What to do when someone insults you What to do when someone insults you

Feeling insulted?

Don’t take that too personally when someone insults you particularly when that someone is your family member or true friend, who thinks only good for you.

Just prefer to stay calm before saying and acting in your favor. You also have to understand who has insulted you and for which reason.

Of course, It’s harder to deal with insults from family members, than other strangers.

Remember, not all insults are aimed to impact negatively as the person thinks it is. Especially for a young age group, when a family or parents insults you, then you better identify the purpose behind it.

There must be some positive cause for such so-called insults. Family and parents want you to get ahead in life. They criticize for your goodness so that you can understand most important things in life if you are going on the wrong track.

When You Don’t Know What to Say or Do When Someone Insults You?

Insults are an informal way of expression in which a person speaks or treats another person with disrespect.

So what to do when someone insults you.

Moreover, if you just can’t get rid of the feeling of being insulted, then here are the top 12 possible ways you can react when someone insults you.

1. React With Anger (Most common approach)

React with anger

Anger is the emotion we resort to when we feel vulnerable or want to protect ourselves from any type of danger the brain would feel. Anger is not an optimum solution to do when someone insults you.

By getting angry, the other person shall know that the insults are getting to you. Anger also tends to cloud your thinking capacity and may further invite more insults. Cursing and getting personal can be one of the outcomes of getting angry.

Getting angry is not suggested as it may only make things worse, and even the smallest of insults can make mountains out of molehills, which is something you should avoid. So better to overcome the sadness that you have from such insults because later that will transform into anger to take revenge.

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2. Defend Yourself With Humour

Defend yourself with humour

Humour is the best defense mechanism in this situation. Using humor is a go-to solution when you don’t know how to reply when someone insults you.

You can instantly use the insulter’s insult and insult them back in a hilarious way so the tension defuses. This is suggested when the insults are from someone who has not insulted something personally or crossed the line which he should not.

Insults are a way of showing affection too and not only to disrespect someone. People tend to insult their friends or loved ones more than they insult others.

So humor can be used more often when someone close to you insults you. Laugh off the insult and move on. That’s how to respond to insults when that someone is your own.

3. Regain Composure

Regain composure

Do not react instantly, take deep breathes, and calm yourself down. This will avoid many conflicts that may have happened if you had not stopped yourself and calmed yourself. Being in the right state of mind is crucial as it will make you see things far more clearly.

After regaining composure, you can reply as you may please, hopefully not escalating the matter further.

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4. Tell the Authority

Tell the authority

If the insults turn into something more aggressive, then let someone in charge know. Like someone cannot in any way insult you regarding your Religion, Sexual orientation etcetera. If someone crosses the line, let the authority know. Tell your boss or employee or file an official complaint to the police if needed.

Remember that it is no shame to stand up to a bully and seek help if you’re being faced with aggression. Because generally these kinds of insults and bullies can soon be transformed into something physical. so seeking help is the best thing to do in case you see lines are crossed.

5. Ignore them if they’re being negative.  

Ignore them if they're being negative

Some people have the tendency to insult people which sometimes they do not even realize. And the best way to tackle this kind of people is to simply ignore them.

Ignoring people whose insults are just weak and pathetic, also is a great answer to your question of what to do when someone insults you.

Ignoring them will make them realize you don’t even care enough to react to the things they are saying and that their insults are insignificant to you. This will give you the satisfaction of making them feel bad without even remotely doing anything. Just stay away from that someone who ignores your good side and only focuses on your mistakes.

6. Talk to the Person and Tell Them to Stop

Talk to the person and tell them to stop

It is okay to tell the person to back off as you are not okay with them insulting you. If the person is close to you it shall be really easy to talk with them and tell them you are not okay with the insults, it doesn’t matter even if they are playful insults.

Generally, the outcome of standing up for yourself is good as there won’t be issues regarding this matter in the future. There are some smart things to say when someone insults you, and your approach to responding to them matters at the end.

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7. All the Other Options for What to Do When Someone Insults You

Other options for what to do when someone insults you

Insult them with the same intensity as they insulted you. One of the two things shall happen in this situation which is too obvious, 1) The person shall stop insulting you because he hadn’t accepted you to do the same or 2) the things shall escalate as they won’t take the insult and insult you more or get aggressive.

Accept the insult. It can be in a form of constructive criticism, which in turn is actually good for you and you should not fight it, rather accept it graciously and make yourself a better person. Though there is a difference between criticizing and insulting which you have to understand and act accordingly.

8. Think Logical Before Doing Anything

Think logical before doing anything

We are not saying to accept whatever the person says to you after being insulted. But we want you to think about it in logical aspects. As said earlier, if there are your well-wishers who insult you, then you better know their purpose behind it.

No person who wants you to grow will ever try to demotivate you by any means. Such persons just want you to make some positive changes in yourself.

So think logically and discuss with them the reason why they insult you or what changes they want in you. For that, you have to make yourself believe that you are not perfect and they are your own, who talks in your favor.

