100 Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram And Fb

234 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST]

Love is the most beautiful word and emotion, and we love sharing it with our friends and social followers. And being a family or friend, it becomes our responsibility to pass our warmth through comments. 

If you are searching for the BEST comments for couples’ pictures, posts, and DPs, then you are at the right place. Here we share the lists of compliments that you can share on the couple pics; This is a great way to appreciate the couple’s photos on Facebook or Instagram.

Knowing the importance of genuine compliments for couples, we’ve compiled diverse comment lists for you to choose from.

However, since compliments must sound real and personalized, don’t share comments just because you want to. The best compliments are the ones that they remember forever and feel great after hearing that. 

Let them feel special and appreciated, so make sure your comments for couples contribute to their posts purely.  

Lists of Comments for couples: To Leave on their social media FB pics, and DPs

Comments for Lovely Couples on Facebook

Comments For Lovely Couples On Facebook

Whether to complement your school friend on their wedding posts or to share a comment with your virtual friend, using the right words is a must. If that person is really special and has a good connection with you, then they deserve appreciation from the heart.

Wedding posts or random couple selfies, the next set of “compliments for couple” are something they expect from you, as their valuable connection. First, check their post caption well and share delightful comments for lovely couples.

  1. How lovely! You both look GREAT together. 
  2. That’s what you called a ‘Perfect’ match. 
  3. Seems like you both are made for each other. 
  4. What a match!
  5. So good to see you both.
  6. Lovely couple. 
  7. Just love to see you two together. 
  8. Lots of love for you, two.
  9. Great to know that you’ve found your perfect partner.
  10. Feeling so happy for you both.
  11. My favorite couple ever.
  12. A glass of wine, just because of you two. 
  13. Best wishes for a new journey. 
  14. Your love inspires me even more. 
  15. Cute couples.
  16. You both look best for each other.
  17. Even though I’m not a poet, I’ll write a poem for you two. 
  18. You both look so good together.
  19. TRUE LOVE the first thing that comes to mind when I see your pic.
  20. You both look so perfect for one another.

Comments for Newly Married Couples on Instagram

Comments For Newly Married Couples On Instagram

The next compliments are especially for new couples. If you are attending a college friend’s wedding and want to express your special wedding wishes with the best compliments, then this one’s for you. 

Moreover, you can share these comments on their Facebook and Instagram wedding pic too. But, pick the right one from the given best comments for couple DPs, that notifies them… How beautiful they look together!

  1. Best wishes for a new phase of life.
  2. One of the best couples ever. 
  3. Perfect match. 
  4. Feeling so amazing to see you both together. 
  5. Looking too great together.
  6. There are many couples pics out there, but yours makes the perfect one.
  7. Thanks for defining the meaning of true love. 
  8. What a great smile! Stay happy always.
  9. Your love is an inspiration for others. 
  10. God bless you, two beautiful souls, always.
  11. Sending lots of love and wishes to you both.
  12. Feeling great to see you both married, finally. 
  13. What a lovely couple, thanks for sharing this post.
  14. Looks like you’re made for each other.
  15. Seems like Romeo and Juliet got married, in the end. 
  16. Such a stunning pic! You made my day.
  17. Truly admire your love and respect for each other. 
  18. Your couple pics restore the faith in true love for many out there. 
  19. You two are destined to share your amazing life together. 
  20. Congratulations to both wonderful people!

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Facebook Comments for Couple Photos 

Facebook Comments For Couple Photos 

When you want to share some meaningful like, lovely comments on couples’ pic on Facebook and Instagram, then the next comment list is for you. If you were unable to attend their wedding and now seeing their photos on Fb and Instagram, then the next comments are the ones that you can leave on their posts.

These comments lists such as comments for girls Instagram pic are the best to leave to their posts related to weddings, travel, DPs, to couple selfies.

Express your heartfelt feeling and respect for their lovely connection. Share some great comments, that justify the feelings therein. 

