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44 Trending Memes in India 2021 [UPDATED]

Memes are becoming a trending part of our daily life, not a single social media user would be there, who would not come across memes that are not trending. They are an integral part of our dull and boring life. Memes have been in trend worldwide and India is no exception to this viral fever of memes.

We have made a comprehensive list of trending memes for 2021.

    Trending Memes Today

    If you’re looking for some of the latest and top trending memes of today, then here’s the list for you. Sharing the trending memes from crazy netizens, that give us a surprising laugh with their humor and crazy imaginations combined.

  1. Shot on iPhone meme

  2. Originally introduced as a promotional campaign by Apple iPhone, ‘Shot on iPhone’ is a series of parody videos showcasing the camera quality of the iPhone. But, even campaign creators’ had no idea that their campaign would regain its popularity, hilariously by crazy netizens after all these years. You may find the many ‘shot on iPhone meme compilation’ on youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. And, here are some which we found the best ones among all.

  3. US vs India memes

  4. Viral memes and funny trends are some of the top reasons why we love social media. There are so many new trends, creative challenges and viral posts are there which keep us visiting social media over again. The US vs India Flag memes is the one viral trends which are quite popular in the present time. Maybe it just looks like a comparison of India vs US culture and routine life, but netizens have their unique way to make this epic fun. Have a look at some of the trending memes of flag trends on social media, which represent our daily ‘jugaad’ in life.

    Ind Vs US Flag Meme

    Ind US Memes

    India Vs USA Meme

  5. Pawri hori hai meme

  6. View this post on Instagram
  7. The Weeknd memes

  8. You probably came across the Weeknd’s Superbowl performance meme over any social media, because they are way too many. And, here is the one that we think, it deserves to be on our list of the trending meme among them all.

    The Weeknd Memes

    Work from home memes

    2020 brings so many changes from regular life to corporate culture, and here come the latest memes from this suddenly changed remote lifestyle. Well, for some it’s like a dream come true. But, for some, it’s another pain from the present year. Here’s some of the work from home memes that we found on the internet, are so relatable and entertaining, to our work-life. Let us know which one describes you perfectly from this list of funny work from home memes?

  9. Thor work from home meme

  10. Thor Work From Home Meme

  11. Home at work or Work at home meme 

  12. Work At Home Meme

  13. Class of 2021 meme

  14. When schools, colleges, and universities are still teaching remotely and students have to learn-from-home anyhow, then why forget some funny memes like this. 

  15. Graduation on Skype: Class of 2021

  16. Graduation On Skype

  17. Teachers during 2021

  18.  Teachers During 2021

  19. Skipping class in 2021 be like…

  20. Skipping Class In 2021

    Latest memes

    Yeah, we all know how this year has been for us, and we don’t need to remind you that again. But, there are some funny 2020 memes, you probably want to look at. As every day gets harder and harder, the internet becomes the place of funnier memes out of these tough situations. So, here are a few picked funny memes that are surely going to make you laugh all over, once again. 

  21. The 2020 calendar meme

  22. 2020 Calendar Meme

  23. Perfect selfie meme

  24. Perfect Selfie Meme

  25. Just in case you want to remember 2020, later.

  26. In Case You Want To Remember 2020

  27. Expectation vs reality meme 2020

  28. Expectation Vs Reality
    True Story

    How many stars would you give to 2020?

    How Many Stars Would You Give To 2020

  29. Happy New Year 2021 memes

  30. Okay, so enough talking about 2020, take a deep breath. Next, sharing the best-picked memes to bring craziness, fun, and smiles instantly. 

    New year resolutions, everywhere

    New Year Resolutions, Everywhere

  31. Brace yourself funny meme

  32. Brace Yourself Funny Meme

    December Memes

    So finally, here we are in the last month of 2020. Let’s have a look at our best-picked memes for December 2020. 

  33. New year 2021 meme

  34. Not only you, and your uncles, but the entire world waiting hard for this year 2020 to pass. Agree that 2020, has been unlucky and negative for us, But what will be your reaction when you get to know that this year has no we wish to see. 

    New Year 2021 Meme

  35. Hello December meme.

  36. What’s your mood during the last month of the year? Are you feeling like, party-mode that this year finally comes to an end. Or preparing for the new year, thinking of new goals and new challenges, to have. Whatever your mood may be… here’s your December memes 2020. 

  37. Tenet movie meme

  38. Following the infatuation with time travel theory, the director Christopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece is, Tenet. Due to the unusual story plot and unique filmography, this movie is of course entertaining, But very confusing and hard to predict, of course. If you faced struggles to understand the ‘inception’, the Tenet will be even further. 

  39. Gym and Fitness memes

  40. Have you finalized what’s your goals and strategies for the new year? But If hitting the gym, and finally to take health seriously from the new year… are your goals for 2021, then here’s your meme. 