They are not insulting you but telling the truth which you must know. After all, they are your parents, teachers, true friends who know the required improvements in your personality for your better.

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9. Is it really insults or Is it you who think it is?

Is it really insults or is it you who think it is

I know how it feels when someone insults you. But before doing and saying anything as a counter-attack, you can first check if it is really an insult for you or if it’s your mindsets that persuade you to think, it is.

Indeed, the thinking process of a person is the root of all that we think and what we do. It may feel like an insult to you, But a person who expresses such emotions may not have the intention to do it.

For example, jokes and funny insults are common in friends’ circles. Your friends who you think insults you have expressed their funny comments as part of witticism, not necessarily to demotivate or make you feel inferior. So don’t take that personally. Yeah, it’s your mind which believes you, that your friends tried to put you down. That just shows you the negative remarks. So better to read their tone of voice, plus check your sense of humor, before labeling as “Feeling Insulted”.

10. Maintain a Positive Attitude (Harder, But effective approach)

Maintain a positive attitude

And if you really found that someone insults you willingly, then what you can do other than getting angry and take revenge…is to maintain your positive attitude. Yeah, it seems difficult at first, when you are flooded with ideas for paying back. Also, I know it’s easy to say without knowing one’s state of mind and feelings. But it is the best way to do it for yourself. Stay positive is what to do when someone insults you. You don’t need to take those words impacting your positive soul.

The idea of maintaining a positive attitude even after someone insults you is actually a proof showing them, their words just can’t define you. Of course, you feel low when someone insulting you and hurt you anyway. But, remember they insulted you simply because they don’t know you, your personality and what you can do.

Show your positive approach in life, which can never be infected by any negative means. You are more than they can speak and Judge. Just show them your personality is way bigger than their words. So better to not let their personal comments influence you negatively, especially those that are not motivating you.

11. Count it as room for improvement. 

Room of improvement

While it is difficult to accept the insult, accepting it is the correct approach to take. This is especially true when older and wiser people who are close to you are actually trying to criticize you for your mistakes and flaws, not as an insult.

Rather than evaluating their words from your viewpoints, you also want to check for their motive as well. Who knows they want to update you on something or try to help you change your behavior that might create trouble for you later on.

You may think that accepting their words and showing you’re wrong will present you as weak. But, check who they are and what their purpose is. We often take advice, suggestions from our best friend, elder brother or sister, parents and teacher as an insult to our identity, but don’t know it’s actually for our own benefits. 

Try to learn something from their words. Never judge and see things as you believe in.

Learn to handle rejections, also see it as advice from someone who’s more experienced than you. And when someone insults you, then check things from their side, too. Ultimately, your people do not mean to bully or put you down, they want you to succeed and move forward in life.

Remember, they know you better, and thus they can help you change something that may be holding you back. There will no longer be any insults to you, when you see things this way. 

12. Write Down What You Feel.

Write down what you feel.

Sometimes when we think we get very emotional and anxious, we start overthinking and keep making results and conversations within. So, take a deep breath and calm your thoughts by writing them on paper this will bring clarity to what is actually bothering you.

Sometimes mind filled with thoughts cannot clarify or sort things outputting it on paper can help you a lot, keep this thing so you would be able to understand what triggers you. 

This will overcome help you to puke out your emotions and clarity how to overcome the emotions.

How to Reply Back When Someone Insults You

Even though the above suggestions are great for you to tackle any situation in which you have to do something when someone insults you repeatedly. But, what to say to give them a better return.

Well, here sharing some best painful insult quotes that you can use in the same situation. These are part of when someone insults you quotes, and that’s enough to give them a tight reply.

Here Are Some of the Quotes To Use When Someone Insults You.

  1. Arguing with a fool only proves there are two.
  2. If your goal was to be hurtful, mission accomplished.
  3. If I had a chance to be someone else, I would be you. I want to know how can a person be so rude.
  4. Repeat exactly what they said. Definitely, it will irritate the person.
  5. You hate me cuz You ain’t me.
  6. You do not have enough brain to have an opinion.
  7. Let me guess, Were you born on a highway? Because most accidents happen there.
  8. You are like “Terms & conditions”. Everyone ignores them as well.
  9. You remind me of Penny, Two-faced, and Not worthy.
  10. I really wish you step on a lego.
  11. I know you are not my hater. But a Fan, who notices everything about me.
  12. Thank you for making me this famous.
  13. Please, don’t panic. I’m not insulting you. But, describing you.
  14. How strange it is that “Awesome” ends with “Me”. And “Ugly” starts with “U”.
  15. Wish that you can be at my place and can see, How bogus you look from here?
  16. Yes, I know I’m not perfect. But, glad that, I’m not you.
  17. I’m just jealous of everyone who hasn’t met you. How lucky they are.
  18. Have a problem with me? Then call me. Don’t have my number? Then, know me well.
  19. I can imagine, How relaxed your family feels when you are not at home?
  20. Earth is already full. So, you can go back to your planet.
  21. You can say whatever is on your mind. I have nothing to prove to you.
  22. No matter what you do some people will never respect you. So stop hoping for it.
  23. I know you’re frustrated, but let me tell you that whatever you say it won’t affect me. 
  24. What you talk about others itself shows what you think about yourself.
  25. If you want to deal with insulting behavior the perfect way, just smile at them. 
  26. They might try to insult you, but it’s on you to decide if you take it seriously. 
  27. No one could insult you if you know yourself and have set a value for yourself. 
  28. Stop wasting your time on someone who insults you. Keep doing what you enjoy. 
  29. No matter what you do, some will not love you, they will insult you anyway.
  30. You don’t need any validation. So why take their insults personally?
  31. If they praise you, accept it heatly. If they insult you, ignore them proudly.