  1. Your pair is made in heaven.
  2. So happy to see you together. 
  3. Yes, that’s what you call true love.
  4. You both are meant for each other. 
  5. Thanks for making my day. Your pics are great. 
  6. Hey, you two… Get married soon. Okay?
  7. Thanks for reminding me, I need a partner, too. 
  8. Feeling so happy for you. 
  9. We can feel the romance just by looking at your picture. 
  10. Now I’m convinced that true love exists somewhere. 
  11. You two are describing… what true love looks like. 
  12. The cutest couple of the year.
  13. You both are completing each other well.
  14. So deep love, thanks for this feeling.
  15. Your pics will make someone feel alone. 
  16. My favorite couple. Blessings for you both. 
  17. So amazing to see you, in love together.
  18. This pic will inspire hundreds. But, thousands will feel jealous.
  19. Keep shining, with your love. 
  20. Let them, alone folks, they are in love. 
  21. You’re my favorite couple on the internet, I love you both. 
  22. All you need is someone who cares for you equally, lucky you both found one. 

Best Comments for Couple Pics

Best Comments For Couple Pics

Your best friend who just married has already so many comments on their FB and IG posts to reply with just “thank you”. But, you are not their general audience, make sure you have some special words for them.

So, here is the list of best comments for couples, you can leave to savor their CUTE connections.

Leave some great compliments and comments they can ever have on their picture. Check what their caption says and leave something creative and special words for them. Because just emoji are not enough, your words matter every time. And special comments from a special person like you, mean a lot to them. 

  1. Lots of blessings for you two.
  2. Alt tag for this pic…True love, lovely couple pic, Romeo & Juliet.
  3. Looking great together as always. 
  4. Thanks for reminding us that…True love exists.
  5. Best wishes for the new journey in life. 
  6. How can you look so perfect together? It’s not possible.
  7. Such a good-looking couple. 
  8. Please stop posting your couple’s pictures, to make us jealous. 
  9. Who said, True love, can be found in movies only. 
  10. So lovely to see you both together.
  11. Oh!!! that look into each other’s eyes. 
  12. I’m confused. Am I more jealous or happier for you?
  13. Can I borrow your pic? I need to convince someone, “I’ve found true love”.
  14. What a beautiful feeling there is.
  15. You need just one person to look at you like this…
  16. So romantic. Blessing for this couple. 
  17. You are my favorite guys, wishes for you.  
  18. Nowadays perfect couple pics are in short, Keep updating yours.
  19. You two have no idea how great you look from our view.
  20. Okay, so this is why they call… “Love is in the air.”
  21. You both look like missing pieces that are finally together, so perfect!

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Comments for couple pic on Instagram

Comments For Couple Pic On Instagram

Apart from the largest image-sharing platform, Instagram is all about sharing beautiful life experiences and moments.

From the best travel memories to couple selfies, Instagram is the best place where couples want to post their pics first. And, especially, when your best friends share their couple pic, just two-word comments like “nice pic” or cute emoji are not enough, your comment has to be an interesting and unique one, that matches your connection.

So, in the next section, we’re going to share some special comments for couple pics on Instagram, that you can leave on your best friends’ posts. 

  1. All because of you, my faith in the relationship Restored. 
  2. Just look at those smiles. How bright it is. 
  3. Thank you so much for posting. It made my day.
  4. You both look cool as always. 
  5. One of the best couple profiles to follow on Instagram.
  6. You both are amazing. Keep rocking. 
  7. Love to see your post, that is so sharp. 
  8. Looking so great in this dress. You’re the perfect pair, though.
  9. Feeling so glad you’re with your life partner now. 
  10. I’m not a writer, but I want to write a novel about your love story. 
  11. You guys are looking so cute, seriously very cute. 
  12. Romantic vibes only. 
  13. This pic is enough to know that true love succeeds in the end. 
  14. Thanks for making me believe that true love still exists. 
  15. Great news, you both are engaged now. All the best. 
  16. Big round applause for the best couple on Instagram. 
  17. Hey, you two… You both look fabulous together. Enjoy. 
  18. How can anyone look so awesome together!! This can’t be true. 
  19. Just want to tell you that you both are stunning. 
  20. Wow, that’s a very impressive pic. 
  21. Shining stars of my life.
  22. Two gems are attached beautifully with a string.
  23. Seeing your content is always refreshing. Looking so lovely as always.
  24. I’m always wishing the best for you two. You’re one of my favorite couples on Instagram. 
  25. I usually don’t comment on a couple’s pics, but this one did.
  26. It’s surprising how you two are simply perfect for each other.