    New Year Resolutions Memes

  41. Rain in December Meme

  42. Seems like, 2020 came with a full-mood to shock and surprise us, anyway. We have many shocking things to take along from this year, But a surprising rain during December…left us under the umbrella, wearing a sweater. 


    This is how our 2020 went.

    What was your plan for 2020? Have you expected this could happen? But, yes, that’s the reality. We’re given the first two months to prepare, we failed and so, we have nine months of sufferings…. Now, just one month of celebration, that this year going to end. 

    Memes 2021

    First day of new job!

    This is you, when it’s your first day at a new job, and are assigned the toughest mission or work, that you have never done. Quite relatable, especially when you had show-off way too much during the interview. 

    Trending memes of November 2020

  43. Vibing Cat Meme

  44. The video of a cat vibing on Instagram went viral and the cat became famous. And it was called the vibing cat. But what really triggered netizens to make and share dozens of memes was a video uploaded by Bilal Göregen.  In that video, we see an enthusiastic blind Turkish drummer who sings the song of levan polka (a very famous song among netizens).

    The best part is that he edited the vibing cat into his video. The Levan Polka beats, The Turkish drummer, and the vibing cat was nothing short of the trending meme to be created.

    Vibing Cat Meme

    Vibing cat meme

  45. Asteroid coming close to Earth Memes

  46. As NASA had reported about an asteroid that will come in close proximity to Earth, netizens shared the asteroid memes. Just when people were having a moment of happiness, another bad news hits in the face. The asteroid will not have a direct impact on earth but due to its close proximity, there could be a slight chance of it burning in the sky and could be a meteor shower. But it has only very low chances but the authorities are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

    People related this asteroid with the popular asteroid shooting task in a buzzing ‘Among Us’ Multiplayer game.

    trending memes asteroid 2020 November

  47. 2020 US Presenditial Election Memes

  48. After the infamous 2016 Presidential election, the 2020 US Presenditainal Election became widely popular. Memers shared memes as to how the world views the debate and the election as a drama. Eventually, the memes were about the presidential election. People compared the delay in the Nevada election to the sloth character in Zootopia. And as Joe Biden became the president, the memes were about how trump lost the elections and the people’s reaction towards it. Here are some of the viral memes.

    2020 Voting Memes President November 2020 Trending Memes
    2020 Voting Memes President November 2020 Trending Memes
    2020 Voting Memes President November 2020 Trending Memes

    Trending Memes of October 2020

  49. Second Summer Memes

  50. The month of October is called the second summer as the season’s change. In this transition, we experience both winter and summer. So that opens a variety of memes.

    October Hot memes

  51. Mirzapur Release Memes

  52. Amazon Prime Video released the trailer of season 2 of one of its popular series Mirzapur. The thing which strikes odd the most among streamers is its release on October 2nd. So this meme went viral on the day as a result of the show’s popularity.

    Mirzapur 2 gandhi october memes

  53. Halloween And Full Moon Memes

  54. The season of vampires and goofy costumes is celebrated in October. But people are finding it strange as it falls on a full moon night. The full moon night is some sort of sign for the vampires, werewolves, etc. Such that people who love Halloween shared this meme and it became trending soon.

    Halloween full moon 2020 memes

    Trending Memes of September 2020

  55. Among Us Game Meme

  56. A recently launched multiplayer game just blew up. It has a unique idea, a simple design, completely free. And it is available across all platforms. Few games exist this way. So this game was loved by many and gained large popularity. Basically, there are 10 players and one among them is an impostor. They are in a spaceship. An impostor can kill and has the power to control the ship sometimes.

    When the dead body is found, crew members can discuss and find out who among them is the impostor. And if they find they can eject him into endless space. If the impostor successfully stays till the end, he or she wins. And the crew members have to do some tasks. This game generated many famous memes.

    Among us memes
    Among Us Memes Trending best
    Among us vs FAll Guys meme

  57. GDP memes

  58. Since this quarter, our country’s GDP has fallen drastically. And since many media could not explain it to the common citizen. Many people have shared this meme.
    GDP memes

    Memes of August 2020

  59. PUBG Ban memes

  60. The famous Chinese mobile game used on a daily basis by millions of youth is banned permanently. While fans share their sadness all over the social media. Memes become viral of parents being finally happy. Also to netizens surprise a real-life meme was done by Akshay Kumar when he launched a copied version FAU-G. Many youths went crazy for this idea. They realized these things can only happen in fantasy. But now it is real. FAU- G is coming. Even the cover image was copied from stock photos. Hence the memes went viral.

