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Yes, becoming a super human isn’t a myth.

The ability to become a superhuman is within all of us. Do you wish to be smarter, wittier, and more productive or be able to solve complex problems with ease? If yes, I have collected the most precise 6 ways to become a SUPERHUMAN!

1. Learning New and Challenging Skills

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human

Using your time productively on acquiring some new challenging skills can be beneficial; it can be a new language, any dance, some sport or anything that is mentally or physically stiff. While procuring challenging skills, we force our brain to evolve and create new neural pathways.

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2. Physical Exercising

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human exercise

Physical exercise is not only good for your body’s health but it also keeps your brain smart. It improves memory and thinking skills, improves mood and sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. Different types of exercises have different mental and physical benefits. For example, hippo campus, the brain area involved in verbal memory and training can be boosted with regular aerobic exercises.

3. Mental Exercising

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human brain exercise

Sometimes, after a long day when you get to bed, your body begins to relax but your mind doesn’t. Mental exercises can fix this. It reduces tension, generates optimism and self confidence and can cure various mental diseases.

4. Smart Reading

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human smart reading

Utilize your time reading books or interesting,informative stuff on Google. Visiting sites like Factsie, Lumosity and Instructables daily can help you excel in varied subjects. Even subscribing to magazines or newspapers like The Reader’s Digest can assist you in achieving this objective.

5. Eating Right

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human food

Eating right has a lot of benefits. It keeps you fit, promotes a positive mood and increases learning ability. Cut out soda or any type of alcohol. Foods rich in omega 3 like fish oil and brain boosting beverages like hot chocolate or green tea are certain to aid you.

6. Intermittent Fasting

6 hacks to turn yourself into a super human intermittent fasting

This is not easy to practice but studies have proven that it brings exceptional levels of mental clarity and improved health. It reduces the risk of heart diseases also. No pill is enough to harness the full capacity of your brain; the true extraordinary benefits come from integrating all these strategies.

Note: Before starting ‘intermittent fasting’ please read carefully about it and also check whether it is advisable for you or not.

By applying these tips daily, you will be able to unleash the superhuman within you. Believe me, once you start,you won’t be able to stop. “Yes, it won’t happen overnight but the result will definitely stand the test of time.”

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