What To Do When You Miss Someone

What To Do When You Miss Someone

Are you missing someone? And just can’t get rid of this “feeling empty” moment? Then this article is for you.

Whether it’s your best friend who moves away to a new city, or it’s you who just left your home for further education, in that case missing someone you loved is a rational thing.

But when you miss someone as a result of any negative matters such as break-ups and toxic relationships, then you need to get yourself out of this low moment as quickly as possible.

It’s perfectly okay, to be sad while missing someone and feel lonely inside in their absence. After all, when you miss someone indicates that you are respecting their presence in your life and you value them, as well.

There are certain things you can do to make you feel better and get out of these temporary emotional tides. At this time you require to do things for yourself because inside you feel empty. Here are the suggested things to do when you miss someone truly.

Best 11 Things To Do When You Missing Someone Truly

1. Of course, Miss Them, Memorize Happy Moments

Miss Them And Memorize The Happy Moments

What else you can do when you miss someone? Nothing, but miss them for a moment and recall the time when you were with them. Indeed, it’s really easy to say that forget it and move one, but quite hard to implement.

If your significant other is on a trip or far away, then it’s okay to feel sad because of their absence. That’s nothing wrong with it. It’s bad when you go over a limit. So for a moment remind those memories and things you did together. Feel empty inside for a moment, but don’t let it go further.

2. Invest this time in doing “Me-time Activities”

Me Time Activities

You don’t have to feel panic and gloom all the time beyond its limit when you missing someone. Spend this time in the things you love to do, means pursue your hobbies. Agreed, that you feel lonely inside because you miss them right now, but look for yourself, too.

It’s time to do something that supports you when you are alone. Do some creatives, read a book, learn a skill, play any instrument…anything that makes you feel complete inside.

3. Seek Entertainment and Divert Your Mood

Seek Entertainment

At the time, when you miss someone and feeling lonely you need to do things that help you get out of its negative impact. Look for the entertainment and fun things to do.

Missing someone is a temporary emotion, and for that, you need to find something that keeps you busy and engaged for the next two or three hours. Of course, watching a favorite movie or Netflix series is the best option there to swing your mood.

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4. Be With the those Who are With You Right Now

Who Are With You Right Now

Don’t overlook the nearest friends and family around you, when you are on the stage to miss someone that is too far away. Instead of feeling down and lonely, it’s good for you to spend time with those who are with you right now.

This one is best to way to get out of that emotional attacks, Especially, when someone leaves you intentionally. Indeed, the stage of Post break-up cleanup , when you trying to handle the situation anyhow.

5. Get-together with Old Friends

Old Friends

Ok, you are currently missing someone special. Right? And this is not the first time. Previously you had the same feeling when you lose your school and childhood friends as well. So now, it’s time to organize the get-together party and invite them all.

Revive the old memories and live that moment again, that you enjoyed. Not only for you But also for others it will be a great time to remind all memories that you all have built together.

6. Just Ring Them or Video call. 

Video Call

And the shortest and most preferred thing to do when you miss someone is to just contact them anyway. If you can contact them, via voice or video call, then straightway call them…Simple.

Talking with them and seeing them through a video call, will release you from a sad moment. Also, Don’t forget to schedule a time before contacting them so that you both can give each other attention fully.

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7. Think about Yourself.

Think About Yourself

Missing someone you love, is actually a good thing, showing that you respect that person in your life. But if there is someone who left you without thinking about you or not valuing your presence, then it’s good to get out of that low moment as soon as possible. That will be beneficial for you.

You don’t have to rely on someone to make you feel happy. Think about you, just don’t be so dependent on others. Do something for yourself, you need to be with your own. Remember, No one can make you feel lonely until you are not allowing them to do so.

8. Indeed, Music Helps to Fill Their Absence. (For a moment)

Music Helps To Fill Their Absence.

Music is the best cure when you are feeling low at any moment. It’s a way to connect with your own soul and feel your own presence. When you are missing someone special, and can’t get out of the lower thinking then music helps there.

No, we don’t want you to play those sad songs and revenge songs, we want to listen to soulful tunes that you like. You are feeling sad deep inside, so play your favorite tracks and swing your mood in the right direction.

9. Write a Letter, Inform You are Missing Him/Her

Write A Letter when missing someone

Of course, you can call, text, or connect with them using any online messengers, the easy way. But for that special one, someone to whom you are missing, then do something special to them. What do you feel about writing a letter?

Indeed, that seems too traditional way to contact them. But writing a letter is a far better medium to connect with them emotionally. It is something that they can’t even think about. Further, you can send them thanking notes to remind you are respecting them, and you are waiting for them to come back.

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10. Socialize and Make New Connections

Socialize And Make New Connections

If it’s you who moved away from the native place and now is far from your friends, so you better to make new connections to a new place. Of course, now one can replace the person with whom you have enjoyed most of the past time.

But looking at the situation, you really need to develop a new friendship where you are shifted recently. Meeting with new peoples and adjusting with new environments, will no longer feel like you are lost and missing someone for a moment, of course.

11 Let it Out, Embrace Your Feelings For Them

Embrace Your Feelings when you mission someone

Missing someone who died, a person you just lost, is the hardest thing to handle. A person who passed away leaving some space behind for their nearest ones. That no one can fill so easily. At the time, Don’t try to retain your emotion forcibly, just let it out.

Embrace your feeling for that person who leaves you alone, grieve their absence, miss those good memories you have created together. Not necessarily everyone has to be strong every time. Let your tears reflect the love and honor you have for them, it’s saying them goodbye.


Missing someone you love, is the best thing that you can do to a person. Not all “miss you” moments have to be sad every time. It’s an expression of love, gratitude, respect from one to another. And sometimes it feels good after staying in that empty moment. Such temporary emotions feel good for a bit.

Whether it’s your friendship or relationship, think of it as growing a connection. Like every other challenge, this is one of a kind. So, if another person is also feeling the same as you, it’s always worth to feel their absence. Be sad for some time by missing someone special, and wait to meet them again.

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