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125 Comments for Your Brother to Post Right Now 

If you’re looking for some fresh comments to leave or write on your brother’s pic on Instagram or Facebook then you’re at the right place. Here we are going to share some funny, top, and most important ‘genuine’ comments that are worth sharing on a brother’s posts.

All the comments are divided into separate lists of the fit comments according to a particular mood and event. Opt for the one that you want to share on your brother’s regular posts, or to his DP or status updates of Facebook or Instagram. 

Good Comments for Brother

Good Comments For Brother

Such comments for brothers are perfect which expresses your care and love for him greatly. If you’re looking for such comments to leave on his Instagram or Fb post, then this set is for you. All you need to do is, simply copy and paste the right comment from the list and share it on his pic. 

  1. Who’s this guy!!
  2. You’re the one, my brother. 
  3. Well done champ!
  4. Selfie king, Huh!!
  5. Keep rocking. 
  6. All the blessings for you, alone. 
  7. You’re my inspiration, Brother. 
  8. So proud of you, bro. 
  9. Brother, you’re perfect. 
  10. Everything you do, you do it great, my brother. 
  11. You’re everyone’s favorite. 
  12. My brother, My buddie. 
  13. No one compares to you, my bro. 
  14. Our bonding is just out of the world.
  15. We’re the enemies, we’re the friends. We are the Brothers. 
  16. Great pic, Bro. 
  17. Keep it up, brother. 
  18. Looking handsome. 
  19. Bro, you’re such a PRO.
  20. Just look at that smile!!

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Best Comments for Brother

Best Comments For Brother

About to leave a comment on your bro’s pic? Well, make sure your comments are genuine and special. Don’t be mediocre though with the regular words like ‘great’, ‘cool’ or ‘nice’.  Refer to this given set of amazing/awesome comments to leave on your brother’s picture that not only makes the right option but also looks like a genuine comment. 

  1. My one and only brother. 
  2. Impressive Picture.
  3. Looking so handsome, man!
  4. Feeling so happy for you. 
  5. You’re always there for me, Thank you.
  6. I’m proud to have you as my brother. 
  7. A creative genius, indeed. 
  8. My Bro, you never fail to amaze us. 
  9. You should start modeling, bro. 
  10. Amazing, you’ve done a great job, there. 
  11. Having a brother like you is the greatest thing that happened in my life. 
  12. Though we are brothers, we stay close as friends. 
  13. You can always count on us. 
  14. Never underestimate the love between brothers. 
  15. He is not only my brother but a friend at home, too.
  16. That’s a good one.
  17. Damn… that look. 
  18. Smart as always. 
  19. Superb pic, Brother.
  20. Truly a Gentleman. 

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Facebook Comments For Brother’s Pic

Facebook Comments For Brother’s Pic

Before commenting on anything that comes to your mind, wait and look for some fresh comments to share on bro’s pic. You can refer to this list of Fb comments for my brother to leave on his pic, status update, to make him feel special. 

  1. This is the reason why everyone likes you. 
  2. Another killer pic, brother. 
  3. Keep shining, Keep growing. 
  4. We’re so lucky to have you. 
  5. You’re very confident and calm, brother. 
  6. Good to see that you’re back, where you’ve been. 
  7. That’s a great pic, my brother.
  8.  Wow, you just bought a car, that’s great. 
  9. I’ll be there for you, brother call me anytime. 
  10. Feeling grateful to have a brother like you. 
  11. I don’t need superman, I have a big brother. 
  12. We don’t have to do anything to stay connected. We’re always connected, Bro.
  13. You’re like a god’s gift to me, my Lil brother.
  14. I’m your big brother and you’ve no option for that, Okay. 
  15. Feeling so lucky to have a brother who is your friend, too. 
  16. You’re my Hero, My Bro. 
  17. I’ll be there for you, my Lil brother. 
  18. You never fail to amaze us, keep it up. 
  19. Thanks for being my brother, It kinda makes me feel mature inside. 
  20. I am so happy that you finally achieved your dreams, Bro. 

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Comments for Brother Pic on Instagram

Comments For Brother Pic On Instagram

Found that your brother has just posted his new selfie on Instagram? Then, our next set of comments is only for you. Make sure to share these special comments to leave on your brother’s Instagram posts that make him feel inspired and respected. 

  1. That smile is everything, Bro!!
  2. What a great pic it is, just perfect. 
  3. Wow, just look at the personality. 
  4. You’re a rockstar!  
  5. What a surprise, after a long time. 
  6. Just a perfect pic as always. 
  7. Looking so cool, brother. 
  8. I think this is one of the perfect pics of yours. 
  9. You are the perfect, my brother.
  10. Looking amazing. 
  11. My brother, you can always count on me. 
  12. Bro-code. 
  13. That’s what we call bro life.  
  14. We fight a lot because we’re real brothers. 
  15. Brother from the same mother. 
  16. We make the perfect pair like Mario bros. 
  17. My blessings are always there for you, my Lil brother. 
  18. Never saw a perfect selfie like this one, a good one. 
  19. I know you’re not the perfect brother, but you’re my true friend. 
  20. You’re the champion. 

