Truth & Dare Questions

194 Trending Truth & Dare Questions You Should Try Now

Truth & Dare Questions are the best option to spend quality time doing some fun things, at occasional gatherings or weekend parties with close friends.

You know the rule of this game, where one player asks the other, Truth or Dare? And if a person opts for Truth then he’s supposed to answer honestly to any question. And if a person chooses Dare, then he must be prepared for the challenging act given by others.

Indeed, the game is quite fun and a good time spending with friends. But the main part of the game is on deciding, which questions to be asked? And which dare things to assign? So here sharing our top picked Truth and Dare questions for your party game.

Truth or Dare Questions to ask a guy or a girl

Questions to try, if you choose “Truth” while playing truth and dare.

Truth Or Dare Game

    1. Be frank…Who is the one you hate the most in this room?
    2. Have you played Adult card games at your family gatherings?
    3. Name that horror movie that scared you the most?
    4. Your one habit that you just can’t get rid of…
    5. Are you a Bathroom singer?
    6. Share your embarrassing moment from school days, that we don’t know?
    7. Accordingly to you, what is true love?
    8. Have you created a fake Facebook profile to track that anyone?
    9. Chance of your marriage with a current girlfriend. (Give percentage)
    10. What will you do if you have a million dollars in the bank?
    11. Internet or A/C, which one do you prefer?
    12. Which is the best compliment given to a girl?
    13. What will you do, if you get a chance to go five years back from now?
    14. One dirty thing, you will regret the entire life because of doing it.
    15. The creepiest dream you just can’t stop thinking about.
    16. What is that, you are most afraid of?
    17. This is your last day on earth, what will you do in the remaining hours?
    18. If the killing was legal, who’ll be your first target?
    19. Are you still watching cartoons?
    20. The silliest names of yours, that we don’t know.
    21. Will you vote for the current president to win again?
    22. Are you using filters on every photo before uploading?
    23. Do you maintain a personal diary?
    24. Celebrity, you just obsessed about.
    25. That one person in the room, you have secret jealousy inside.
    26. Desert and Island, where you want to play the survival game?
    27. Monthly budget, you spend on your makeup only.
    28. Your worst first date incident you are still embarrassing of…
    29. Have you ever tried Chinese food? And wanna try it again?
    30. That swear, you take because of someone insults you.
    31. What were you thinking, while the rest were singing happy birthday for you?
    32. After seeing your best friend with your crush, what will be your action plan?
    33. Have you ever cheated in any exam and caught up?
    34. Best friend and Crush, who is the one you save first?
    35. What are the personality and characteristics you like the most?
    36. Last time you cried that no one knows? Share us your lowest moment in life.
    37. Have you ever lied about your age?
    38. How excited are you about getting married?
    39. School or College friend? Who do you love the most?
    40. What are your career goals?
    41. Have you ever caught up eating in the class?
    42. Tell us that one thing you are hiding from parents.
    43. Last time you visited the Jail.
    44. Have you ever stolen something?
    45. How many times do you feel that it’s true love?
    46. And that dumb things you do to get love?
    47. That one animal.. you think it matches your personality.
    48. Are you really enjoying family gatherings?
    49. Arranged marriage and Love marriage, what’s your choice?
    50. Do you drink while driving? Any incidents?
    51. Are you happy with your self, for what you are doing?
    52. What is your guilty pleasure?
    53. Have you ever watched any typical clique movie of your parent’s era?
    54. Have you ever mistakenly sent a chat screenshot to that same person?
    55. Which reptile are you scared of?
    56. Have you ever dated your ex’s friend?
    57. Have you ever stolen anything from your friend’s closet?
    58. What was your reaction when you tried liquor for the first time?
    59. Have you stolen anything from your bench partner’s pencil box?
    60. Among us, is there any person you hated when you met for the first time?
    61. If not like this where and how could you meet each of us?
    62. What is that one word you cannot pronounce?
    63. What is that one mistake you want to correct if you get a chance?
    64. In what another creative way can you use a toilet cleaner rather than the way it is actually used?
    65. What is that one crime you want to get arrested for?
    66. Any regretful moments? Like, Blamed someone for your mistake.
    67. Have you ever worn two different footwear and realized it on your way?
    68. A dish you regret tasting?
    69. The style you would never try again?
    70. What is that one thing you want to steal from your best friend?
    71. An app that you want to exist.
    72. The person you never want to get stuck with in a lift?
    73. One vegetable that you could be and why?
    74. What can be the name of your autobiography?
    75. What title can you give to your love life?
    76. If you frame yourself in a meme what would it be?
    77. An electronic device you can’t operate?
    78. One thing you judge people for but you want to try?
    79. What would you do if you wake up and find that there are no gadgets?
    80. A spirited game you want to try.
    81. The most stupid prank you were trapped in.

