What to do when someone hurts you What to do when someone hurts you

If you’ve loved someone truly, probably at least once in a while, you have been hurt by that someone. Only those people can feel you being hurt, with whom you have shared the most Trust and true Feelings.

Feeling hurt is one of the lowest moments in a person’s life. This is the phase of life when you feel like you’re disrespected, ignored, and forgotten, by those, you believe that they are your close ones. When someone hurts you, the common advice from your well-wishers, family, and friends, is to get over it and move on. And, a fact is they are right, also.

But, it’s only you who understands how it feels inside when someone hurts you, and getting over it, is not that much easy, as it seems.

So what you can do to overcome such negative impacts and move ahead in life, that’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Further, we are sharing, our suggestions on what to respond when someone hurts you over and over. Plus, how you can move away from things that you just can not get rid of easily?

Best Things To Say and To Do When Someone Hurts You

1. Keep Distance From Someone Who Hurts You.

You don’t want to feel bad and miserable inside all the time, right? So better, if you stay away from such people who have hurt your feelings. As long as you stay away from that someone who ignoring you for no reason, any negative things won’t bother you anymore. The reason to avoid such a person is not to accept that they are right. But, is the best way to ignore such additional conflicts with that person.

If the person (who hurt you) means special to you, the distancing helps to avoid any unnecessary fights between you two. And, if that person is nothing for you, then why give them a chance to fulfill their ego and create more problems for you? So staying away during this time is the best, to overcome any further negative upshots.

2. Set the Past Aside and Live In the Present.

Set past aside and live in present.

You don’t have to keep yourself controlled by past events and hurt feelings. You need to get over it as time passes, it’s needed for improving your quality of life. Keep reminding of past failures and feeling hurt all the time, will not let you enjoy the present time fully. Focus on the important things in your life, not everything needs your attention and time.

Whatever happened in the past, let it be there. Focus on future aspects of life, focus on your goals, and keep going. Failures and hatred are the eye-opening events that happen, to teach you something valuable in life. So don’t let such things cover your present happiness.

3. Stop Blaming and Beating Yourself Up.

Don’t feel inferior for yourself, you are not the only reason for any bad thing that happened. Relationships can never feel complete by one person only, it’s the responsibility of both people to keep it going on. When someone hurts you deeply, you probably think that it’s your fault for whatever happened. Maybe the person is not right for you, or not just compatible with your personality.

Indeed, you can be wrong at some point, but you are not the only one who is responsible for any bad happening. If you accept your mistakes and feel guilty, then another one also has to understand their responsibility as well. So, instead of staying with them unwillingly, or feeling hurt all time, it’s better for both to move on.

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4.  Don’t be Sad, Understand Their Viewpoints, too.

Don’t be sad

Before you feel lower in life, also look for the actual reason for it. Means find is it your misunderstanding or person does it with intention? Until you don’t get the right reason for it, don’t feel hurt inside. May happen that person has no intention to hurt you, but it’s you, your thinking that persuades you to think in such a way.

And when someone insulted you with any intention then look for it, why have they done that to you? Don’t take it personally, when that someone is your own, who have been doing or saying always right for you. Sometimes parents and teachers, need to get strict for kids to make them understand, when kids are going on the wrong track.

5 Believe in Yourself.

No one can hurt you until you make yourself feel hurt inside. So believe in yourself. When someone is shouting at you, let them do, maintain your cool. You don’t have to react to everything from everyone. Just don’t let others’ anger issues damage your mental calmness. You are here for your own. As no one can make you, so don’t allow them to break you.

When someone hurts you, let them do what they want. Stay calm and believe in yourself. That’s what you can do. Because you become what you think, not what others force you to be. Maintain your self-worth and keep doing things that you want to do.

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6. Make a Plan to Improve Yourself, Not to Take Revenge.

Improve yourself

In most cases, when someone insults a person, the other person is desperately looking for a chance to hurt-back the person. Don’t be that guy, you don’t have to invest your energies in the negative things. Put your time and energy in productive usage, and in developing yourself. Focus on your self-growth techniques, and advance your skills.

Don’t try to play a blame game and take revenge on the person who has insulted you. Also, you don’t have to take them seriously, when they don’t know your strengths and weaknesses. Be with positive mind and maintain your cool, keep doing things for yourself, not to beat others.

7. Focus on Positive Aspects of Life.

Insults and hurt feelings bring the negative phase of life along. Until you are not getting over it, you can never grow in life. You have to let it go and forget about such incidents. Indeed, that is a tough task to do, but believe you, these are not the things that help you get ahead in life. Such things only keep you unmotivated and lost in life.

Look for the positive things in life and be with the positive minds around you. Don’t keep yourself limited to that person who keeps hunting you anyway. So stop thinking about negative things and invest time in making life better. Spend time on your hobbies, and create beautiful memories with your loved ones, that’s better. Rather than thinking about how someone hurt you and ignored your feelings.

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8. Don’t Think That, Everyone is The Same.

What to say to someone hurts you

Hard times come in everyone’s life. Not a single person is free from the problem in life, so don’t expect your life to be perfect all the time. Also, don’t feel attached to any person so easily, until you don’t understand that person and their behavior well. Not reading the other person’s nature and personality also ends up feeling you hurt at some point.

Every person you meet is not likely to be your best friend or partner, also don’t force them to be like you.

Certainly, there is the one with whom you can connect so easily. Don’t misunderstand that, all people are the same while approaching. So look for the individual traits and personality types, and see how much you can relate with them. Moreover, Don’t treat every person the same, echoing that one who hurt you in the past.

Life will be a lot easier when you know whom to miss and whom to forget. It is always worth waiting and missing someone who has values for you. Similarly, it’s better to leave other ones, for your good.

Final Thoughts

We know how it feels when someone hurts you, especially the one, for whom you have more respect and love. But, rather than regretting it over a lifetime, it’s better for a person to move on and make life worth living. Always remember, people will come and go anyway. Also, you can react, respond, and say anything as your emotions force you to when your loved ones hurt you. But above everything, consider your inner self, first. Of course, you don’t want to feel other people the same as you are, Do you?

Don’t let your life stop, by any person, by any means. So, instead of focusing on the negative outcomes, prefer to look from the positive side. Focus on your life, on your goal. As failures teach you a life longing lesson, “Feeling hurt”-moment realizes you how it feels when someone hurts you over and over. Experiencing such things, you’ll never hurt anyone in life so easily, plus you value their presence in your life.

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