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Funny comments for Brother Pic

Funny Comments For Brother Pic

Leave some witty comments for your brother’s IG posts that make your comment look memorable plus bring a smile on his face. Below are some funny Instagram comments for brothers that describe your brotherhood perfectly. 

  1. I know you’re weird. But, still, I choose you. 
  2. Love this pic, my Bear brother. 
  3. You should be proud to have a brother like me. 
  4. Confused, Do we look perfect as brothers or as friends?
  5. No one can mess with my brother, except me. 
  6. You may be a man now. But for me, you’ll always be my baby brother. 
  7. Love you my Mini-Me, my Lil brother. 
  8. My brother, what a strange creature. 
  9. Thanks, bro, you make me look younger because of your height. 
  10. Happiness is having a bodyguard brother like you. 
  11. Sharing my favorite things since 1995. 
  12. There is ‘no buddy’ like my dearest friend, my brother. 
  13. Feeling Bro-mantic. 
  14. Your brother may seem careless. But well, he’s not actually. 
  15. Having a bro like you is a completely different experience. 
  16. Life is never so easy when you have a brother like this one. 
  17. You should be proud to have a sister like me. 
  18. Thanks to my brother, I don’t feel so ugly anymore. 
  19. The only thing that my brother does better, is to disturb me. 
  20. We’re brothers, we wrestle when we want to hug each other. 
  21. My life is all well, before you came, my bro. 
  22. Accept it or not, I’m still better looking than you, my brother. 

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Birthday Comments for Brothers

Birthday Comments For Brothers

So earlier, we have seen some of the top comments to leave on your bro’s social media post. But, when it comes to special occasions like his birthday and all, it’s an opportunity for you to express your love and respect for your brother. And if you’re looking for some unique birthday comments to share on your bro’s pic, then here is the right collection of comments to show how grateful you feel due to having a brother like him. 

  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear brother. 
  2. Thanks for giving us so many memories and moments in life, that we want to live again. Thanks for being my brother. Happy birthday, dear brother. 
  3. My blessings and wishes are all with you always, brother. Happy Birthday to you.
  4.  May you achieve all your dreams and get the success you desire from this new year. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Bro. 
  5. You’re more than a brother, you’re like my close friend. So thank you for being there for me always. Happy birthday, dear brother. 
  6. Now it’s time to cheer for all those crazy memories and moments that we live long. Time to have a great party. Happy Birthday, Brother. 
  7. Stay blessed and stay amazing. Happy birthday, Bro. 
  8. You’re annoying, but I like you. You’re irritating, but I love you. Because I have no option for that. Happy birthday, brother.
  9. Thanks to you my childhood was awesome, Thanks for so many memories. And yes, never forget to enjoy this day fully. Happy birthday, bro. 
  10. Happy birthday my elder dear brother. You’re my inspiration, my hero. Have a great day. 
  11. You annoy me sometimes, but then I think that my life would be way more boring without you. So I accept you as you’re. Happy birthday, my Lil bro. 
  12. Lots of love and respect to you, my brother. Wishing you a very happy birthday. 
  13. Many many happy returns of the day, my bro. Thanks for being there for me always, thanks for all your love and support to me so far.
  14. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sending you my heartly wishes on this special day of your life. Happy birthday, dear brother. 
  15. You’re the world’s greatest brother. Lots of love and blessing for you, my dear bro. Happy birthday. 
  16. I’m thankful for having a brother like you. You bring so many positive changes to my life. On this special day, I’m here to share my blessings with you. Make sure to enjoy this day perfectly. 
  17. Blessings and prayers for you, my brother. Happy birthday and make this day a memorable indeed. 
  18.  I wish that you get all the happiness and success in life, that you’re looking for. Happy birthday, Lil brother. 
  19. No matter how older you get, you’ll always be my younger cute brother. Sending you the top wishes on your birthday. Stay blessed. 
  20. May God give you everything you wish in life. May this new time bring a lot of happiness and great memories to your life. Happy birthday!!
  21. I’m so inspired by you. You’re my hero and not just a brother. Thanks for your all guidance and support. On this special day, I’m here wishing you a very happy birthday, my Brother. 
  22. We are so proud of you my brother. You can ask anything that you want on this special day. Happy birthday, my dear brother. 
  23. Listen, brother, now you turned 24. And if possible then start acting like a mature person from this new year. That’s all I want from you. And yes, Happy birthday, Btw. 

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Final thoughts:

Well, so there are some of the top comments for brothers that you can leave on their picture on Instagram or Facebook. We hope you like this article, and if you have anything to share or suggest, then feel free to comment below. 

And yes, you can bookmark this post to read it again, as we regularly update our posts. Stay tuned for more interesting and fresh comments that you can leave on your bro’s Fb or Instagram pics.  

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