Things you will regret not doing in life Things you will regret not doing in life

Every person has a list of regrets on what he has done in his life. Let’s try not to add more in that list but make a list what you might feel proud of. Life teaches you more lessons than anyone else can. So, I’ve given you few tips based on my experiences. Get them done and never feel regretted on doing them in your life.

1. Apologising for Your Mistakes

Apologise for your mistakes
John Pavlovitz

As a human being, we tend to make mistakes. Making a mistake is not as dreadful as not apologising for the same. When you apologize you do not become a smaller person but a bigger person in the opposite person’s eye because you are showing him respect. Whether it is a small or a big issue always learn to apologize for the same.

2. Learning New Things

Never stop learning

Learning never stops. Instead it teaches you more and more as you grow old. Life daily teaches us something or the other. So always grab that opportunity and start learning. Try something that you haven’t done before and that will teach you various lessons.

3. Taking Care of Your Health

Health is wealth

As the old saying says “Health is wealth”. If you are healthy you may be able to work hard and earn better, and with that earning you will be able you enjoy your life and wealth with your family. So make sure you do exercise or do yoga daily in the morning and most importantly eat healthy.

4. Helping the People in Need

Helping people in need
Varun Pruthi

When you help a person who is in need, you would feel proud for yourself. Whether that person be your watchman, beggar on the road or a blind person in need of support. Helping them will help you to not only gain the blessings from them but also give you an inner satisfaction in the soul.

5. Loving Your Family and Yourself

Family interaction
Psychologies UK

How hard the time may be, how difficult the decision may be or how bad the circumstances may be, but never stop loving yourself and your family. Instead make them a support against all the odd and fight them back.

6. Fighting for Your Dream Job

Dream job

Every person has a dream job in his life. You cannot achieve that easily, instead you need to fight for it. Whether it be pursuing you parents or fighting against the odds and competition, never sit down but keep fighting because the happiness your success is much more than the struggle required.

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7. Hope for a Better Morning

Better morning
Square Space

Night might have bad, but always a hope for a better morning can make your life easier. If not get the problem solved but at least that hope can help you to fight against it. But believe me one day you will surely see a bright sunrise like never before.

8. Saving Money for Crisis

Save money

Always have a habit to save something from your monthly pocket-money or the salary, because you do not know when you may be in need of money. So always have back up so that you may not have to ask for help from others.

9. Fighting Your Fears

Fight your fears

Tame your fears to live life successfully. You may run away from it once but you may never be able to escape them for your life time. So if you want to live your life happily, fight them back. Fears can just make you weaker.

10. Making the Best Use of Time

Best use of time

Time is one of those things that we do not have control on, instead it controls us. So whenever you have free time make sure you utilize in the useful manner, need not necessary work all the time but when you work give your 100%.

11. Reading Books

Readin book

Reading books is one of the habit that you should never drop. Books can be of any genre but they help you to think, imagine and evaluate. You need these at every step of life. The person without books is a person of half knowledge.

12. Don’t Listen to What Others Think

Stop listening to others
We tend to do our tasks according to what other people feel and would say. So it could be a good step to start the day of doing what you like and not thinking what others feel, because people would just say but will never be standing beside you in your problems and worries.

13. Finishing What You Begin

Never leave a task unfinished
Wolf of Wall Street

Never leave a task unfinished, whether it be a small thing like reading a book to big task like taking decisions for your firm. Unless you finish that task you will never get the satisfaction and confidence you will get after finishing it. Also it shows your attitude towards life.

14. Taking a Break and Vacations

[caption id="attachment_30544" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Going on vacations YJHD

Do not always work and work, do take a vacation, go on trips with your friends, enjoy your weekend with your family. When you grow old you may not to be able to travel that easily so do get ready and go out and enjoy before it becomes too late.

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15. Taking Risks in Life

Take risks
Bullseye Recruiting

There is no compensation without risk in life. If you want to achieve success you need to take risks, otherwise you will remain just the another guy. Every person at the top in any field is just because he had a will to take a risk. Do take a risk and do something big!

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  1. Well written stuff, but why would you say that one should finish what one begins? Because there are times in life when you need to let go things and accept failure to move on in life.

    1. Thank you Priyanka. I wrote that point because many times when we start a task, we leave it unfinished because we think we are not built for it, but the reality is we get nothing unless we give our 100% to the task. I hope I am able to justify the point to you.

  2. All the points are really nicely covered in brief. These provide you a positive attitude and you can feel , still we can do a lot.

    Keep writing.

  3. Thank you Parita. This blog has helped me and a lot of people adding interesting stuff in their Long-listed Life goals 🙂

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