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If you choose “Dare” to do anything and need Instagram questions

Truth And Dare

  1. Shows us your recent search history.
  2. Just go and talk to your crush.
  3. Rate everyone here you love the most, from 1 to 10.
  4. Name of the school teacher you secretly liked in our school days.
  5. Share your awkward project presentation again.
  6. Definition of a perfect partner from your viewpoints.
  7. The reason behind your fit body… Routine exercise or Steroids.
  8. Share your feelings you have while it’s love at first sight.
  9. Give the name of the person, you want to lock in the bathroom.
  10. Describe the best things of everyone present here.
  11. Things that make you feel proud of yourself.
  12. That fear from the current relationship, you hide inside.
  13. Suggestions for each person here, for their personality and behavior.
  14. Just “Unfriend” that one, you are talking most these days.
  15. Pretending like you are in front of your crush.
  16. Share your first job experience with us.
  17. Things you want to say to your current boss.
  18. We want you to sing for us, in an evil voice.
  19. Dance with the mop.
  20. Find a funny meme and post on your Instagram story.
  21. Keep slapping your self till your turn.
  22. We are hungry. So just order pizza for us.
  23. Say alphabets, But in Reverse.
  24. Give us a demo of what you have a plan to propose.
  25. For the next 5 minutes, act as if you are a Dog.
  26. Take a selfie and upload it now, without any filters.
  27. Just ask for a cup of sugar, from your neighbor.
  28. Like every post of the person, you get to see the first on Facebook.
  29. Show us how you cry alone.
  30. Record a trending Instagram challenge now and publish it.
  31. Act like a goat, learning alphabets
  32. Go to Facebook or Instagram profile of the girl sitting next to you and comment on her pic.
  33. Wear your underwear over your head for the entire game.
  34. Text the first person, who is live on Facebook with Hi. And reply with just Hi, 10 times.
  35. Change your relationship status from Relationship to single, and vice versa.
  36. Call the 18th contact number in your phonebook, and wish Happy birthday.
  37. Ask for Indian food at a Chinese restaurant.
  38. According to you, who has bad teeth? Ok, so Brush their teeth.
  39. Get on your knees, till your turn.
  40. Talk to yourself in the mirror.
  41. Sing like you are an opera singer.
  42. Eat ice cream with tomato sauce.
  43. Pluck three of your nose hair.
  44. Go and just hug a tree, till your neighbor notices you.
  45. Do the 40 Pushups.
  46. Take a selfie with the person next to you and post with an emotional caption.
  47. Time to headstand for 2 minutes.
  48. We want to see what you have in your purse.
  49. Talk continuously without pause.
  50. Go out and say I love you to the first person you meet.
  51. Sing and dance like you go mad.
  52. Find a trending tiktok song and dance on it.
  53. Color your front two teeth with two different colors.
  54. Call home and inform your family that you are married now.
  55. Call the last person you texted and shout on him/her.
  56. Perform 50 squats.
  57. Call the waiter and sing a romantic song for him.
  58. Call your partner and tell him/her you were cheating on them.
  59. Have a vinegar shot.
  60. Make the first five emoji faces that you have used recently.
  61. Call an old friend of yours and tell him/her that they were your first crush.
  62. Send a request to a random guy on Facebook and message them to accept the request immediately.
  63. Mimic the person you hate for 10 mins.
  64.  Show the signature steps of each song given by us.
  65. Pick up anything from here and eat it seductively.
  66. Pay the bill for dinner.
  67. Tell your mobile password.
  68. Send your one photo to your boss.
  69. Go on the road and stop a car by dancing.

Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Best Friends

Still, looking for more crazy fun? Then, here is the updated list for the funny truth questions and dares things to do, that can make this game even more enjoyable. These question makes the best option when you have a solid bonding with your friends. Such funny truth or dare questions are enough to make this free-time entertaining, indeed. Moreover, this is the best way to know your friends or office colleagues, well. 

Funny Truth Questions

  1. Beauty or Brain? What’s your choice to have?
  2. Be frank, How many dating sites you’re registered in?
  3. Have you ever pass the blame on someone? An incident, you still regretting for.
  4. Are you jealous of any one of us? Share why?
  5. Who is the ugliest person in this room?
  6. Where you can see yourself after 5 years, Describe us.
  7. That secret worst habits of yours, that no one knows about you. 
  8. Have you ever skipped a bath? How many times?
  9. Share with us your worst online date ever. 
  10. Name a person you hate, without any solid reason. 
  11. Have any inventive ideas or crazy visions? Something that the world needs the most.
  12. Tell us the truth, How many times have you come to college without a shower?
  13. That ridiculous thing, you cried alone.
  14. Have you ever pranked any innocent person that you still regret?
  15. Which application consumes your most time?
  16. Have you ever stolen something from a travel hotel?
  17. How many times do you feel like, It’s true love?
  18. Have you been caught cheating in the exams?
  19. What is your worst job interview experience?
  20. The person you want to be stuck in a lift with. Give us a reason, why?
  21. Describe everyone here in just one word. But, only things, you hate about them.
  22. Name an animal that is actually a nightmare for you.

Funny Dare Questions

  1. Make a call to your teacher. Ask, when will be the surprise test?
  2. That one thing that scares you the most.
  3. Behave like a Chinese for the next 5-10 minutes.
  4. Call your older family members and ask about weekend plans.
  5. Keep jumping until your next turn. 
  6. Describe what’s your dream job like. 
  7. Mimic your favorite celebrity.
  8. Predict the future of every person in this room. 
  9. Sing like you are a mouse with a high tone. 
  10. Pretend like you are a scooter for five minutes. 
  11. Go into silent mode, till your next turn.
  12. Name a person you have to show you like, But hate for no reason.
  13. 1-10, rate yourself, How confident do you feel about yourself?
  14. Show us how many dating apps you’ve installed.
  15. Grab your personal diary and read it aloud here.
  16. Share something that you are hiding from your parents.
  17. Cut four onion and show us you can cry, too.
  18. Open a job portal and send applications to any random jobs.
  19. Locked yourself in the bathroom till your next turn.
  20. Call someone randomly and say, You have a crush on them.
  21. Share your mobile lock screen password.
  22. Behave like you are Michael Jackson for the next 10 minutes.

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Final thoughts:
The given truth and dare questions are our best-picked things to try on. Be sure to play these games with your mind open, also think before straightway asking and assigning tasks. As some Truth or Dare questions plus things demand mutual connection and personal bondings. After all, you want to make this free time fun rather than life-time regrets, isn’t it?

Certainly, you can try out this given truth and dare questions we have for you. Also, you can play any other party games to make your gatherings, real fun. You can also play the trending cards games, as an option to truth & dare questions game. Especially, when you all want more humour with endless fun.

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