When someone dies When someone dies

Routine life of a family suddenly shifts, when someone dies, close to them.

Death is certain, but don’t know the exact time of it.

Sometimes it comes with early warning signs and in some, it comes without warning. Losing someone closed can be really difficult for the entire family, no matter which way death came.

The life of a person changed suddenly after an unexpected loss of someone close to them. Also, this tragic event leaves with a lot many what to do next- questions for the family and nearest ones. There are certain procedures that have to be followed when someone dies. Further sharing the possible ways to handle this difficult phase.

Things You Need To Do When Someone Dies

1. Legal Formalities

If someone dies in hospital, hospital staff and doctor will guide you, what to do regarding death certificate and other formalities. And if that happened at home or another place, you need to know who are their closest one to call first and inform them about it.

2. Call on to Family, Friends and Close Relatives

If you are not directly related to someone who dies. Then call first to their immediate relatives like family and friends. They need to get aware of this unfortunate incident. If there is someone who dies in your colony with no close relatives, then you need to find and contact their family about it.

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3. Check For Their Last Wish, If They Shared With You

Find out that last wish that your loved one has shared with you, if that is related to organ donation, then contact the right donation organization for the purpose. Organ donation is the right option to do when a family wants, that person can help others even after death.

Things to do when someone dies

4. Make an Arrangement For Organ Donation

As a family member, check whether a person has planned for organ donation or not. If yes, then let the relevant hospital know about it immediately. This is a time-sensitive process, so you require to act too soon, without delay.

5. Care For Their Dependents and Pets

When someone dies at home leaving dependent member and pets behind, then find someone around who can take care of them for some time, till you manage for their future shelter.

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6. Secure Their Properties

If someone dies in your area surrounding, then make sure that their home and other moving properties like vehicles and bikes are locked up. If their close relatives haven’t been found yet, then contact the police and society chairman to help in the case.

7. Contact Their Employer

If someone dies during the ongoing employment, then call their employing company and inform them about it. That helps a family plus employer company to settle for a person’s salary, life insurance, any pension programs, etc.

When someone died

8. Inform the Funeral Participants

If you are planning for a funeral, inform that person’s relatives and friends to attain the event. Also, arrange the pallbearers and other members to help in this situation. You can also accept assistance from funeral directors there.

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9. Funeral Schedule. 

Set the time and place for a person’s funeral ceremony. Make a note of everything about what will happen and where. Share with other participants like family, friends, relatives, and all. So, they can manage their time accordingly. You need to take care of the most things regarding what to do when someone dies, focusing on time importance of family and relatives.

10 Notification to Bank and Financial Institutions

If your family member died recently, then you need to send the death certificate to the bank & insurance company where they hold their account and proceed to change account ownership. The relevant bank & insurance companies also guide you on what to do in the case. And you need to arrange the documents for the same.

What to do when someone dies

11. Adjustment for the Insurance Policies

When someone dies at home, then as a family member you need to settle down their insurance policies related to health, vehicle, home, or other properties. Depending on such policy requirements and regulations, you need to follow and make an application to close their accounts.

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12. Check For The Very Important Due payments. 

If you are aware of the regular payments that a dead person has due and need to pay regularly, such as house rent, electricity bill, or mortgage loan, etc. then also inform such parties about this incident. And if possible, then make sure to pay the amount on time.

13. Credit Card Closing Procedure. 

Check that person’s email and online accounts to find out if they holding any credit card accounts or not. If yes, then contact the relevant credit card company, call to their customer service and then send a mail with all required documents including death certificates and all, to fold their accounts.

14. Close Their Online Accounts. 

If that person was on Facebook and using any other online platform like Gmail, then you need to close such accounts. To prevent identity theft and any online fraud, you need to close that person’s online accounts. Moreover, when someone dies at home, their mobile, computer and other devices are the first priority to put on a safe place.

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Final Notes: 

We all know that death is certain. And is a truth of life, but when someone dies, everything suddenly changes for their loved ones. This is really very hard time for anyone who just lost someone. All things to do is to miss that someone and remind those positive memories, which being created together.

You don’t need to rush on anything to do after someone dies, other than informing their family and nearest ones. It also depends on the place where death happens, if that happened at home then let the other members spend some time with the body. Here you need not do anything, till not all their family member come to see a person for the last time. And if someone dies at a hospital, then discuss with the staff and doctor, about any customs and procedures to follow.

At some time after death, a doctor may ask you to donate a dead person’s organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, lungs, and cornea. That is for the transplantation of healthy organs of a dead person into the living person who actually needs that. Also, that makes a better way of saying goodbye to someone who died.

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