    Hilarious Memes On PUBG Ban In India
    FAU-G memes
    Fau G memes

  61. Rashi memes

  62. After the Binod memes, Rashi ben’s actions led to the famous Yashraj’s famous ‘Rasode me kon tha’ memes. Yashraj is a creative musician who takes normal and ordinary people and makes them singers. Yashraj has been doing this for more than a year like ‘garma garma aande’,’Nithyananda song’ etc. This month Yashraj went for the old serial which was already heavily trolled by roaster like Carryminati, Triggered Insaan, Slayy Point, etc. The serial involves two main characters Gopi bahu and kokila ben. Gopi bahu is roasted for washing laptops like utensils as mentioned.
    And now the famous scene of who was present in ‘rasode’ leading to ‘Rasode me kon tha song’. This quickly became viral on Instagram leading to hilarious posts. Many big YouTubers like Tanmay Bhatt, etc. started reacting to it. Eventually, it went so viral that a famous minister Mrs. Smriti Irani posted her own version of the song.

    Rasode me kon tha memes
    rasode memes

    Memes of July 2020

  63. Binod memes

  64. We have seen one of the biggest viral memes 2020. At the end of July and beginning of August, Binod was unleashed. It is about a well-known person Binod. We have never seen his face and no, he has not done anything except for commenting on his own name Binod. Yes, he literally, just commented ‘BINOD’. And thanks to Slayy point, a youtube sanskari roasting channel, they gave him an unofficial shoutout. And the 2 million subscribers went crazy and started following Binod’s path. After raiding a couple of Slayy Point recent videos, they got too bored and started it as a movement.

    The netizens went crazy and started commenting on different youtube channels. Big youtube stars like Bhuvan, Carry, Technical Guruji, Ashish, Beerbiceps, etc. recognized it’s presence. It went even crazy up to raiding foreign YouTubers and streamers like Pewdiepie, Mr. Beast, etc. Ultimately leading to PayTM, Netflix India to change their official name to Binod.
    Binod memes
    binod memes
    binod memes

  65. Exams Postponed Memes

  66. The other memes that got popular in early July are CBSE memes when the exams get postponed. The government announces this decision to the joy of backbenchers. And to celebrate the news, the students took it to social media and made thousands of posts. And it started trending on twitter.

    cbse memes

    CBSE memes

    Memes of June 2020

  67. Memes are going to be big in June

  68. We have gone through a lot since the beginning of 2020 and as I am writing this, it’s just the beginning of June. No matter how many complexities come, memes are always going to be in trend and here I am, with more of them to make your day!

    Trending June Meme 2
    Trending June Meme 1

    Memes of May 2020

  69. Tribute to Irrfan Khan

  70. The most heart breaking news we got this month was about Irrfan Khan and it is truly unbelievable. He has provided the industry with exceptional masterpieces and there is surely no one who can match his talent and his famous dialogue, “Mohabbat thi isliye jaane diya”.
    Here’s a little tribute from us, you are being missed Irfan.

    Best Irfan Khan Meme
    Top Irrfan Khan Meme
    Irrfan Khan Tribute
    Irrfan Khan Meme 3

    Memes of April 2020

  71. Funeral Coffin Dance Memes

  72. Nowadays in this quarantine period, pallbearers are immensely getting viral on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and on other social media platforms like never before.

    Who are pallbearers and what do they do?

    Pallbearers are the group of 4-5 people who are hired by the family members of a deceased person to carry the coffin to the funeral. They come well dressed and entertain the gathered public in a funeral through their funny dance while carrying the coffin on their shoulders.

    As we all know this pandemic (coronavirus) has forced the government of every nation around the world to impose a lockdown in their respective countries and have instructed their citizens to remain in self-quarantine and to continue their work from home instead of going to the office, and along with this all the other activities outside the homes are restricted as well so that the #socialdistancing can be maintained and the virus cannot spread anymore to increase the number of deaths in the world and our meme community is amusingly spreading this message of staying home by utilizing this trending meme material to entertain you guys in this quarantine period.

    Funeral Coffin Dance Memes - trending memes
    Funeral Coffin Dance Memes trending memes

    Memes of March 2020

  73. Lockdown/Quarantine Memes

  74. So far more than 7,00,000 people around the globe have got infected and more than 36000 people have died due to this pandemic (coronavirus). The United States of America, Italy, Spain, China are the countries that have the highest number of people infected from COVID-19. With the rapid increase in the number of patients even the richest countries seem to be running out of resources like ventilators to place patients on them and treat them. And so far there is no antidote created to cure people of this deadly virus.
    Analyzing all the severe effects of coronavirus and considering the health of the public as the most important thing the Indian Govt. has declared a lockdown for 21 days straight in the country. Nobody is allowed to go to work and instead, they’re appealed to work from home. Schools, colleges, and universities are closed down, exams are postponed, all the sports and other events are postponed as well. All the basic needs like milk, vegetables will be delivered to the people at their doorsteps. Govt. has taken this measure to prevent social gatherings and maintaining social distancing, so the coronavirus does not spread anymore from people to people.
    Only the Doctors, police force and the cleaning staff are on their duty and the rest of the people are instructed to stay home and cooperate with the government. some people who defy the orders of the govt. should understand that it is for their own good. If you don’t have any work to do from home and want to keep yourself engaged in some kind of activities so that you do not get bored then you must check out these fun things to do when you are bored also you should take some time to scroll your social media feeds and check out these trending memes created by our meme community on this lockdown.