Smart Things To Say When Someone Insults You

Well, earlier we have discussed some best ideas to do after listening to such insulting words and personal comments. But, Being calm and ignoring them is not possible for everyone, or in every situation. 

And yes, sometimes you need powerful comebacks of their insults, so that next time they think before speaking anything against you. You need to give powerful replies, just like using their words on them, as well.

Depending on the level of insults and especially ‘that’ person’s consistent behavior at you, you need to have your guard ready always. 

Here sharing some quick comebacks to say when someone insults you. 

  1. I feel bad for you, the world is a tough place for people like you.
  2. Hope you get to meet more people like you. 
  3. Seems like you don’t have the mind to understand anything. 
  4. I can understand. Nature did bad to you.
  5. You are as useless as ‘ueue’ in ‘Queue’.
  6. You are that last piece of bread, that everyone ignores. 
  7. I’m so jealous of those who haven’t met you. 
  8. You need to make an appointment to get the answer from me. 
  9. Your family must be happy when you’re not home. 
  10. Thank god, we get to see you at school only. 
  11. Best advice to you: Stop being you.
  12. Are you that natural or have attained a course to behave in such a way?
  13. No surprise anymore. Just realized why everyone prefers to talk behind your back. 
  14. Anyone who sees you has bad luck for the rest day, itself.
  15. I’ll sue my parents, after receiving a face like you.
  16. You will go that far in life. That no one wants you to come back.
  17. You’re just like a penny, two-faced.
  18. Of course, I can beat you. But, that’ll be animal abuse. 
  19. Hey, look your nose is again in my business here. 
  20. Funny thing is, the person who talks so much about you, knows nothing real.
  21. You look cute when you’re shut up.
  22. I feel bad for your family members when you’re home.
  23. Even mirror control laughs after seeing you.
  24. I know where to invest my time. Hope you know that too. 
  25. That was a great day Before I saw you.
  26. Are you born stupid or trained by professionals?
  27. Sorry, I’m done for the day. But, you can come never again. 
  28. I wish I could undo our first meeting So that I can save myself.
  29. You will be jailed if talking nonsense was a crime. 
  30. Hard to inform. But, no one can photoshop a face like yours.
  31. We want you to go to the other side of that door.
  32. Even onions start crying after seeing you. 
  33. You’re kind. Because you think of others, more than your own. 
  34. Stay there. We’re trying to ignore you. 
  35. When you have a life to live. Then, live it. Don’t waste it on others.
  36.  You need a bite on the neck from the snake. 
  37. I’m just waiting for your leave. So that I can enjoy my beautiful day. 
  38. There’s nothing left here. You can go somewhere else. 
  39. Because of people like you, many people have to take meditation classes.
  40. Hope you get your mind soon. Now things are getting tough for us, too. 
  41. Your mind is of the best quality because it’s still unused. 
  42. Your parents must be ashamed after introducing you, every time.
  43. I can’t help, but I’m sorry. Because life for people like you is tough. 
  44. Let me guess. You haven’t got your morning coffee. 
  45. Well, this will be hard for you, but I know you’ll manage that.
  46. Okay, that’s your opinion. But I’m entirely sorry. 
  47. If you can be silent, this world can be better.
  48. Do I seem like I don’t care about what you say about me?
  49. Oh, so now you’ve nothing to say, so you correct my grammar?
  50. Well, if you think that saying anything will make me react, you’re wrong. 
  51. Surprised, how you know so much about me, without I’m telling you anything. 
  52. No one asked you for your opinion, so why be so excited to say it?

Final thoughts:

Indeed, insults and put-downs hurt one potential effort and mental calmness. Even sometimes it creates a negative impression in a person’s beliefs and damages his self-confidence. But as discussed in some cases, that not all insults are there to put you down, it’s up to you how to react and respond to insults.

You can stay angry and thinking about taking revenge from a person or can get a message out of it and develop yourself accordingly. So the choice is yours what to do when someone insults you.

If you take examples of the greatest personalities in the world, they all have repaid their insults with greater success. Certainly, you can follow that approach to repay insulted feelings with such positive remarks in own life. Or just prioritize your personal ego and make a revenge plan for them, with negative feelings, of course.

I think the first option of repaying with massive success is better, what do you think?

Share any suggestions in the comment on, how will you reply when someone insults you?

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