Things to do when you can’t sleep Things to do when you can’t sleep

16 Relaxing Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Are you experiencing insomnia right now? And, you are staring at the ceiling because you can’t sleep.

Of course, that’s why you are here, after googling for, “what to do when you can’t sleep”.

Not only for mental relief but also, for the entire body, sleeping on time is essential. It gives your body time to relax and recharge for the next day’s challenges. But what to do when your mind is stopping you from going into a rechanging mode? Or you are tired but can’t sleep anyway.

That’s what this article is about.

Suggested Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep Through The Night.

Here we are sharing a list of good tips and tricks to get into sleeping mode quickly when facing sleeping problems.

1. Read a Book

Grab the book of your interest, and read when you can’t sleep. You can read interesting books in digital format on apps like Kindle, GoodReads. But prefer to read a book from your bookcase that you purchased in printed format.  If you love reading when you feel low and alone, then this is the best time to focus on your reading and learning new ideas and concepts.

2. Listen to Soft Music

It is not time to listen to your favorite rock songs and remix songs, which also won’t let others sleep properly. Here, we are suggesting you listen to the soulful, acoustic songs. So put your headphones on and listen to the playlists that calm down whatever is running on your mind, and let you sleep well. More than that classical songs are the best option to eliminate the negative thoughts and relax your minds.

3. Use Helpful Apps, When You Can’t Sleep

If any tips or tricks are not helping you to sleep properly, then download relaxation and sleeping-help applications that are for mental harmony. Headspace, is one of a kind app that helps you to have a better sleep by controlling unnecessary thoughts.

4. Write a Journal

Write A Journal

Still, can’t control your thoughts and worry about the future? Then write them down in your notes or journal. That’ll notify your mind, that you have to make a note now, so it won’t bother you anymore.  Especially, when you are thinking something creative or strategic during sleeping time, this approach helps you to stop overthinking at midnight.

5. If Possible, Just Get That Thing Done. 

Are you thinking about the presentation or article you are about to complete the next day? If you are feeling overly excited or overly tensed due to tasks you about to do in next morning, then it is better to finish right now. That extreme feeling won’t let you sleep easily, so good for you to do it now, if possible. (But don’t keep doing it till next morning.)

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6. Do Things That Feel You Boring

If you can’t sleep at night, then do something that you don’t like to do when you are fully awake. It can be anything from reading your old school books or even doing your homework. if you are in school/college. Doing such boring things when you can’t sleep, will help you sleep within twenty minutes or less.

7. Put On Your Eye-mask

If there is any way the light coming into your room and disturbing your sleep, then cover your eyes with an eye-mask. Not having eye-mask? Then grab a hand towel and cover your eyes, so that you can sleep better.  Even your mobile’s notification and charging LED light, can impact your sleep, so charge it in another room.

8. Body and Muscle Relaxation.

things to do when you can't sleep

Sleep is itself a way to relax your body, mentally and physically. But what to do when you can’t sleep, when it’s time to? Next here, you can follow some relaxation techniques that improve mental rest and help you sleep better.  Progressive muscle relaxation is one of a technique, that enhances your sleep quality, by overcoming pressures and irrational thoughts, which are not letting you sleep.

9. Imitate, As If You Fall Asleep. Fake it.

Even if you are trying to sleep in various positions and now reach the moment of “I can’t sleep”, then you need to do this effective method. You require to trick yourself, that you are in sleep right now. Make yourself believe that you have fallen asleep. Lose yourself freely and imagine you are not in charge of your thoughts, relax your mind, and let it go in sleeping mode on its own.

10. Look for Your Room Temperature.

You have adjusted your body cleanliness and temperature, but if you are still facing sleeping problems, then time to adjust your room temperature. Make sure your room temperature is at the optimum level of sleeping conditions. The too hot or too cold temperature will impact your sleep and keeps you tossing and turning the whole night. Turn on the fan or adjust the air conditioner to maintain the idle room temperature for you to fall asleep quickly.

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11. Take a Walk in Your Home or Balcony.

Get out of your bed, if you fail to sleep in every attempt. Take a walk in your home a bit. Don’t rush to tv and think about watching boring tv shows to help you sleep. A tv or mobile screen at midnight damages your eyesight and also will infect your routine sleeping habits. Just take a walk around your house, out of your bedroom get back to your bed, and try again.

12. Have a Bath and Change Your Clothes. Be Comfy.

Change Your Clothes

If you can’t sleep due to room temperature and sweating, then probably you need to take a shower. That helps you to sleep better, by relaxing your body and mental strain. Change your clothes and wear loose, breathing clothes, that lets air circulation pass freely. If you are feeling tired and still can’t sleep anyway, a midnight shower helps you to fall asleep quickly.

13. You Could Also Change Your Bedsheet and Pillow.

It’s probably an uncomfortable bed that won’t let you sleep easily. Then, try to change your bedsheet. If you haven’t changed your sheet for long, that also prevents you from sleeping restfully. Make sure you have good mattresses with the right clothing material, to give you quality sleep.

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14. Don’t Keep Staring at the Clock.

It’s absolutely normal that you keep checking the time at midnight when you can’t sleep properly. But, here we want you to try to avoid that. Why because, counting the time on repeat, ultimately gives you more worries over how much time left for sleep. And that will divert your mental calmness from thinking and can’t sleep anxiety.

15. Force Yourself to Stay Awake.

As a counter-attack on your sleeping problems, using reverse psychology, you can force yourself to stay awake. For the people facing insomnia, this is a useful technique to persuade themselves for things they want to avoid. So instead of struggling yourself to sleep anyhow, try to stay awake though. This method works best in most cases and lets you fall asleep very soon.

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16. Get Rid of Your Habit of Sleepin During the Day.

Avoid Sleeping During The Day

Most probably the day sleep (not a power nap), also impacts the night sleeping routine. Not in most cases and in personality, but it is possible in some, when a person already has enough sleep during the day, facing a sleeping problem at night.  If you have a habit of taking a nap in the daytime, try to avoid that. Especially when you are struggling to sleep later on due to that.

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Sleep is a requirement for having an energetic body. It’s time to take a rest and re-engage in routine activities with improved energies. And lack of good sleep ultimately damages the person’s stability and routine life. The above given all tips and tricks are our suggestions for you to try when you are suffering from sleeping problems.

There are many other ways like changing a lifestyle, following worklist, and time management apps, to arrange your 24 hours well. That helps you to organize everything at the right time, including your work-time to a sleeping schedule. Moreover, you really need to start eating healthy, as your eating habits also affect your sleep.

When everything goes as planned, you find improved life, fewer disturbances, improved sleep quality, and no more “I can’t sleep anxiety”. For sure.

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