Trending Instagram Challenges

11 Trending Instagram Challenges You Should Try Right Now

Instagram is a type of social media platform which is used worldwide. Now-a-days Instagram challenges have takeover most of the feeds with its unique concepts. And who doesn’t love to tackle challenges? And when the challenges are easiest to perform and are beneficial for all, then it is a must to accept such challenges.

These trending Instagram Challenges will help an individual to become more assertive and outspoken about certain things. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert you all should accept these challenges at least once to augment the fun in your life. ‘Make everything count’ as said, so here I’ve prepared a list of 9 trending Instagram challenges you should try right now so that you don’t need to do the hard work.

Trending Instagram Challenges to try this year

  1. Let’s Dance Challenge on Instagram

  2. The first four english alphabets ABCD itself says ‘Any body can dance’. There are many well-known dancers on social media who are posting different dance dares. This comprises various sets of different dance styles such as hip hop, locking, Bollywood, dance hall, belly and many more.

    All you have to do is to copy their respective set of steps and post it on your profile.  Whether you are a pro dancer or a raw dancer you should agree to receive and try this challenge right away. So on a count of 5,6,7,8 move your body and don’t get late.

  3. Gesture Instagram Challenge

  4. Gesture challenge is a small enjoyment game in which a challenger makes a set of actions by using various hand signs. The challenger challenges to replicate their gestures in the given limited time. This is a very interesting and exciting hashtag challenge.

    As there is very limited time to execute this challenge, it helps in increasing an individual’s speed of performance. One can also make their own gesture challenge and can challenge others with their hashtag. Everyone should try this full of curiosity Instagram challenges for sure.

  5. Reliving Childhood Memories

  6. Remember those salad days when we all were having zero responsibilities and were chillingly living our lives. Now as grown-ups we are busy in making our life, we don’t even get time to hark back to our childhood days.  So here are Instagram challenges in which a challenger posts his/her childhood picture and will share a memory behind that picture and nominates others to post their childhood pictures with their best memory of childhood.

    This is an interesting and fun challenge. At the end of performing this challenge everyone will have a collection of their friend’s, cousin’s childhood pictures and can easily go to that throwback to relish those memories once again.

  7. Workout Challenge on Instagram

  8. This challenge demands minimal workout sets such as push up, squats, sprints, skipping and many more. You can execute this challenge easily and everyone should adopt this Instagram challenges in their life too to live a healthy and fit life. Many fitness trainers and many people who are not involved much in workout and gym things are throwing such challenges, give it a try right away.

  9. Fashion Instagram Challenges

  10. This is 2020 and these days who doesn’t like being fashionable? Be it guys for girls, everyone is passionate and loves to get involved in fashion. Fashion challenges include crazy things like combining some mentioned garments and accessories to generate a particular look. And many fashion challenges such as getting ready in 30 seconds or in provided limited time.

    Many fashion bloggers are challenging the audience by their crazy fashion competitions. Everyone should surely accept these challenges. These types of challenges on Instagram, help in improving an individual’s fashion perceptions, also to learn new things about fashion and fashion language as well.

  11. Bingo Challenge on Instagram

  12. For the Bingo game,  you will need at least x people to play. But things are easier now, many Instagram pages are making their own Bingo boxes in which they list some situations or choices of people. Situations mainly include terms like never have I ever or related to our day to day lifestyle.

    In this one of the best trending Instagram challenges, all you have to do is to tick mark the things that you have done and after that, you have to post it again with the respective hashtags. This will let you know the secrets of your friends and family members. Those who have done everything and had ticked everything that has been mentioned in the box are considered as the winner of this Bingo challenge.

  13. Recreation of Celeb Look Insta Challenge

  14. Everyone has their own dearest celebrity, whom they follow and keep an eye on what they wear and their latest posts. Recreating celebrity look challenge is a task in which all the challengers compete with each other to recreate a particular look of their favorite celebrity. The look has to be created from the scrap only and it should be equivalent to the picture of the celebrity that you are recreating.

    Then after creating the look, all you have to do is take a picture and post it by mentioning the challenger’s and celebrity’s profile name. This interesting and tough challenges on Instagram helps us to manage things and to make things work in the given material. And it also helps to create an expensive look at a minimal cost. So go and create a look from your favorite celebrity profile right now.

  15. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

  16. Dalgona coffee challenge is the most trending Instagram challenges of 2020. In Dalgona coffee is a two-layer creamy coffee which is very interesting and effortless to prepare. Everyone is following this trend and posting their dalgona coffee picture on their story with a hashtag called dalgona coffee challenge. One and all should try this coffee task right away. And don’t forget to post your dalgona coffee’s picture and remember to put your hashtag.

  17. Mugshot Challenge

  18. Mugshot challenge is one of the most trending and creative Instagram challenges of this year. In this challenge, you have to do a different kind of makeup on your face. This makeup includes smudge eyeliners and bloody noses. While uploading your mugshot pictures give a thought to what crime you’ll commit in order to get into jail? So be ready with your makeup and post your picture on Instagram.

    So these were a few trending challenges that everyone should surely try once. Such Instagram challenges in 2020 will add fun and craze in your life and make your daily life more interesting.

  19. Quarantine Pillow Challenge

  20. Quarantine pillow challenge got started during the Quarantine days of 2020. In this challenge you have to cover your body, using a pillow and tie a belt around it. Then click a perfect picture in your pillow dress and post it with a hashtag called Quarantine pillow challenge.

  21. Saree Challenge on Instagram

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