Most popular and trending emojis Most popular and trending emojis

Emojis are great. They are fun to use and make every interaction engaging. 

Whether you want to give a reaction to online content or want to express your mood in chat, there is an emoji for everything. Also, they are the language in itself. Because there is one emoji for every mood and to express feeling genuine.  

If you’re thinking of what would be the most popular and trending emoji right now? Then, here is the ultimate list of emojis that everyone is using.

List of Top Trending Emojis of The Year

List of top trending emojis of the year

There are tons of emojis on the internet. Not just in the chatting, but they are also used in the comment section to strongly express certain emotions. Well, based on the online reports, here are the most popular and trending emojis that are widely used on the internet. 

1. Face with Tears of Joy

Face with tears of joy

You might have already guessed this one perfectly. After all, this is one of the most popular emojis for its reason. This ‘Face with tears of joy’ emoji expresses the intense laughter with a tear. This emoji also has it variant of a cat face with tears of joy ‘’.

2. Folded Hands

Folded hands

The Folded hands emoji is the expression of thankfulness or ‘namaste’. It is also used mainly to share prayers and wishes online. Because this gesture indicates praying hands. Sometimes people also use this emoji as a high-five. So this emoji has more than one purpose and it could create confusion sometimes.

3. Thumbs Up

Thumbs up

A simple Thumbs-up emoji is to express your approval or consent on something. Based on the situation, you can use thumbs up in another case. However, this is the one way to show your agreement and approval in exchange for ‘OK’.

4. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

Smiling face with smiling eyes

A smiling face with smiling eyes is more popular than just a regular smile emoji. It is the expression of positive emotions such as happiness and feel-good vibes. Also, it is the most common emoji to show approval, happiness, and positivity. 

5. Sparkles


Sparkles might not be like the typical face emoji, but it’s a trending emoji in the last few years. People use this emoji most to express happiness, excitement, amazement, and positive expression, overall. 

6. Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

Smiling face with heart eyes

A ‘smiling face with heart eyes’ emoji is to express genuine positive emotions and feelings. This reaction shows happiness, enthusiasm, love, and admiration. You get to see this emoji on Snapchat with the person you who isn’t your best friend but you message a lot. 

7. Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Rolling on the floor laughing

You might be using this ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’ emoji instead of using the ‘ROFL’ acronym for the same phrase. To express hysterical laughter, which is quite harder than the normal smiley, this emoji is the best reaction. Some people also use this emoji with the most popular ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji.

8. Face Blowing a Kiss

Face blowing a kisses

A ‘face blowing a kiss’ emoji is to give a kiss, goodnight, or goodbye wishes to a special one. This emoji conveys the feeling of love and affection. Also, people use this popular emoji during the chat to express admiration and compliments for couples or special someone. 

9. Pleading Face

Pleading face

This emoji might have a ‘Pleading face’, but people use it for different reasons. Some use it to express that they are sad or tense about something. While some use it to express that they are missing someone badly at the moment. This emoji is an expression of seeking support and care. 

10. Smiling Face with Hearts

Smile face with hearts

A ‘Smiling face with hearts’ is also known as a ‘cloud of love face’ emoji. This emoji is to express the feeling of being loved, cherished, or respected. After getting compliments and praise, people use this emoji to show how content and thankful they are.

11. Loudly Crying Face

Loudly crying face

This ‘Loudly crying face’ is the expression of intense sad emotions. People use this popular emoji to show their grief and sadness. Whether something shocking or sad happening, people use this emoji to show their genuine ‘sad’ expression. 

12. Fire


‘Fire’ emoji is the most popular and trending emoji to express intense feelings towards achievement or success. This emoji is mostly you get to see during the Snapchat streaks. Same as it is also a common reaction to huge announcements on social media.

13. Upside-Down Face

Upside down face

An ‘Upside down face’ emoji is not for a single emotion, it has many meanings. This emoji is popular because it’s quite different than the usual one. People use this to react sarcastically towards some weird comment or content. To express the uncomfortable and awkward feelings, this emoji is the perfect one. 

14. Red Heart

Red heart

A simple ‘Red heart’ has been a popular emoji for the last many years. Obviously, this emoji is a sign of love and kindness. Whether to express good feelings or support, people use this emoji in comments or conversations with others.

15. Skull


The ‘Skull’ has been in the emojis for a long time, but this wasn’t popular until the last one or two years. This emoji is the expression of speechlessness or dying of laughter. To some content that is too extreme or awkward, the ‘Skull’ fits great over other smiles. 

16. Flexed Biceps

Flexed biceps

A ‘Flexed biceps’ emoji is the expression of power, strength, and confidence. This emoji is a popular way to express your strong emotions. People use it to leave comments on workouts and exercising or motivational content. 

17. Raising Hands

Raising hands

The ‘Raising hands’ is the emoji of two hands raised above. This emoji is famous for expressing exciting and enthusiastic emotions. People use this emoji to show their approval, applause, excitement, and happiness. 

18. Star-Struck

Star struck

A ‘Start-struck’ emoji is the close to a ‘Smiling face with heart eyes’ emoji, but still, it is a trending one among netizens. This emoji is to show intense happiness, excitement, and admiration towards someone. Use it to show someone that you’re amazed by them, their quality, talk, or something they shared. 

19. Face With Tongue Out

Face with tongue out

The ‘Face with tongue out’ is one of the oldest emojis on the list, which was quite popular a few years ago. Right now this emoji isn’t that widely used, but it is still used with the new trending emojis to express laughter and playful emotions.

20. Face With Exploding Head

Face with exploding head

You get to see this emoji on online content related to facts, knowledge sharing, and usual information or stories. The ‘Face with exploding head’ is the expression of shock and surprise at something. To content that is mind-blown and unbelievable, people use this emoji to express their amazement and shock.

21. Waving Hand

Waving hand

The ‘Waving hand’ emoji is typically used for saying ‘Hello’ or ‘goodbye’ in online conversation. People use it to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Bye’ to start or to end the conversation. This one is a popular emoji to use along with the greetings and wishes to make it more meaningful.

22. Smiling Face With Sunglasses

Smiling face with sunglasses

A ‘Smiling face with sunglasses’ is the coolest emoji on the list. This is the expression of the confidence, coolness, and carefree nature of someone. People use this emoji to show their casual or calm attitude towards something.

23. Party Popper

Party popper

As a reaction to success or happy events, ‘Party popper’ is the trending emoji that most people prefer to use. This emoji is the expression of the celebratory mood and excitement toward some events. Whether it’s birthday wishes or announcements of achievements like job promotions or a new car, a Party Popper is the perfect reaction.

Final Thoughts

Well so, now that you have the ultimate list of the trending emojis (with their meanings) that are most popular among the netizens in the present year – why don’t you tell us in the comments what are you going to do with them?

Every emoji is different from one another and has its unique purpose to use and a certain mood to express. It shows your normal online behavior and personality to some extent based on the emojis you use mostly. 

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