding ideas for 2021.

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