5 way to stop thinking it's too late 5 way to stop thinking it's too late

“When you can’t afford the coat of your dreams, you can at least just take a picture wearing it in the shop” – Alican Vural

I can’t seem to comprehend why do people have to put a stopper on everything, like ‘oh! am too young for it’ or the more famous one, ‘Oh! am too old for it.’, who defines that limit? The voice of society in your head? Well that voice needs to be put on mute for you to live a life where, when you are about to die, you don’t go like ‘Dang! Should’ve done that!’.

So here are 5 ways in which you could avoid that moment of regret during your last time or well even throughout your life.

1. Fear the ‘WHAT IF’S’

5 ways to stop thinking it’s too late what if
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Do you have those moments where you suddenly forget something, like the title of a movie or the lyrics of a song and for the rest of the day you just can’t seem to concentrate on anything because your mind is stuck in a loop trying to remember what it was that you forgot. Well a ‘what if’ is worse than this, because it’s not just some lyrics or a memory, but an array of possibilities that all have different outcomes and different paths, so you can just never stop thinking about it once you let it pass and it ends up becoming one of your worst regrets.
So fear those ‘what if’s’ and don’t let the opportunity that you think could transform you go just because you feel it SEEMS like it’s too late for you to go after it.

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2. Mistakes – So What!

5 ways to stop thinking it’s too late mistakes
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Many of us feel unsure of what we actually want to do in life or even in a particular situation. What stops us isn’t the fear of making a mistake, but of that mistake being publicized. We have such amazing imaginations that before we actually commit a mistake we already start fearing the consequences, like what will the society say, am I brave enough to own up to what I did? Etc. Make the decision, don’t fear it. If you want to drop out of college and start your ice-cream store, do it. If you think it’s too late because you already have started college and all, then you’re just finding excuses to delay what you want to do and if you feel it’s late now, how late will it be a few years later? So why not now when you are young and have the time to actually try out things and do as many mistakes as you can. Youth is an amazing time for trial and error, so go for it.

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3. Overthinking – The Best Way to Kill Your Dream

5 ways to stop thinking it’s too late overthinking
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Well, the title of this one is sort of self-explanatory. As we are pondering over the pros-cons of what could happen if we were to do something that we really want to do, time and opportunities pass us and wave us goodbye as they go further away from us, taking in tow our courage too. Overthinking anything slowly poisons your courage till its dead and you conclude , ‘yeah that probably wasn’t gonna happen anyways.’ If you like someone, but take too long to decide whether or not you should confess, in time you will definitely watch that person getting swept off their feet by someone else who didn’t poison their courage by overthinking their actions. And maybe then it will truly be too late, so, do it before you start regretting that you just needed more time.

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4. Society – Get Your Ear Plugs to Stop Setting Brainwashed

5 ways to stop thinking it’s too late society kills us
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I don’t think that science could ever create a better tool at brain-washing a person than society and it’s norms.
oh you’re 32, don’t you think it’s too late for you to go to college?
how can a 45 year old woman think of falling in love! It’s too late, just get married already!
dropping out of college in the last year! Should’ve thought about it before, it’s too late now, don’t ruin your life!

Am sure at some point we all have heard absolute strangers telling us that it’s too late for us to do a particular thing. Well I guess earphones were invented keeping in mind multiple uses and keeping the de-motivational chatter of the society out of our ears must be one of them. In your life, only you should get to decide when’s the right time, not others. If you are 20 and you don’t want to study further but open a start-up, do it. Who says business is only for middle-aged humorless folks? I mean there are plenty of examples of people who defied age norms to pursue what they want. If you’re 60 and have lived a life doing a job you hate plenty, then stop doing it, and start anew. Colonel Harland sanders, the founder of KFC, started at 65 and was a billionaire by 88. Legend has it that the man heard 1009 no’s before his chicken was finally accepted. Can’t beat that now, can you?

5. Be like Nike – JUST DO IT

5 ways to stop thinking it’s too late just do it nike
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No advice and no dream given to you can be bigger than your own, so be a little more impulsive and just do it.
It’s never too late until you die. That is when it’s too late. So don’t let anything or anyone kill your spirit before you actually die, don’t think too much, just go for it and face what comes next. Be brave, be proud and die without regrets.

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  1. Great post and wonderful advice! I pondered on no. 4 a bit longer. I’m thinking about society’s expectations a lot lately. I guess that’s the most prevailing thing in my life at this moment getting into relationship with a younger guy from a different culture, where it’s absolutely unspeakable to marry an older woman AND from western country. Work is another point. And of course, can a feminist choose to be a stay-at-home mom?? Yeah, I need ear plugs! 😀

    1. Hey! Am glad you liked my post and gave your thoughts on it. Do you like Pandas? If you do, i think you should promote them to ppl who don’t know about them. They are Black, White AND Asian and also the most hilariously adorable creatures anywhere, so next time someone talks about your choices making culture differences as their theme, tell them about pandas. The society will chatter but when you make your relationship work out despite all their criticisms they will be K.O ed :p
      So have strength and keep following your heart! I commend your choices?

      1. Oh, wow, Ilisha, I love the Panda comparison! I will definitely use it in the future. Thank you for sharing it.

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