Habits to change life Habits to change life

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit”

– Philosopher

There is an age-old Tibetan saying, “If you want to dance, make sure your feet is landed on ground properly.” A school of thought pledges that Dharma is the key to success whereas its counterpart firmly obeys the dubious argument of somebody’s endeavor to practice blind faith! Beneath such ideologies hail some ultimate truth of Life briefly elaborated below:

1. Shoot out Positivity Like a Pro

Spread positivity
Inspiration served daily

Positivity is not a one-day synopsis but a deep, gross and intense power of habit that has to be experienced every day & every moment. Get habituated to positive emotions. Surround yourself with positive beings. Some people bring happiness wherever and whenever they go. So why not positivity?

2. Believe in the Great Energy

Faith by jacob abshire
Jacob Abshire

The real purpose of Dharma & spirituality is to make you a compassionate, happy, gentle & positive human being. Your faith in Dharma which in my opinion, is the divine energy; ought to be backed by knowledge. Never allow your faith to become blind. Question everything you learn and understand everyone you look up to.

3. Initiate the Divine Connection

Divine connection
Eco Blender

History has witnessed that the greatest people who have ever walked on this planet were highly positive beings. This positivity is nothing else but the vibes generated through numerous attempts to connect with the divine energy. These attempts all-together take you towards a tunnel of inner beauty and believe me; this is somewhere near the ULTIMATE!

4. Fuel That Child Within

Unconditional love
The Zombie Shuffle

In this so-called modern society, the society craves for love that is often translated into tangible terms and practiced as “Business Love”. You love me, so I will love you! Bullshit isn’t it?

A child asks for somebody’s unconditional love. The question is, why does this child within us vanish?

Love your friends and family so truly that the silence between you is the most pleasant melody ever composed! Love is not how much time you touch each other, but how much you reach each other.

5. Kill the Mental Poison

I can do it
Moments a day

Mental Poison encompassed with desire, hatred and delusion is the bloodiest aspect of negativity. Christopher Nolan would have never been able to produce Interstellar or pen-down Memento if he then “desired” to rise independently. Far away from the corporeal garb hails the stage of compassionate understanding of dependent arising. The challenge is how far you can come into this journey.

Screw what does not matter and do never agree to something wrong.

6. Look at the Larger Picture

Look at the big picture

Never jump on to nasty conclusions. People always have to talk about something. If you are sitting they say get up and if you are standing they say sit down! Don’t jump if somebody praises you because there are people criticizing you. Don’t get sad if somebody criticizes you because there are people who love you! A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. My point is, don’t you ever get struck in a small thing. Look at THE BIGGER PICTURE.

7. So-called Life Is Just ONE MOMENT

Slideshare – All the worlds a stage

If you are thirsty, you don’t drink the whole ocean. Quoting Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances”.

Please don’t waste your precious time in finding answers to cold-blooded questions like “Does God exist” or “Why is gravity not upside down”.

Whosoever you are, the so-called life is just one moment! Cuddle each moment and craft it with utmost passion. Grab it!

8. Give it a try. Period

Give it a try

My Professor always says, “What’s the harm in trying? The worst that shall happen is you would be wrong”. Well I can assure you that he is neither a hard-core philosopher nor he has any personal interest behind this statement. Regretting on something you always wanted to do and consoling yourself after 10 years saying: “I never had that courage you see…” does not make sense. Nike has a good tag line; so what more do I need to say?

9. Free Lunch. Really?

Comfort zone
TVF Pitchers

Anything that you get without much effort is not reliable. Everything you see is just a perspective and not the complete truth.

I agree that your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Don’t you ever let yourself be satisfied with something. Whatever you just accomplished, is a small part of your colossal journey.

10. Evolve Rapidly as a Person

Visualize your goals

Execute your ideas. Be with your people. Travel. Eat. Party. Speak. Learn to say no. Make Love. Talk about the wanderers of Himalayas. Visualize Success. Believe in the beauty of your vision. Converse the Globe. Hug her tight and say she is important. Stay determined. YOU ARE A BLOODY BIG SHOT. Don’t ever allow anybody to say that this is your best one. NEVER. Your potential is yet to unleash. Cultivate Daily Meditation.

Alright folks! Now, be open & embrace the change

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  1. Every point is relatable and motivating. really nicely written.
    but thee best part was kindd of images that you attach with the headpoints of the post. (found it too relatable)
    Good to see free availability of such good content.

  2. Requires more full proof backing. I would suggest you to read 7 habits of highly effective people. It will then add some flavours and understanding to it. But a good job.

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