Good comments for couple photos

Good Comments For Couple Photos

Looking for more interesting and funny comments for a couple’s photo? Then, the next section is for you. Sharing some mindful, exciting, and worthwhile comments that are enough to make a couple laugh and surprise at the same time. Don’t look so traditional with your routine comments.

Look for some funny and creative things to share with your comments. If that’s what you seek, then feel free to use any given comments for couple photos. Or else you can get the inspiration from the list, too. But, make sure your comment looks genuine which makes them reply to your comment out of hundreds of other comments. 

  1. Love overloaded. 
  2. This is what you can call a perfect pair. 
  3. Stay strong. Stay blessed. 
  4. I just found ‘True Love’ here. Great post, guys. 
  5. I’ve seen the competing couple. But, you both are completing each other. 
  6. Do you know?? You both look even more beautiful when you’re together. 
  7. Good to know you both are engaged now. Congrats. 
  8. What? Are you guys married now? What a pleasant surprise!!
  9. All the very best for the next phase of life. Blessings. 
  10. May you both achieve your every goal together in life.
  11. Wishing you both a very happy and successful life ahead. 
  12. You both never failed to amaze us. Thank you. 
  13. Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century. Whoa, that’s a fact. 
  14. Look at those blushes! Good to see you both happy together. 
  15. Hey, I need some relationship advice from you. Are you listening?
  16. I want to write a poem for you both. But, I’m not a poet. 
  17. You have no idea but your relationship is inspiring to many. 
  18. One of the most beautiful couples that I have ever seen.
  19. May you both create lots of great memories in life. 
  20. How can anyone look so perfect together? We’re jealous, though.
  21. I don’t have any words to share comments here. This couple is more than anything else. 
  22. Love the chemistry you two have within, such a power couple you’re.
  23. Together you two are simply a power couple. Wow, I’m just in love. 
  24. Every picture you share, makes me fall in love more and more.
  25. I’ve never seen such a perfect couple anywhere. You two are awesome.
  26. You two never fail to impress me with your videos. 

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Short Words for Beautiful Couples

Short Words For Beautiful Couples

Looking for some short compliments for couples, then the next list is for you. Sharing the best synonyms of ‘beautiful couple’ to appreciate their pic on social media truly. Feel free to leave such comments on couples’ pics, as these are the best way to express your feelings and appreciation for them. 

  1. The Best couple. 
  2. What a great pair!!
  3. Beautiful lovers
  4. Cute newlyweds
  5. The perfect match.
  6. Pretty spouses
  7. Superb match.
  8. Good together.
  9. Looking so charming. 
  10. Gorgeous couple
  11. Lovely lovers.
  12. Cuter together.
  13. Strong connection.
  14. Winning team.
  15. Awesome pair.
  16. Looks gorgeous.
  17. Wonderful match.
  18. Lovely wife/husband.
  19.  Smart match.
  20. Happy couple.
  21. A match made in heaven 

Beautiful Couple Comments

Beautiful Couple Comments

Come on!! They look so beautiful together. Don’t just share your likes & reactions only. They deserve something special, something which looks like an appreciation.

Yes, you got it. Time to share meaningful comments on their pic. Not sure what to write? No worries… we’ve some best and beautiful compliments to share on the couple’s pic.

  1. You both look so gorgeous. Stay amazed.
  2. Okay, we accept that you are a perfect couple. So stop showing off. 
  3. Looks like a prince and princess. 
  4. Wow, what a beautiful couple. 
  5. Keep smiling, you both look so great together.
  6. All the very best for the new stage of life. 
  7. Truly appreciate you both for your struggle. 
  8. Hope you two achieve every single dream together. 
  9. I knew there must be a perfect couple and found the one.  
  10. Cuteness overloaded.
  11. Tons of blessings for this best couple. 
  12. All you need in life is, having a partner like this one. 
  13. Thank god, a strong and beautiful couple still exists. 
  14. I’m sure, your pic will inspire many to fall in love again. 
  15. How could it happen? How come you both look so perfect with each other?
  16. Hate you both, Your pictures remind me how lonely I am. 
  17. Stay strong, keep growing together. 
  18. What a great picture of you two.
  19. Just because of you two, I restart my journey to find the love of my life.
  20. It is hard to find a beautiful couple like this one. 
  21. It’s always great to see you both. Such a lovely and lucky couple you are. 
  22. I’m very much amazed at your journey to finding each other. What a great story!
  23. Next time, when someone argues that ‘true love never exists’, I will share a link to your page. 
  24.  A match made in heaven 
  25. You both are made for each other. I pray for your love to stay eternal.