    Lockdown/Quarantine Memes - baburav - trending memes
    Lockdown/Quarantine Memes - trending memes
    Trending Us requests all of you to obey the government orders, keep yourself protected, maintain social distancing, wash hands at the various intervals and stay home until and unless the lockdown is called off.

  75. Coronavirus Memes

  76. Coronavirus was spread from China to more than half of the world and with the increasing threat of COVID-19 or Coronavirus virus over the world, people are getting more health-conscious than ever before. According to worldometers more than 8000 people have died and more than 2 lakh people are still infected with this virus.
    This virus was can be spread from one person to another as if an infected person touches you there are high chances that you also may get affected by this disease, so, it is better to avoid touching anyone as you cannot figure out who is infected by this disease from their face.
    The government of many countries has also instructed its citizens to avoid gatherings, they’ve also instructed the sports committees of their countries to postpone the cricket and football matches and all other sport matches where the crowd can gather.
    Well, this coronavirus is nothing but a new trending topic for our memers to supply us with new memes this month, they just never leave any chance to entertain us with their evergreen content.

    Corona Virus Memes trending memes
    Best Memes Of The Coronavirus On Social Media - trending memes
    Memes On China - Coronavirus - trending memes
    Coronavirus, China Memes - trending memes

    Go Corona Memes

    World Health Organisation’s director-general Tedros Adhanom praised the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, as he has imposed the lockdown very sooner in his country so this virus cannot affect the larger population, also this measure has lower down the impacts of coronavirus, and now when the situation is under his control, the Modi govt. is also helping 800 million disadvantaged people by providing them free food rations, cash transfers to 204 million women and free cooking gas for 80 million people for the next few weeks. The Govt. has prioritized the people’s health and life over the economy of the nation, also the doctors are putting forth their best efforts in curing the people who are infected with this virus. Now it’s time for you to help the nation by just staying at home and cooperate with the govt. Also, you should check out these hilarious memes created with the intention of praising the govt, and doctors of the country for their tireless efforts to decrease the influence of this disease.

    Coronavirus, Modi, Lockdown Memes - trending memes

    Hindustani bhau, Coronavirus Memes - trending memes

  77. Work from Home Memes

  78. Many schools have planned to postpone their lectures due to coronavirus and gave holidays to their student but some school has decided to take online lectures. Organizations have instructed their employees to work from home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

    Work From Home Memes - trending memes

  79. Memes On Work From Home - trending memes

  80. Memes of February 2020

  81. Sonu – A smiling Zomato Guy

  82. Sonu is a Zomato delivery boy who is getting viral all over the social media platforms due to his typical way of smiling and just like other viral things now this is also been used as a new meme material by the Indian Memers very precisely.
    You might be seeing him everywhere including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and what not! Even Zomato India kept his image as their display picture on social media channels.
    Why does the Zomato guy keep smiling?
    When the interrogator asked this Zomato delivery guy the reason behind his never-ending smile, he told that he was very happy earning Rs. 350 per day along with getting food and money on time.
    What was left? As if you don’t already know, we already have hundreds of memes for this viral Zomato guy.

    Sonu Zomato Guy - Trendin Memes In India

  83. Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi

  84. Nearly a 3-year-old video started trending on Instagram as a meme and also as a Trending TikTok hashtag and it is absolutely hilarious to see the memers making the trending memes out of it.

    Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi Meme

    Memes of January 2020

  85. OOF Size Meme

  86. A reaction meme consists of a savage reply by a person ending up insulting the other person. It is started with old posts recreated using this template of oof size meme.
    Oof Size Large Meme

    Oof Size Meme

  87. Siddhant Chaturvedi & Ananya Panday Nepotism Meme

  88. Siddhant Chaturvedi stunned Ananya Panday when she said that her father Chunky Pandey never went to Koffee With Karan or acted in a Dharma film, claiming everyone has there own hardships in life to which Siddhant gave a savage reply pointing towards the nepotism in the Bollywood film industry.

    Siddhant Chaturvedi Meme Siddhant Chaturvedi & Ananya Panday Nepotism Meme

Note that none of the memes above are created by us, we have just curated the top and trending memes in a list so that you get the updated information everytime. The actual image credits go to the respective Instagram/Twitter page admin and users.

Tell us your favorite meme from the above list, in the comments below.

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