20 Things To Do When You Feel Low, feeling low 20 Things To Do When You Feel Low, feeling low

21 Things To Do When You Feel Low

Feeling low and in your down-moments right now?

Who doesn’t? We all have to pass through situations like this.

Life places you in some moment when all your plans fail one after one and you left with no any option other than to give up. Indeed, that is the hard phase of your life, when you feel lowest in life.

At that time, you lose faith and can give up Or you can take some time to think, redesign your plan, and continue with a new approach. The choice is yours over, how to handle such down moments. Indeed, it’s acceptable that facing a hard time is quite difficult as it seems, solely thinking positively won’t help. But you also need that patience to have while you are feeling low.

If you are also feeling low, then here we are suggesting the possible ways to overcome the hard phase of your life. So that you can overcome the negative outcome of it.

Suggested Things To Do When You Feel Low

1. Stop Being Hard For Yourself.

Don’t blame yourself for everything happening around you, that you can not control. No one can control everything in life. So better to relax and stop feeling low because of it. Most of the time, it’s we are the reason for our down moments.

2. Control Your Negative Thoughts

It’s your own negative thoughts that make you feel low. You just don’t have to be controlled by negative thinking anymore, be free from them, and do something that your heart wants. Don’t let external negativity impact you anyway, look for some positive things in life. If there is someone who ignores you, just divert your mind from them and focus on your well-being.

3. Give Yourself Some Time to Make a Change

Nothing happens instantly, you need to give yourself some time to think and act accordingly. Don’t be so hurry to do everything at once and achieve all your goals with one streak. Relax, take your time and reframe your plan. Divide your long term goals into smaller once and achieve that. The more you focus on bigger goals at first, the more you feel tensed if any time that goals seem impossible to you.

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4. Do Some Exercise.

Do Some Exercise.

The best thing you can do when your mood is down is to get up and do some exercise. Exercise helps you to divert your mood from any anxiety and tension you have. Apart from a better physique, exercise is also good for mental health.

5. Meet with Friends and Family

No matter for which reason you are feeling low, But spending time with family and loved ones always helps you to get out of it. That will swing your low moments and gives you positive vibes to get ahead in life. Probably, you feel empty and not knowing what to do when you miss someone and not able to connect them easily. So better to call them and talk to them.

6. Do Something for Yourself

You are giving enough work, so take some time to relax. Spend time with your own, do something that you love. Revive your habits and do something for yourself. Playing guitar, listening to music, like anything, you like to do in free -time. Do it fully, that will uplift your mood.

7. Look for Things You Can Do Better. 

Probably you are feeling low due to your work and career goals. If so, then perform self-evaluation. Track your work and progress you have made. Check what you can do and what you can not do. You don’t have to be perfect in everything. Redesign your plan and start doing something that you can do better.

8. Stop and Reflect in Your Self.

Stop And Reflect In Own Self, feeling low

Self-reflection performs better when you are feeling depressed and don’t know the reason behind it. After all, you need to find what makes you feel low. Is it you or any other external factors that cause a low moment for you. If you depend on other people for your happiness, then you end up feeling low for multiple times. Especially when someone hurts you feel down, as you rely on them to stay happy. Instead of that, be your own motivator, and practice self-inspiration.

9. Music Heals Everything. 

Music has the power to fix you in a better mood. Whenever you feel low, put your headphones on and listen to your favorite music, which ultimately shifts your moods and gives you mental relief. Indeed, music works better to overcome the down moments and control low thinkings in mind.

10. Believe it’s Temporary. 

When you are up to achieving something great, chances are you may have to face many lowest moments in between. In hard times, instead of losing hope and simply give up, it’s better to keep going with beliving on yourself. Believe whatever is happening right now, is just temporary and this time will pass anyway. All you need to have a focus on the bright future, for which you are working on it.

11. Time to Take a Nap. 

Indeed, you have been working for so long and going in the right direction. But at some point, you need a break and give your body a little rest. It’s time to recharge yourself for a while. Sleeping for a bit when you feeling low, gives you timely rest that you really need at a moment. And when you can’t sleep anyway, you better relaxing your mind by following our suggested articles on better sleep.

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12. Plan Your Daily Routine. 

Plan Your Daily Routine.

In most cases, we feel depressed due to not achieving the decided goals and not working as planned. And that happens, also because we all are not setting any priorities to focus. We have a lot many things to do at once, which ultimately creates confusion and so the worries. So better to have your planned schedule first and eliminate distractions, if any.

13. Remind Your Old Memories, that Make You Feel Good.

Try to remind the old positive and happy memories, that you want to live again. Go back to the past events and memorize the proudest things you have done there. Or else you can look through your old childhood pictures to rewind your past memories. Doing things like that, you will be free from current low moments and feel good inside for what you have done so far.

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14. Have a Journal,  and Write Something.

If you are feeling low and have nothing else to do, except thinking and worrying about it. Try writing the journal. Make a habit to write the major things that give you the proudest moment in life and the lowest ones, as well. Such habits will release you from unnecessary tensions. You feel better after viewing that you have more positive things in life than the negative ones.

15. Reach Out to Your Old Friends

Whenever you feel low, then try to get back in touch with your childhood friends and school friends, to whom you haven’t met a long time. It’s time to reconnect with them and remind all those memories that you have built together. Such moments will totally refresh your moods and fill your heart with love.

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16. Follow Gratitude. 

Follow Gratitude when you feel low

Not only you, but there are also others around you who are going through a low moment in life. So practice gratitude and develop a habit to help someone who needs any help. At the time, when you support others, you feel positive inside, that never lets you feel low anymore.

17. Get some Fresh Air.

If you are working from home and spending a lot of time indoors with your computer, then you need to make time to get out of the house frequently. Working from home can be sometimes overwhelming and feeling low inside. That also can be the reason why you feel down sometimes. So better to go out, have some fresh air, or even dine out with family and friends.

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18. Look For What Matters to You.

Sometimes we are bound by unnecessary things that actually have no actual impact on our life. Such things create anxiety and pressurize yourself to do something under stress. For that, we need to focus on things that are important in our life. If you really want to get out of being in a low moment, you have to let go of things that are not worth your time.

19. Take a Vacation and Time-off. 

Probably you are feeling low due to working for a long time, also due to burnout. So it’s always good to take some time off and take a rest. Temporary vacation is a need when you want to feel relaxed and to get back with new energies. After all, burnout holds you at some point, which resulting in give up tasks anyway.

20. Do Meditation.

Spend Some Time With Ownself in low moments

If you want to get out of the lowest moment in your life, then you need to relax your mind and free-up your soul. Sometimes it is better to spend some time alone, and meditate. You need to stop your negative thoughts to hold you back. Relieve yourself from anxiety and mental stress, let it all go and connect with yourself.

21. Just do nothing. 

Well, this might be the first thing to do in your mind when you feel low. Afterall, at that time, you are not in a mood for doing anything. It’s fine. Sometimes, it’s good to do nothing and stay still. Especially when you are at your lowest mood, you should either take break from your work and enjoy doing nothing. Take this time to relax your mind and when you feel good, get back to work.

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Final Thoughts

It’s an individual’s choice of how they think and believe for ownself. Some People feel low due to their surroundings, whereas some are there, who never get frustrated due to any external factors. But hard times come to all of us. And, we all have to face those low moments.

Everyone treats hard times based on their own attitude and thinking. Again, it’s up to the person’s nature deciding whether to let the other things control their behavior or not. Patience is a must, especially when you are feeling low at any moment in your life. Believe in yourself, works there always.

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