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Comments for Married Couples

Comments For Married Couples

If you are looking for the best comments for your married friends, then our next list is just for you. This list of comments for married couples makes them feel proud and confident eventually.

Such comments are worth sharing when they are your best friend and you have a strong connection with them. So let’s see, what are some great comments to leave on happily married couples’ posts. 

  1. Stay rocking and collect awesome memories.
  2. Great pic. Love is in the air.
  3. Sending the best wishes on your marriage anniversary. 
  4. You are my most favorite couple on Instagram. 
  5. You never failed to amaze us. 
  6. Seems like the beginning of a happy and successful life. 
  7. Stay blessed, stay strong. 
  8. This love… just a dream for many out there. 
  9. Wow, you both look great in every pic of yours.
  10. The cutest couple on Instagram, as I know.
  11. I’m sure people will come to get relationship advice from you.
  12. I’m still surprised, How can you both look so perfect with each other. 
  13. God bless your happy marriage life.
  14. I announce you two as the official winner of the ‘cutest couple competition’. 
  15. Feeling so great to witness a successful married life, like yours. 
  16. Just look at you, you both are becoming brighter day by day. 
  17. Keep sharing such great pics, they are inspiring, though. 
  18. Faith in happily married life is restored now.  
  19. You both grew through the hard times. Your journey is such an example.
  20. I have no enough words to describe how great you both look. 
  21. Love you both, hope together you have the best time of your life. All the Best.
  22. My best wishes to both of you, the cutest couple, that you may live your life with great success and lots of happiness. 
  23. God, after writing your love story: This is truly a masterpiece!
  24. Every time I see you both, I start to believe that love exists.
  25. Your love story is such an inspiration to most of us.
  26. You guys got the best in both worlds.
  27. Keep raising bars for all the couples out there.

Funny comments on couple pic

Of course, they look great together, and you think of sharing some admiring comment on their couple selfie. But wait, take a look at these hilarious comments that you can also leave on the couple’s picture or selfie.

Especially when they are your friends and you have some special connection with them, such funny comments are worth leaving on their pic describing your crazy side. 

Funny Comments On Couple Pic

  1. Brace yourself, another ‘partner-in-crime status’ coming up. 
  2. You both are weird but still looking cute together, that’s strange. 
  3. Okay, that’s what you’re hiding from us. Well done!
  4. Still, confused, how come you guys partner up with each other? 
  5. I knew it way before it existed. Congrats to both of you, btw.  
  6. So you both decided to teach each other a lesson this way, That’s great.
  7. You’re both getting married. And here I can’t even decide what to do with my life. 
  8. I’m sure even you both haven’t figured out what brings you here.
  9. First, she stole your heart and then your surname. Be careful, brother!
  10. So this is the person for whom you have fought with me. Cool. 
  11. Nothing exciting for me, just a weird couple who smiles for no reason. 
  12. I think now you don’t need a teddy bear anymore. Can I have it?
  13. Seems like you both are ready to annoy each other for life, Aren’t you!
  14. How can you still be in a relationship? All I heard about you two are, you were in just a long-distance relationship and nothing else. 
  15. I may look jealous but actually, I’m in shock seeing you with each other. 
  16. May God bless you two with the strength and patience to tolerate each other for life. 
  17. So now you can say that she’s officially yours. Good job!
  18. A love story is over now. Here comes a real-life tragedy. All the best, you two!
  19. Hope one of you knows how to cook. Happy married life by the way.
  20. From fighting for fries to conquering the world together you guys did it.
  21. Make way for the new couple in the house.
  22. From fantasy to reality, you guys proved love is real.
  23. The perfect example of what pure love looks like.
  24. I’m sure your relationship is an inspiration to many out there. 
  25. Enjoy life. You two are making each other’s world better. 
  26. You two are a power couple. Such a perfect duo.

Final thoughts

Whether to compliment couples face to face or to comment on their photos on social media, your compliments and comments have to be unique.

If you’re connected with them and sharing a great bonding, then you can get creative with your compliments, too. Share your best comments for couples that make them feel special, of course.

Lovely couples get many compliments on pics with the same words over and over again. But, if you want to make them appreciated, then your comment has to be the best one, too.

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